on May 14, 2021

Creating photo books has never been easier—except if the photos of your son scoring the winning goal are on grandpa’s phone. Before you get a headache trying to teach him how to send you photos, invite him to be a contributor to your photo book through the Chatbooks app. He’ll get a link that’ll take him right to your photo book where he can add all the pictures he wants (don’t worry, you can delete the blurry shots)! Even better, he can order a copy of the photo book for himself, too. To make things easier, we made a step-by-step guide so you and grandpa can work together to create the best photo book...

Bonus Insider Tips for Adding Contributors

  • There is no limit to how many contributors can be added to a book. 
  • Contributors can remove photos recently added by the owner (this doesn’t change the owner’s Chatbook) and vice-versa, the owner can remove photos added by the contributor (this doesn’t change the contributor’s Chatbook). 
  • The photo book’s owner and contributors can see any and all photos added to the book. 
  • If the owner deletes the book from their account, the contributor will still have access to the photo book in their account.