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19 Easy April Fools' Jokes to Play On Your Kids

Isn’t it fun to pull one over on the kids once in a while? Turn these no-tears pranks into a photo op you can print in your Chatbooks!

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From food swaps to classic pranks, there’s plenty of ways to play harmless April Fools' pranks on your kids — and if they’re young enough, blame a leprechaun still lurking around from St. Patrick’s Day! When it comes to pranks, just make sure it doesn’t create too much of a mess if you’ll be the one who’ll be stuck cleaning it up! (The less glitter, the better. Trust us.) And be ready to snap pictures of your kids’ shocked faces! These are the moments you’ll want to remember (and remind them about), so add them to your Monthbooks for an easy stroll down memory lane. Try one — or all — of these easy April Fools' jokes to play on your kids this year.

And between tears of joy and belly laughs, don't forget to snap pictures of your pranks and print them in a photo book you'll be able to look at for years to come. If you want to make a Classic Photo Book dedicated to your family's jokes—and leave room in your April Monthbook for other exciting photos—that's your call! No matter which photo book you print your memories in, your family will just be glad to have them in their hands.

1. Lunchbox lie

Fill your child’s lunchbox with either brussel sprouts or a food they don’t like. Underneath a napkin or piece of cardboard, hide their real lunch so they’ll be fooled at first but won’t go hungry. You can write April Fools' on the napkin or piece of cardboard.

2. Cookies ’n cream

Twist open a few Oreos and replace that yummy filling with toothpaste. Watch their faces scrunch up in disgust when they realize that’s not sugar in the middle! 

3. Insides, out

The night before April Fools', turn the clothes your child has picked out for the next day inside out (or turn out an entire drawer of clothes).

4. Cereal socks

Replace their favorite cereal with balled up socks, marbles, or tiny toy soldiers (anything that’s small and will fit in the box). After you snap a photo of their shocked faces, feel free to give them the real cereal you secretly stored elsewhere.

5. Wigging out

Wear a wig that’s similar to your hair type and color (but just different enough), and tell your kids it’s your normal hair when they question it. If you want to go with a totally different color and cut, go for it! 

6. Size switch

While your little ones slumber, switch out their clothes for bigger versions — swap their t-shirt drawer with t-shirts from your drawer, or swap your son’s boxers for dad’s larger pairs.

7. Wonky Wakeup

Before they climb into bed, set their alarms for a few minutes earlier than usual, and when they mention it the next morning, ask them, “What do you mean? This is the time you always get up!”

8. Sinister shoes

Before your kids go to school, tell them all your shoes are missing (except for the ones already on your feet). While they’re gone, create a trail of shoes throughout the house and out the door for them to find when they come home. The trail can lead to a family pet, one of your children’s rooms, wherever will create the most fun!

9. Pink prank

Buy some pink socks, underwear and clothes (or use pink apparel you already have at home) and announce to your family that a red sweater dyed the entire family’s clothes pink. Show off your new pink clothes and capture their reactions on your phone.

10. Wet ’n wild

Place a fizzy color tablet underneath the top of their sink stopper/drain, so when your child turns on the water to brush their teeth in the morning, the bowl will fill with colorful water!

11. Happy April Fools' Day!

Sing happy birthday to your partner or one of your kids at breakfast, confusing your entire family — replace happy birthday with “Happy April Fools' Day!” They may even think they forgot their parent’s birthday! 

12. Eat dirt

Crush a few Oreos and place them in a bowl or mug, then take a big bite in front of your kids and ask them if they want their own bowl full of dirt. Don’t forget to mention, “it doesn’t even need milk!”

13. No-grip knob

Before heading out in the morning, take some olive oil and spread it on the knob of whichever door your family typically exits the house from. Pretend to be in a rush to get out the door before school and tell your kids to get in the car. Have your camera ready for kids who can’t turn the door knob and get outside — no matter how hard they try! 

14. Cling crib

While the kids are asleep, make sure their bedroom door is closed and get to work on spreading cling or saran wrap around your door frame (you might also need some tape). You only need to create a clear barrier for their height — and get ready to see their sleepy faces (maybe call their name) when they walk into an invisible barrier in the morning!

15. Stealthy spider

Dig out the fake spiders you keep around for Halloween and strategically place them in spots that’ll shock your little ones — on the remote control, in their lunchbox, the dashboard of your car, or in the fridge. 

16. Surprise seater

Lift up your kids’ toilet seat and place something around the rim that’ll surprise them once they sit down (and that you don’t mind getting dirty). Try Cheerios for a crunch, or gummy worms so they feel an off-balance squish. Or, try something that gives a pop! effect. 

17. Shower shock

Find or make a shower curtain with either a funny picture of your child(ren), or with a picture of something shocking, like a villain from a TV show or movie they watch. See how long it takes for them to notice the giant face staring at them as they brush their teeth! 

18. Bring your pet to school day

Before school, make sure your kids see you packing a little book bag with notebooks and a “lunchbox” for your family pet and pretend like they’re going to school, too. As an added bonus, dress your pert in any clothes you may also have, too.

19. Adult accent

Start talking to your kids in an accent (for example, a pirate) and when they question the sudden change in your speech, tell them you’re surprised they finally noticed — after all, all adults have accents!

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