23 Best Gifts for Grandparents

on November 2, 2020

Grandparents are incredible for so many things. They spoil the grandkids, help with homeschooling when you’re in a pinch and so much more. Setting up Zoom calls? Not so much. But hey, who cares! Show grandma and grandpa how much they mean to you with thoughtful Christmas gifts in 2020.

We gathered the best gifts for grandparents so that you can help the kids celebrate your mom or dad. Whether they live for DIY gifts or personalized photo gifts (::cough:: Chatbooks ::cough::), there’s a sentimental grandparent gift idea in here for you. This year, as you prepare to settle down for your long winter’s nap, rest assured that you got grandma and grandpa the perfect Christmas gift.

Family recipe book

No one can cook like grandma. In fact, she probably was the one who taught you and your siblings the perfect way to make a pot roast. Show your grandparents how important their legacy has been by creating a family recipe book worthy of their kitchen table.

DIY matching game

If you love to play games with your grandma, consider making your very own matching game. The idea is easy! Simply order a set of Chatbooks prints, but make sure to print two of every photo. Then, grandma and the grandkids can spend hours trying to match the photos together.

Yoga mat

Help keep grandparents stay active and healthy by sending them some workout equipment like a yoga mat or dumbbells. These simple gifts will show that you care about their health. As a bonus, book a yoga class together.

Layflat photo book

This gift is great for the family that has tons of pictures from all their adventures and travels together. The Chatbooks Layflat Photo book is an excellent gift full of originality and will be a great coffee table addition.

Grandparent photo book series

Another great way to share photos with grandparents: Getting them a photo book series subscription! Add them to your Monthly Mini subscription and watch with delight each month as the books arrive and they FaceTime you, crying.

Foot massager

Grandma and grandpa deserve a little self-care too this holiday season! Bring them the joy of relaxation this year with a foot massager that they can use anytime.

Customized ornaments

Deck the halls with some adorable decor this year by creating some custom photo ornaments for your grandparents. To make this DIY come to life, use a foam brush to coat your Chatbooks prints in high-gloss Mod Podge. Then, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the print and thread it with string.

Weighted blanket

Send grandma or grandpa a hug this Christmas by giving them a weighted blanket that will make them feel cozy all year round. Weighted blankets are especially helpful for anyone who experiences anxiety.

DNA kit

This trendy gift is a fun and unique Christmas present that will bring fun and intrigue to the whole family. Your grandparents can really bring the stories of the past to life by learning about their heritage and their family history traits. To go the extra mile, turn some of their old family photos into a beautiful photo book for a super sentimental group gift for the grandparents.

Instant Pot

You’re grandparents won’t stop thanking you once you’ve given them this gift for the holidays. The easiest way to cook and a great way to test out new recipes, the Instant Pot is a hit for Christmas gifts.


You can brighten up any home with some plants, and sending some greenery to grandma and grandpa can be an awesome addition to their home decor. Choose from small to large potted plants, send some beautiful flowers, or even help out with their landscaping. 


Moccasins, booties or just house slippers are an amazing gift. Keep grandpa’s toes warm and bring some luxury into grandma’s life by sending this footwear to them for the holidays. Choose from this list of the best slippers for men and women.

Insulated water bottle

Keep your grandparents hydrated this year with a super nice insulated water bottle. They won’t believe how cool (or warm) their drinks stay when they put your gift to the test.

Christmas socks

You know you’re an adult when you actually ask for socks for Christmas. Grandparents will love adding a new collection of socks to their drawers with an extra cozy pair.

Streaming service

If your grandparents love movies and television and don’t already have a streaming service, consider signing them up for one or adding them to your plan. With so much to choose from, they will love to binge some of their old familiar favorites or catch up on new shows so you can watch together.

Food box subscription

If your family loves trying new foods, consider a food box subscription like one of these. The ingredients get delivered right to grandma’s door, and you can try out new recipes to add to your foodie photo books.

Family history journal

Recording family history is so important to have for future generations, and a great place to start is by recording those stories in a DIY photo book journal. Rather than filling their photo book with only old photos, leave some pages blank with a question for them to fill out. For example, next a photo of them on their wedding day, use a text page to ask: What do you remember most about your wedding day? This collection of old photos along with their written memories (and their precious handwriting) is something the family will treasure forever.


For the bookworm grandparent who can’t seem to read fast enough, get them an e-reader so that they can add even more books to their library.

Collector’s edition book

If your grandparents love the classics, a great Christmas gift is a collector’s edition of their favorite novel.

Smarthome device

Simplify your grandparents’ lives by gifting them a smart home device this Christmas. They can play music throughout the house, start the oven and set reminders all with their voice. Along with the smart device, DIY a “coupon” for you to come over and walk them through how it works!

Crossword puzzle book

This gift will keep your grandparents entertained and their brains fresh. Find a crossword puzzle book or DIY one with a Chatbook. For the DIY version, simply add some of your favorite crosswords into a Chatbooks photo book. If you’re a crossword queen, try making some yourself using family facts.

Printed photo gift card

Printed photos are a quintessential personalized gift. If you have a hard time accessing their pictures, give them a Chatbooks gift card and tell them that you’ll be providing a concierge service (aka you making the books for them once you have access). Making these photo books together makes for yet another photo op!

Luxury candle

As we all know, 2020 has been a little stressful to say the least. Consider getting your grandparents a luxury candle that will take all the stress away. Some candles like these will take them to a happy place like a warm day on the beach or a special afternoon with their favorite grandchildren.