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Chatbooks Pros and Cons: Here’s What You Need to Know

Curious about Chatbooks? Here’s everything you need to know.

chatbooks pros and cons

Picture this: You’re cozied up on the couch with your grandma, parents, and little ones, flipping through pages of memories that make your heart sing. Whether it's your baby's first steps, an epic family vacation, a perfect candid of you and your spouse at the family BBQ, or just those small, simple, everyday moments that make life so sweet, photo books are the best way to preserve all of those precious moments in time. 

They’re easy, affordable, and high-quality—and most importantly, photo books allow you to hold onto what really matters (hint: the people you love most). If you’re looking for a photo book maker to capture everything from your everyday moments to more stand-out occasions, there’s a variety of photo book options to choose from (both on web or the Chatbooks app). Take a deeper look at Chatbooks pros and cons, learn exactly what you need to know about Chatbooks, and start printing your most cherished memories ASAP. 


There are so many things to know and love about Chatbooks photo books. Check out the pros below as you feel inspired to print your family memories.

Memories Galore

It’s time to ditch that time capsule you made in 1999 and pick up an at-your-fingertips archive of your life. The best part? Enjoy the tactile pleasure of turning pages and pages of your favorite moments. Capture all the memories you never want to forget—including those awkward family photos and fashion choices your kids now regret (like when your toddler cut their own hair!). Craft a Classic Photo Book —and include collages and captions — to relive all your favorite memories.

Creative Outlet

When you create a photo book, it’s your chance to unleash your inner artist! Play with colors, design layouts, and arrange (and rearrange) photos in ways that would make even Frida Kahlo jealous. Save your photos from the camera roll graveyard and get them pages of everyday magic into your family’s hands—and let your creativity run wild! Organize baby photos in a Monthbooks photo book subscription with hardcover and softcover options, or subscribe to Monthly Minis so your little ones can enjoy photos books with rounded edges. Mini books are the perfect fit for mini hands—and are backed by our Toddler Guarantee, so you can let your little ones love on your creative works freely and have them replaced if needed. Even better? Subscribers get free standard shipping on all products.

Phone Freedom

Free up your phone storage by adding photos to your books in the Chatbooks app and transform special, everyday moments into photo books you can pass down. Before you know it, your phone will be moving so fast, you’ll freak! Say goodbye to boxes upon boxes of cluttered, ripped photo albums taking up unnecessary space in your storage closet and condense hundreds of photos into beautifully crafted books of treasures. If you’re loving your Chatbooks, let us know. We love hearing your stories and sharing in your joy, and you can share more about your Chatbooks experience by leaving Chatbooks Reviews in the Google Play and Apple Stores.

Gift Perfection

Need a last-minute gift for your world-class mom or out-of-state in-laws? Tell the beautiful story of your life through the smiling faces of those you love most with a Premium Layflat Photo Book, or gift a photo subscription and let them turn all of the phone photos you send them into stunning photo books every month (subscription photo books can fit up to 60 pages). The best part? They’re easy to create and print, provide a perfect personal touch, and make gifting feel effortless. Every purchase comes with our Love Chatbooks Guarantee: If you’re not completely happy with how your photo books arrive—the print, ship, smell, or anything in between—we’ll reprint it or refund you.

Conversation Starter

Need an icebreaker when guests walk in the door? Photo books are an easy way to break into conversations, strengthen bonds, and initiate deeper connections with family and friends. Forget awkward small talk! Put your phone on airplane mode, set out some snacks, and cozy up with a beautiful photo book for everyone to enjoy.


As with any pros, there are some cons—and Chatbooks photo books do come with some cautionary warnings and side-effects.

Nostalgia Overload

Chatbooks may cause excessive nostalgia and ignite a deep yearning for the simpler days… like when your biggest worry was which filter to use on Instagram. You may begin to foster such strong familial bonds that you prefer hanging out with your family over anyone else. Consider the child-like facial expressions and candid moments you printed as bonus features, and tell your friends that you’re too busy reminiscing.

Spontaneous Group Hugs

Disclaimer: Chatbooks may provoke unexpected, loud, and long declarations of love to friends and family. Other side-effects typically include nostalgic tears, spontaneous group hugs, and boisterous bouts of laughter. It’s all fun and games until someone accidentally gets an elbow in the eye. Avoid Chatbooks if you dislike hugs and joy.

Sudden Urge to call Distant Relatives

You may lose track of time completely or spend too much time with family relaxing and reminiscing about old vacation memories. Be warned—flipping through Chatbooks photo books may result in an urge to set all other to-dos aside and reconnect with Uncle Rico to laugh about that time he fell asleep on the beach and woke up with a sunburn in the shape of a smiley face.

Risk of FOMO

The “fear of missing out” is real. When you’re not busy snapping photos and uploading them to the Chatbooks app, you may notice a nagging feeling that you’re missing out on the capture and preservation of pivotal family memories. Or, you may realize that your family has had way more fun than you remember. Don’t miss out—with over 100,000 5-star Chatbooks Reviews, the Chatbooks app is the easiest way to make a photo book.

An Overwhelming Desire to Make More Chatbooks

You may notice a need to recreate every old photo you’ve ever taken, including the one of you and your sister in matching outfits on Crazy Hair Day, and your childhood dog Radar in a tutu and sunglasses. Check out Chatbooks’ affordable pricing and free shipping options so you can keep creating, printing, and sharing all of your most memorable moments—past, present, and future—whenever the desire strikes! 

These Chatbooks pros and cons cover exactly what you need to know about Chatbooks. Ultimately, we believe photos deserve to be seen, not trapped on your phone. With Chatbooks as your photo book maker, it’s easy to upload photos from your phone and create and print photo books with the touch of a button. In addition to providing affordable prices and amazing customer service, we’re on a mission to strengthen and connect families, by helping families reminisce on all of the moments that make up their lives. Now, go ahead—you make the memories and we’ll make the photo books. 

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