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25 Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas For the Best Engagement

Here are some fun ways to get a big “Yes!” before the “I do!”

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Congrats on finding the one! It’s time to pop the question, but maybe you’re just not sure how to pop the question. Never fear, there are tons of great ways to propose, it’s just about finding which proposal ideas work best for you and your partner. Whether they’re the type that loves hiding away from the world with a cozy night in or you’re the couples that’s the life of the party, you can find the best ways to propose right here.

And don’t forget to have a sneaky hidden camera or photographer to capture the excitement and shock on your partner’s face when you pop the big question. You can add photos from the big moment right from your phone into a photo book you can look back on for years to come. After carefully planning and organizing your creative marriage proposal, it’s a heartwarming moment that deserves to be a special piece of your family history.

Book a “Spontaneous” Road Trip

There are a ton of ideas for proposing marriage out there, but this one may be one of the most fun. Plan a road trip adventure somewhere you know your partner loves or has been itching to go. The key is to plan everything ahead while making it seem like it’s spontaneous.

Pop the question somewhere picturesque and have your camera ready, or enlist in the help of friends and family to hideout and snap pics. After the fun, create a travel photo book right from your phone so you can remember this big day forever.

Make it a Heartfelt Family Affair

If your partner is a family-oriented homebody, consider some proposal ideas at home with family. Use photo books to showcase the story of your romance and pop the question. If you want to build some anticipation, sign up for a monthly photo journal and make it a point to do fun activities with your partner throughout the months to include in your books. 

Then, when you’re ready, host an intimate gathering with family and present your Monthbooks together, showcasing all your fun times together and end it with a photo of a ring and the big question.

Simple and Classy

If you’re looking for some simple, intimate ideas for wedding proposal look no further! This one is sure to be a tear-jerker (happy tears, of course!). Create a Classic Photo Book from your camera roll of all of your favorite photos together spanning over the years. Add in caption clues under each picture leading up to the end with the big question. This photo book will be something you can keep near and dear forever.

Date Night, But Make it Sparkle

This is one of those classic ideas for engagement proposal that’s been tried and true—and sure to impress! Simply hit up your favorite date night spot for dinner and dessert. 

Call ahead and ask if the restaurant is able to make a special something for the occasion, or just get down on one knee. Pro tip: hire a photographer or enlist the help of a good friend to capture the special moment so you can hold on to it forever in a photo book.

Cozy and Chic

Proposal ideas at home can be luxe too! Surprise them by decking out your home in twinkling lights, a cozy fort, and their favorite movie playing in the background. Then, at the right moment, present them with a deluxe, coffee table book of your love together that captures all of the memories you’ve shared together. Best part is, you can make the Chatbooks Premium Layflat Photo Book right on your phone. Then, propose by the fire or when the right moment strikes.

Adventure is Out There!

This is probably one of the top cute ideas to propose. If you’ve seen the movie Up you already know where this is going. Design a Premium Layflat Photo Book with shots of your thrilling adventures from your camera roll. Include a surprise page that leads to your epic proposal. 

Pro tip: You can even design the cover to mimic the one from the movie by saving it as a high-resolution image and uploading it as the cover design!

Riddle Them This

This is definitely one of those unique proposal ideas that require a bit of imagination. Capture your memories each month in a mini monthly photo journal and feature a fun riddle to solve in each one. Have them write down each answer and have the answer spell out “Will you marry me?”

The Pretty Picnic

If you’re looking for romantic ways to propose, you can’t go wrong with this one! Take them somewhere scenic, whether that be a local botanical garden, a mountain viewpoint, or a place with the best skyline view, and surprise them with a fancy picnic

This is one of those romantic proposal ideas that has heard many yeses. Take lots of photos leading up to the big question and have someone take your photo during the big question, then add them to your photo book!

Heartfelt Home Movie

Looking for proposal surprise ideas that are intimate and heartwarming? Try this one! Create a Classic Photo Book of your favorite memories together with the big question at the end. The cool thing about creating a photo book with Chatbooks is that a shareable Mini Movie of your photo book is automatically created when you print your book. 

Mirror your device with your TV and play your soon-to-be fiancé the Mini Movie of your photo book! Add a song that means something to both of you as the soundtrack and voila! Plus you could spread the good news by sharing to Facebook and Instagram afterward.

Italy, Anyone?

If you’re looking for engagement surprise ideas that align with your adventurous souls, here it is! Book a trip to a dream destination with your partner and a group of friends (make sure your friends are in on the surprise). Then, surprise your partner by dropping down on one knee in the middle of it all. 

Use your friends to capture sneaky photos from all angles and make sure to add them into your travel photo book

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It’s Written in the Sand

If you’re close to a beach or going to be close to a beach, there are a ton of fun proposal ideas you could do with that. Write your proposal message in the sand surrounded by some rose petals and seashells. But quick–snap a pic of your creative marriage proposal before the tide washes it away and add it to your photo book.

Have a Surprise Photoshoot

Set up some time with a local photographer and have a photo shoot! This is one of those creative proposals ideas that is sure to impress. Come up with a believable reason like, “because you mentioned doing one,” or “we should send out a holiday card this year!” and drop down on one knee in the middle of it. Make sure to add it to your Chatbooks Premium Layflat Photo Book, and watch their heart melt.

Take a Hike

Using nature as a backdrop is one of the best unique ways to propose. Plan a scenic hike and present a Classic Photo Book at the summit. Include photos of your journey, leading up to the proposal amidst breathtaking views.

Sky's the Limit

This is one of those cute ways to propose that will take your breath away, literally! Take your partner on a hot air balloon ride and propose with a photo book of your memories together. Make sure to get a photo of you two in the balloon, it’ll make for a fantastic photo book cover and engagement announcement photo! Did someone say love is in the air?

Love Letters

If you're the type of couple that has a drawer bursting with countless love letters to each other from throughout the years, this one is for you. Let the letters do the talking when it comes to asking for your partner’s hand in matrimony by compiling them all and turning them into a Classic Photo Book

Pro Tip: If you’re feeling artsy, create a cover that spells out the big question!

The Prankster

Rent a party room somewhere nice and fill it with you and your fiance-to-be’s favorite people. Trick your partner into having to quickly “stop by” the restaurant with you to grab some “takeout” but surprise them with a party instead! Make sure to drop down on one knee right before the big reveal. As the doors open, have friends and family snap pics of the big moment.

You Can’t Lose with a Flash Mob

Leave your significant other speechless (but not speechless enough to not say yes, of course!) by surprising them with a singing and dancing flash mob in your city. Get lots of good pics because this is a memory you’ll want to remember forever in a photo book.

Put Your Faces Everywhere

Translation: Deck out a whole entire room of printed photos of every memory you’ve shared together. Add in some candles for ambiance and get ready for the big YES!

Head to an Old School Photo Booth

Photo booths just hold a level of nostalgia that regular photos just don’t. If you’re still looking for the ultimate engagement idea, pop the big question while your photo is being taken and capture their joyful expression.

Bring it Back to the First Date

Head to your first date spot for a romantic recreation. Surprise them with a photo book of all of your early pictures together and reminisce over each one. Then, when they’re not expecting it, drop down on one knee and pop the question.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Organize a creative scavenger hunt at home. Use a Monthly Mini as each clue that leads your partner to the big reveal. Whether that’s using the pictures within, or hiding a clue within the pages, your partner will be so busy trying to figure out the clues, they won’t suspect the big reveal.

You’re a Poet and You Don’t Even Know It

If you’re into the written word, write your partner a book of poetry dedicated to them! What’s more romantic than that?! Compile all the poems in a Classic Photo Book and use it to pop the question.

Fill a Book with Things You Love About Them

Similar to making a Classic Book filled with original poetry, make a Classic Book filled with the things you love about them. Add a photo of each thing and write it down in the caption what it is. Finish it with the big question.

Put it On the Jumbotron

Head to your favorite sports team’s home game and plan ahead by getting your big question on the jumbotron. Have a photographer ready to capture their reaction (and the audience’s reaction, too!).

Go On a Treasure Hunt

Craft a treasure hunt in your home, or a place that has meaning to you both, with thoughtful clues and surprises leading them to a Premium Layflat Photo Book filled with all your memories together and get down on one knee.

Every proposal is unique to the relationship shared. Choose the proposal idea that works best for you and get ready for lots of happy memories to fill your photo books in the future! Now, it’s time to plan the wedding!

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