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How to Capture Your Baby’s Firsts with Chatbooks

Easily capture the magic of baby’s first year and beyond with monthly photo books!

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Life is a grand parade of “firsts.” From the first triumphant attempt at tying shoelaces to the first time your little one insists on dressing themselves in a tutu and footie pajamas, these firsts are the seemingly ordinary, yet utterly extraordinary, moments that color our days. Which is why it’s so important to hold these moments close. And sometimes, between busy after-school schedules or sleepless nights with your newborn, it can feel almost impossible to do. 

That’s where Chatbooks comes in. Chatbooks is the only photo book company offering subscription photo books by the month, so you can keep all your moments near and dear to your growing family. And guess what? You can create your monthly photo book in less than 7 minutes! Not bad for a family heirloom that you’ll have forever.

Whether you’re looking to document the first year of your sweet little newborn’s life or capture all the firsts of your babies that are not-so-baby anymore, or you’re just looking to document your firsts as a family, find the option that works the best for you. 

Capturing Baby’s First Year

Congrats on your little bundle of joy! Adding a new baby to your family is no small feat. From the first time meeting your little one to that first time driving home with them, almost every day consists of a new first. What better way to capture that than with 12 months of Hardcover Monthbooks!

With Hardcover Monthbooks, you can print up to 60 pages filled with all of baby’s firsts each month. And, if that’s not enough pages for you, you can also add a collage page to fit more photos into your books. There are plenty of cover options to match your aesthetic, ranging from designs by Rifle Paper Co. to mesmerizing ombre designs that will look so good stacked on your shelf!

Don’t forget to add captions to label all of those adorable ‘first’ moments! And if you’re looking for some inspo on what to include, consider some of these ideas:

  • First smile (and every sweet gummy smile after that!)
  • First solid food meal, bon appetit! 
  • First outing
  • First time meeting family
  • First holidays
  • First tooth
  • First crawling adventure, there’s so much to explore!
  • First long car ride
The Firsts Don’t Stop at Toddlerhood

Just because your little one may have graduated from crawling to walking doesn’t mean their days of firsts are over. The world is still a playground of discovery for your little one and the firsts don’t stop coming. 

Monthly Minis are the perfect way to capture every new adventure your toddler takes. Thanks to their smaller size and rounded edges, designed with mini hands in mind, your toddler can enjoy perusing their memories, too! Did you know that children who look at printed photos have a stronger sense of identity and high confidence levels? Even more of a reason to print their memories!

Some moments you can include in your Minis are: 

  • First time wanting to help, their cute little hands washing the dishes!
  • First friendship
  • First artwork, don’t forget to hang it on the fridge too!
  • First day of daycare
  • First time picking their own outfit, so Vogue!
  • First steps
  • First snow day
  • First haircut
Your Kids Have Plenty of Firsts, Too!

From Pre-K and elementary school to middle school and beyond, the firsts are still abundant. Though they may not be babies anymore, or even toddlers (tear, tear), they’re still going through life for the first time, just like you, which means there are still plenty of firsts to be captured. 

Monthbooks are the easiest way to capture it all. Choose from Hardcover or Softcover options, plus if you’d like to receive 4, 6, or 12 photo books each year. Your kiddos won’t be able to stop checking the mail when they know a new book is on the way.

Here are some fun first ideas you can include in your Monthbooks:

  • First science fair
  • First missing tooth, so cute!
  • First baseball game
  • First time rollerblading, maybe omit the scraped knees
  • First school performance
  • First swimming lesson
  • First field trip
  • First day of school
Document All Your Family’s Firsts

Families go through tons of firsts together, too! From the big happenings like the first family reunion to the smaller everyday firsts like the first family bake-off, it’s all the stuff that you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy about. 

There are a few easy options to capture it all. You can opt for Monthbooks to print your family’s everyday magic monthly, or you can compile your family’s firsts in a Yearbook or Classic Photo Book. The choice is yours! 

Some ideas to get you started are: 

  • First home
  • First family game night, it was a close one!
  • First time cooking a meal together
  • First family DIY project, that home reno was no joke!
  • First family movie night
  • First family vacation
  • First family tradition, that Christmas tree wasn’t going to pick itself! 
  • First family photoshoot

Whether it's the first pancake flip gone awry or the first victorious soccer goal, each first is important to your family's journey and worth documenting. Monthly photo books are a wonderful way to capture it all, from savoring the sweetness of your new little baby’s first everything or being proud of your kid’s first time up at bat at softball. So, get ready to turn your camera roll into something truly remarkable when you get started with Chatbooks.  

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