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15 Romantic and Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2024

These sentimental and personal presents will make your partner swoon!

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If Valentine's Day immediately brings images of large, colorful flower bouquets and dark red heart-shaped boxes filled with sweet chocolates, tables alight with countless candles, you're on the right track. It’s an entire day dedicated to celebrating your love, and showing your significant other just how much they mean to you — which puts a lot of pressure on finding the ultimate sentimental present. No need to stress, we’ve found the most creative, heartfelt Valentine’s Day presents for your significant other that’ll make them swoon!

And there's a way to display every sentimental photo — with a photo books to hold ALL the pictures from your relationship! Print your favorite photos in a Layflat or Classic Photo Book (also great options for any engagement or wedding photos!), and add your inside jokes as captions or text pages, so that whenever you look through your couple photos, it's all right there.


You can’t go wrong with a trip down memory lane! This year, give the gift that keeps on giving with an annual Monthbooks subscription (with free shipping!). As contributors, you can both add photos to your monthly photo books, printing 30 of your favorite memories straight from your phone each month. Plus, choose from ombré colored spines or designer covers from artists like Rifle Paper Co. and Chris Loves Julia!

Personalized Song Plaque

An acrylic plaque featuring a personalized version of your favorite song is the modern version of giving your sweetheart a mixtape. Pick a song that you both love and a cute couples photo for this piece of art (which looks like a Spotify track). You can even add a custom V-Day message at the bottom.


Print your most treasured moments, like engagement photos, pictures from your wedding day or your honeymoon, on super thick archival quality paper. Perfect for professional photos, a Premium Layflat photo book is sure to impress your significant other. Layflats are 10x10 and come in three different colors (white, navy, gray), plus they can hold anywhere from 20 to 100 pages. Hint: You can always add a collage if you want to pack in even more photos!

Star Map 

Can’t afford to buy a star for the light of your life? This star map print can be customized to show the constellations in the night sky for any date you want! Choose the date and place you met, or when you became engaged or said your vows. 

Classic Photo Book

Coming in a variety of different colors, Designer covers and three different sizes, a Classic Photo Book is a no-brainer. Fill it with pictures of your relationship — from those first few dates to the first road trip, or even cute text messages — straight from your phone. Since you can squeeze up to 366 pages into one of these photo books, you’ll be able to fit all your precious and everyday moments into a book perfect for your valentine.

Custom Board Game

If you’re big gamers, this personalized and thoughtful gift will knock your partner’s socks off! From Monopoly and Settlers of Catan to Candy Land and Scrabble, Etsy has tons of customizable board games that’ll delight your favorite gaming partner.

Couples Paint by Number

If you’re looking for an activity you can do together, try a paint-by-number kit that recreates one of your favorite couples photos in a painting. This gift combines sentimentality and quality time to create a one-of-a-kind painting you can display.

Monthly Minis

This gift for your little loves is tailored toward their small (but fierce) hands. Every month (with free shipping), you can print your phone photos into this 5x5 photo book, which features rounded corners and a toddler guarantee (if they break it, we’ll replace it). Hint: Monthly Minis are also an easy way to share photos with grandparents!

Custom Sneakers

Etsy is filled with listings for custom sneakers, so if your partner is a sneakerhead, this is the place to shop. Whether you want to personalize their kicks with a couple's photo, a fandom they love (like Pokémon or Harry Potter) or even their favorite flower, this Valentine’s Day gift is one they’ll be talking about for a while!

Canvas Wall Tiles

Gift your valentine their favorite photos — and the opportunity to see them every day with a gallery wall! Not only will you bring their favorite pictures to life, these high-quality canvases can be stuck 50+ times on a wall, so rearranging is no problem! You can also opt to order frames with your Canvas Wall Tiles for a more elevated look.

Custom Vinyl

For the couples that collect music, especially vinyl records, a custom record screams romance. Customize a record with the name and artist of your choice, then add a photo of you both in the center. The record will be placed on a wooden stand so it’s easy to display! Hint: You can also add a QR code to easily pull up your special song. Or, go for a golden album to display your love as an all-time hit.


Getaways are always a good idea, but have you thought about tailoring your stay to your partner? Whether it’s a bucket list spot they’ve always wanted to visit, a treehouse in the mountains, or a spot with cool features like a waterslide — there’s plenty to choose from. Keep an eye out for special Airbnbs decked out like one of their favorite movies, like this Hobbit House.

Resin Flowers

If you have dried flowers from a special occasion (first date, wedding) laying around, send them to a professional resin artist. If you don’t have any flowers ready to be preserved, shop for pre-made resin blocks, ring dishes, coaster sets and more — all gorgeously preserved flowers that will look great around your home (and are a super unique way to gift flowers this holiday)! Hint: Send your honey’s Valentine’s Day flowers to a resin specialist to memorialize the holiday. 

Handwriting on Your Sleeve

We’ve all heard the saying: You wear your heart on your sleeve. For Valentine’s Day, give a present that spells out exactly how you feel — in your handwriting! Add “I love you,” or an inside joke to the sleeve of a sweatshirt, that way, your partner has a special reminder of your love.

Pet Set

If you and your partner’s true valentine is your four-legged friend, the perfect V-Day present may be something for your partner and your pup (or feline). Order a matching shirt and bandana set (and maybe one for yourself!) so your SO and furball can match in style. 

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