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Improve your marriage, strengthen family bonds, increase your children's emotional intelligence and have customer satisfaction with Chatbooks photo books. Read on to find out how.

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Odds are you have roughly 1 million photos living on your phone. And in between the screenshots of memes and pictures of your Wifi router number, you'll find your most precious memories (weddings, vacations, family birthdays, silly moments with the kids and more). And if you cherish that snapshot of your daughter's first steps, then you might feel a little bad that you usually find it when you scroll to look at that takeout menu you snapped a pic of a few months back.

There's a good chance you haven't gotten around to printing your photo books because they're just so annoying to make, and that's where Chatbooks come in. Chatbooks are super easy to make, affordable, and durable enough that the kids can actually play with them unsupervised. You might find yourself with some questions like: How does Chatbooks work? And how big are Chatbooks when they come in the mail? Read on to get all of your photo book questions answered.

Why should I print my photos?

Let us count the ways! According to a study from Chatbooks and HP:

  • Printed photos strengthen your family: 76% of families say printed photos help their family members connect in ways they wouldn’t with digital photos.
  • Printed photos improve your marriage: 73% of adults say printed photos help them feel a stronger connection to their spouse. 
  • Printed photos help you remember: 91% of adults believe printed photos help them recall events and details that they wouldn’t otherwise.
  • Printed photos encourage open play: 68% of parents say printed photos enhance their children’s imaginations and storytelling abilities.
  • Printed photos increase emotional intelligence: 67% of parents say that looking at printed photos with their children prompts them to talk about emotions.
  • Printed photos help you chill out: 53% of parents say they feel more relaxed after looking at printed photos with their children; 55% say a photo browsing session leads them to feel more forgiving toward their children.

Not convinced yet? How about this: Their software will never go out of date, they’ll never be corrupted, and you’ll never forget their password. Printed photos serve as a backup system to your digital photos—one that’s a lot more entertaining than a bunch of files on your hard drive.

Which photo books are best for kids?

Any printed photo book can be fun for kids—80% of parents say their children feel happy when looking at printed photos, according to a study from Chatbooks and HP. But which photo books are best for kids depends on their durability—a book that makes kids happy is a book that’s gotta be tough! The Chatbooks monthly minis series books are printed on a durable paper that won’t show every fingerprint. Each book measures just 5 by 5 inches, making them perfect for tiny hands. And it has a toddler-proof guarantee: If your kids play with your mini so much that they destroy it, we’ll replace it for free. Just email, send us a DM on Instagram, or tag @chatbooks on your Instagram or Facebook post of your bedraggled photo book. (Offer valid once per book, within one year of original purchase.)

Which photo books are best for adults?

Adults are busy! We’re too busy to take vacations, to exercise, or even to vote. So asking which photo books are best for adults is really asking which photo book takes the least time. If you make a photo book from an app, you’re making a photo book from where your photos live—your phone—saving you time and effort.

Where do I make photo books?

Plenty of online services let you make photo books. AdoramaPix provides high-quality photo books starting at $27 for 10 pages. Shutterfly and Snapfish both allow you to create custom pages where you can layer your photos with a wide variety of backgrounds, layouts, embellishments, and numerous font and resizing options, all adding up to hundreds of options. If you’re a Costco member, you can print a photo book starting at $39.99. Mixbook has 374 themes to choose from starting at $15.99. Artifact Uprising has luxury books designed to commemorate special events starting at $149. Chatbooks offers high-quality photo books that are easy to make, and they start at the affordable price you're looking for.

What’s an easy way to make a photo book?

One easy photo book method is to connect your social media account to the Chatbooks app, which automatically uploads your photos. But if you don’t post much on social media, using your smartphone camera is easiest. Either way, the app makes easy photo books possible: If your camera roll includes photo albums—either ones you’ve set up yourself or ones that your phone has automatically identified as belonging together—Chatbooks can pull in an entire album for you. Just download the app, choose your photos, and you’re done in under five minutes. 

How fast is the turnaround for making a photo book?

It can take as little as five minutes to make the photo book. Once you’ve submitted your order, you can expect the photo book in your hands in five to nine days if you’re in the United States. International orders take longer to ship, so Chatbookers outside the United States can start looking for their photo books 10 to 14 days after ordering.

What’s the best way to print my photos?

The best way to print photos is whatever way will get you to print them instead of just thinking about printing them! Easy photo books are the best photo books. Print services through places like drugstores allow you to submit digital photos for pickup, but using an app that’s built from the ground up as a way to print your photos straight from your phone creates a streamlined experience. 

What paper options do I have for printing my photos?

Different photo book services offer different kinds of paper. Most papers are glossy, matte, or lustre. Glossy photo paper makes it easier to see details and is known for being particularly vibrant, but it tends to collect fingerprints (particularly when the tiny fingers are coated with peanut butter). Matte photo papers are good for display, since they won’t give off a glare. Lustre photo paper falls somewhere between the two, making it the Goldilocks of photos that will be handled heavily: less glare and fewer fingerprints than glossy photos, but able to carry brilliant colors.

Chatbooks photo books are printed on lustre paper. Photo prints are on matte. The paper is manufactured by Lecta, a mill committed to following sustainable practices. Here’s more information about the paper used in Chatbooks products.

How can I print photos from my phone?

Assuming you don’t have a high-quality photo printer (and photo paper … and photo-quality ink) at the ready, using an app-based photo printing service is the most seamless process. A well-designed photo printing app is built for intuitive use and will guide you through the printing process with just a few taps.

Can I print multiple copies of a photo book?

Yes! That’s just one reason to make photo books online (you can make multiple copies without running out of photo corners painstakingly placed in old-school photo albums). At most photo book services, you can just select the quantity you want when checking out.

Can I make a photo collage in my photo book?

Most services that offer ways to make a photo book online have a collage option. Collages are great for packing in more photos per page, but they don’t allow the photos to be seen in the kind of detail that many people want from their printed books. 

If you use the Chatbooks collage option in a custom book, pay attention to the order in which you place photos in your album. Photos in collage pages are loaded in the order they were uploaded, going from left to right, then top to bottom. To add a collage page, tap on the plus icon to create a new page, then select “Add Photo Collage.”

How many pages can or should I include in my photo book?

There’s no right answer to how many photos you should include, and which photo book sizes are best for you depends on your needs. Coffee table-style books meant for display are usually large; these photo books look impressive on shelves or laid out for display. Thick photo books of more than 200 pages can showcase specific events like vacations with panache. But for everyday use, books of more than 150 pages or so can become unwieldy—particularly if you expect children to be handling your photo books.

Chatbooks photo books range from 30 to 366 pages (a photo for every day of the year—including leap day!). The average range is 70 to 90 pages. 

Is it better to include photos in portrait or landscape?

It’s a matter of personal preference. Some users prefer that their photo books reflect the original orientation of the photo; both portrait and landscape print well. Other users prefer their photo books to have a uniform look and have all their photos printed as squares. The square setting is best for Instagram photos and other images framed as a square when they were taken. Otherwise, changing photos to a square setting will mean that the image will be cropped.

How well do photos print from my phone/camera roll?

If you’ve taken a photo from a smartphone that’s less than a few years old and select photos that look good on screen, chances are that your photos will print pretty well. Printing photos from the original source will result in the highest-quality photos. Most of the time, that means printing photos from your camera roll. Chatbooks custom books and prints can be printed from your social media feeds and cloud storage as well, with good results. But for photos of questionable quality from social media feeds, finding the original photo will result in the best picture.

Most photo printing problems result from photos that are too dark. Photos taken in natural light tend to look the best. As long as your image is around at least 450 dpi, its resolution will print well.

When looking at where to make photo books, consider using a service like Chatbooks that has a built-in image quality warning. The Chatbooks app has a gauge that will warn you when photos are of poor quality. Sometimes you’ll want to print a photo even if you’re aware that it won’t turn out well, and Chatbooks won’t prevent you from doing so—you’ll just know what you’re getting upfront.

What are the book size options for printing photo books?

Depending on which photo printing service you choose, you can have sizes from as small as 2 by 3 inches to as large as 11 by 14 inches and beyond. For visual consistency (and simplicity), consider choosing a standard size for all your photo books. (Again, easy photo books are the best photo books.) Chatbooks offers photo books in four sizes. Minis are 5 by 5 inches, and regular custom books come in 6 by 6 inches, 8 by 8 inches, and 10 by 10 inches. The mini books are ideal for children or quick, fun series; for memento photo books, go with a larger size.

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