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10 Creative Themes for Your Photo Book: Ideas to Make Your Memories Shine

Not sure where to start? With these photo book theme ideas, you’ll be creating in no time.

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Modern-day photography is basically a superpower (and we know parents need all the superpowers they can get). By snapping a photo, you’re literally freezing time. And lucky for you, you live in an era where you always have a camera handy. Every amazing photo on your phone tells a story, but sometimes that photo gets lost in the abyss that is the camera roll. That’s why printing your photos in a photo book is the easiest way to relive your favorite memories. If you’re looking for some inspiring photo book theme ideas and motivation to get that photo book design out of your head and into reality, look no further!

For super busy parents, the easiest way to create a photo book is right from your phone. Everything from choosing your photos to adding a designer cover can be done with just a few taps, in just a few minutes. You can effortlessly create a meaningful gift for someone, or stay on top of your family memories with monthly photo books. Read on for even more ideas on themes for your photo book.  

Celebrate Someone Special

Some of the best photo book themes are the ones that bring joy to other people. Is a loved one's birthday coming up? How about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? These are excellent occasions to create a photo book for someone you love. Make it extra special by digging around for photos of them throughout the years. Easily create your photo book by uploading your photos right from your phone’s camera roll. You’re guaranteed to make their day!

Create a Family Photo Album

Compile all of your family’s photos and put them in a photo book. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion for this other than wanting to preserve your family’s memories for generations to come. You can add old photos and new photos to your book. Add captions to remember the year or location of the photo and add a snazzy cover to make your photo book design shine.

If you feel like there’s just too many photos to choose from, consider signing up for a monthly photo journal. This way, you can print your favorite memories from each month and receive them in a new custom photo album on your doorstep. Think of it as the family photo album that just keeps making itself. Best part? You can create it all right on your phone while you watch episodes of Paw Patrol and Netflix with your little ones.

Create a Keepsake for Your Little One

They grow up so dang fast that sometimes it just feels so hard to take it all in while it’s happening. That’s why creating a baby book is one of the best ways to remember all of their little milestones. This is one of those creative concepts for photo albums that’s chock full of sentimental meaning. From first words to first steps, keep those memories safe in one place. Plus, your little one will love looking back on these memories when they’re not so little anymore. You can also capture and print everything while it happens with monthly photo books.

Celebrate Your Fur-Babies

So, you’re trying to brainstorm some photo book theme ideas while your little furry friend is looking up at you wagging their tail…why not make a book just for them?! From the drive-thru pup-cup moments and long hikes to the everyday adorable moments, remember them all in a photo book. Don’t forget to choose your favorite pic of your pet to feature as the cover photo.

Make a Bestie Book

Another great inspiring photo book idea is to make a book for your BFF. They’ve been by your side through everything, so why not commemorate your friendship in a photo book? Add all of the photos of you together throughout the years (yes, even the screenshots of text messages) and add text pages to remember the funny stories behind the photos. You can also add your bestie as a collaborator on your photo book so you can design your photo album together.

Start a Yearly Tradition

For festive picture book themes, make an annual photo book around the holidays. At the end of each year, pick your favorite memories to add to your photo book. You can include family by having an “End of the Year Photo Book Night” where you choose your favorite memories over dinner. It’s a great way to get the storytelling flowing and the family bonds a little tighter. Get ready for lots of laughter and good times!

Plus, you’ll have a photo book to remember it all. Chatbooks is the easiest way to create an online photo album, especially if you want to add your friends and family as collaborators (so you don’t miss out on any pics your sister-in-law took when you weren’t looking).

Remember Every Adventure

Are you an avid traveler, always looking forward to your next big trip? Or, are you more of a camping-close-to-home, staycation type of adventurer? Either way, a photo book is a great place to store all of those fun memories. Remember all of the different foods you tried, the mountains you climbed, and the cool hotels you’ve stayed at (and how your kids jumped for joy when they got a few quarters to try the vending machine on your floor). The simplicity of this photo book design makes it easy to remember every adventure.

Pro tip: Display your travel photo books somewhere central in your home, like your coffee table or a bookshelf, as a guaranteed conversation starter.

Store Family Recipes Somewhere Safe

Is there a big, old dusty binder filled with yellowing, delicate, years-old family recipes sitting somewhere in your home, just ready to be accidentally destroyed? You can snap photos of each recipe right on your phone and upload them into your photo book in just minutes. This is one of those photo album theme ideas you’re gonna want to hold on to.

You can add a photo of the recipe creator next to each recipe. Plus, you can also add family members to contribute any recipes you may not have. Not only are you safekeeping your family recipes but you’re creating something that future generations of your family can enjoy. Pro tip: Print duplicates of your family recipe photo book and send them to family members as gifts.

Celebrate Your Other Half

Whether you’re looking for a way to commemorate your wedding photos, want to celebrate an anniversary, or looking for a creative way to pop the question, creating a photo book is the perfect way to do all of that! Make it really special and surprise them with a deluxe, coffee table-style photo book with layflat pages perfect for panoramic photos of your love and memories together. This is a great way to show your partner how much you care.

Remember Someone Special

Looking at photos is one of the best ways to remember someone special who has passed. Celebrate all they accomplished in their life by turning all of their photos into a photo book. It doesn’t all have to be serious either, add in all of the funny memories and good times so you can look back and relive that special time with them. 

There doesn’t always have to be a special theme or reason to create a photo book. You’re allowed to create a photo book because you treasure all the moments with your friends and family. Sometimes the best inspiring photo book theme ideas are the most simple. Celebrate the last few months by printing the highlights, or surprise someone in your life with a photo book of memories you recently shared. Looking back at photo books allows you to relive the joy all over again like it’s the first time, and that’s priceless! 

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