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How To Incorporate Text and Captions into Your Photo Book

There’s plenty of ways to add your two cents and fully customize your photo book!

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Flipping through your beautiful, painfully organized family photo scrapbook is such a wonderful experience — but creating that monster photo album (and having to run back to the craft store because you bought the wrong kind of glue), is a huge pain. Designing a family photo book by uploading photos straight from your phone makes the process of documenting your family’s memories a breeze. And if you’re looking to add every single detail possible (including the joke that made your spouse laugh so hard milk came out of their nose), incorporate text and captions into your photo book so you’ll never forget!

Whether you’re printing pictures for your wedding album, a family vacation or documenting your baby’s milestones, it’s easy to create photo books with captions — or include your brother’s catchphrases as photo book quotes — so you don’t have to worry about forgetting any details that made your adventures, experiences and everyday moments so memorable. Read on for creative ways and ideas to use text to create photo album captions that’ll uplevel all of your favorite albums.

What are captions?

Not sure how to create a photo book with captions? On every page of your Chatbooks photo books, underneath your photos, there’s space for you to add a caption. Here, you can write anything you’d like, from memories of the picture to a quote that adds perspective — whatever you feel is the best caption for your photo album. In your photo book settings, you can also automatically add the location and dates to each photo, as well (these go at the top of the page, so you still have a photo album with caption space).

What are text pages?

If you’d like more space to add text than your caption allows, or you’d like your words to be more prominent, you can add a text page to your photo book. It’s a blank page for you to add anything that comes to mind, and you don’t have to worry about squeezing your thoughts onto the same page as your pictures. This way, you don’t have to pick between your memories, you can include them all!

Creative Ways to Incorporate Text Into Your Photo Book
Detail Your Memories

This may seem obvious, but as time goes on, you may begin to forget little details from the moment your photos were taken. Try including what you remember feeling in that moment, the jokes or experiences that led up to that candid shot, what your spouse whispered in your ear, or how you accidentally dropped your ice cream on the ground the moment after the flash went off.

Include Quotes

In addition to memories from the moment, you can add quotes of empowerment, love and hope to your photo books. Find photo album quotes from your favorite inspirational figures, authors, or even quotes from your friends and family. Personalize the quotes to your experiences and the people in your pictures. You can even use quotes for photo album titles!

Create a Storybook

Use photos, or your kids hand-drawn illustrations, to create a custom storybook to read to your kids at bedtime. They’ll love putting their own spin on a story that’s entirely their own, plus one they can hold and flip through themselves. Depending on how much text you’d like in your story, choose between captions or text pages to capture their imagination!

Save Your Kids’ Art

Speaking of art, odds are your kids come home from school with a lot of art projects. (And they probably expect every single one to make the fridge, even if you’re out of magnets and space). Here’s how you can save it all: Take a pic of your kids’ art and include a caption or text page, explaining the art, if it was from school then what grade and teacher and project, etc.

Write Poetry

Similar to creating a storybook with your kiddos, take the opportunity to get creative on your own. If you’re itching to make something that’s just for you, try using text pages to write down poems or a short story — your book doesn’t have to include photos or illustrations (but can if you’d like!). Work on it when you have time, and treat yourself to something that’s just for you.

Document Your Family Tree

Does your family have old photos and documents dating back multiple generations? Or, are you on a hunt to document your family’s ancestry? Add photos, screenshots and scanned pictures of any documentation you have of your family genealogy. Use captions and text pages to describe what you found in detail — and print duplicate books so your family members can have their own copies!

Create an ABC Book

ABCs, easy as one, two, three! If you’re teaching your little one all about the alphabet, create an ABC book with family, friends and their favorites. Add a photo of a family member on the left page, then add a text page on the right with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. For example, add a picture of their grandma on the left, then add the word “Gigi” on the right. Now, your kids will have their own personalized ABC book they can read at bedtime.

Add a Collaborator

Not exactly sure what to write? Or, hoping to add other people’s point of views when it comes to who really won your family’s annual UNO game? You don’t have to fill your photo book all by yourself! Add your family and friends as a collaborator on your photo book, and they can add tons of photos, captions and text pages to complete your story.

Make a Recipe Book

If you come from a family with tons of recipes, a family cookbook is a must! Add photos of your family’s fave meals from over the years, then add text pages with the step-by-step instructions for the recipe. Once you’re done, you’ll have a super gorgeous, bound copy of your family’s generational recipes! Don’t forget to print duplicates for your family members (and totally win when it comes to holiday gifts). 

After choosing the right photo book for you, designing a photo book that captures your imagination and creativity will be a breeze! From captions to text pages, these photo album caption ideas make it easy to incorporate text and captions into your photo book so you’ll never forget a single inside joke or accidental candid. Whether you’re preserving your wedding photos, travel adventures or your baby’s first year, you can tailor every book to your taste by creating photo albums with captions that’ll make you smile each time you flip through.

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