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13 Genius Photo Prompts to Fill Your Monthbooks and Monthly Minis

Not sure how to fill your Monthbooks or Monthly Minis before sending them to print?

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We’ll admit it: Our camera rolls are filled with photos of our kids (and random screenshots of recipes we still haven’t made)! But between all the late-night homework sessions and bathtime temper tantrums, sometimes we forget to snap photos. Your Monthbook and Monthly Mini subscriptions are the perfect place to hold onto your everyday memories—and yet sometimes you may not have 30 photos to add to your photo books. If you want to snap some cute pictures of your kids to include in your Chatbooks, here are some ideas that can lead to great candids...


Head outdoors and assign your kids a starting race point. Crouch low (or sit on the ground) and get your camera ready. When you give the signal for your kids to start sprinting toward you, snap away to capture some wild faces!

Go Airborne

Your kids will totally be game for this one—how often does mom give permission to throw things?! If you’re indoors, have them toss their homework in the air for a great reaction. And if you have a four-legged family member, have your kiddos toss their toys in the air. Head outdoors and look for leaves that can be thrown, or even tennis balls—challenge your kids to juggle!

Tell a Joke

Kids love telling jokes—even if they’re not so great at delivering the punchline. Get your camera ready and ask them to tell you their favorite one. Try to snap those super cute giggles they get right before the end. 

Hide and Seek

Challenge your little ones to a game of hide and seek. Right before they find you, or before you find them (ya know, when they hide in the exact same spot as last time), get your camera ready so you can take a pic of their faces at the big reveal.

Try a New Route

Plan to add a photo or two featuring your family’s fur baby. Let your kids take the leash and pick a new route to walk your dog. Capture photos of your kids as they point out new houses, people, and even fire hydrants to your pup.

Gift a Bad Present

We’ve all seen (and laughed at) videos of kids unwrapping presents that turn out to be fruit or veggies. Find something around the house to prank your own kids with—then record their reaction! This is also a great exercise to teach your kids how to react when they open a real present that they may not like.

Confuse Your Partner

Want to include photos of your partner in your photo books? Have your phone handy to capture this shot: Ask your kids to hide something, then ask your partner to grab it. While your partner’s searching for it, snap photos of their confused face while your kids giggle. Then, have your kids present the lost item and capture the laughs.

Takeout Quick Take

On a day that your kids think they’re getting a home cooked meal, hit them with the “what do you want for dinner tonight?” and get ready to take a quick pic when realization hits their faces. (Our vote is pizza!)

Slide Smile

Next time you’re waiting for your little ones at the bottom of the slide, have your camera ready. Take photos of their giant smiles—and the way they launch off the slide to climb back to the top and do it all over again.

One Shirt, Two Kids

If you want to make your kids giggle (or try a different form of timeout), find a big shirt they can both fit into. They’ll have to work together to walk, eat, and sit—and laugh!

Walk the Line

Use a piece of chalk to draw a line outdoors, or line up the spines of your photo books indoors to create a straight line. See if your little one can walk straight, one foot in front of the other (bonus points if they hold their arms out). Snap that look of concentration to save for later!

Clover Challenge

Take photos of your kids getting down and dirty as they look for four-leaf clovers! Grab shots of them making piles of three-leaf clovers and working together to comb through the grass.

Screenshot Your Family Group Chat

Screenshots are pictures, too—and your text messages can speak volumes. Screenshot something particularly funny or even super mundane in your family text thread. The fact that your text messages also show the date and time of texts sent will add to your nostalgia in the future!

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