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11 DIY Wedding Décor Ideas to Personalize Your Big Day

From DIY rustic wedding decor to table decorations, these easy wedding crafts are your path to a fairytale ending—and lots of saved cash.

wedding decoration ideas for every style

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget but haven’t started thinking about decor yet, consider this your nudge. 

Cheap and still chic? Yep, it is possible to score that combo. For all you lovebirds on the brink of tying the knot, we have wedding decoration ideas for every wedding style—and may just inspire you to tackle a project or two. 

From DIY rustic wedding decor to DIY wedding table decorations, these easy wedding crafts are your path to a fairy-tale ending, lots of saved cash and some “remember when we…[insert hilarious glue gun mishap story here]” memories that’ll have you and your spouse rolling in laughter for years to come as you page through your wedding photo book. Because the couple that DIYs together, stays together!

1. Table numbers with pictures of the bride and groom at that age

This DIY table number idea is absolutely adorable. Simply gather old pics of the couple at age one to pair for table one, age two for table two and so forth. Scan, add numbers, print and get ready for your wedding guests gush over the cuteness at your reception. By the way, since you’ve already scanned all the photos, may we suggest a photo book of you two “through the ages” that your future children can laugh and smile at, too?

"Through the Ages" Photo Book
The Best Way To Save Your Memories
"Through the Ages" Photo Book
2. Antiqued mercury mirror glass wedding centerpieces

Weddings and shiny things go together like cake and frosting. Sure, real silver screams “I do,” but it also whispers “I cost a fortune and polishing me is a full-time job.” And let’s not even start on the faux-metallics that scream "discount aisle chic." Enter mercury glass, the hero we didn’t know we needed. It’s got that timeless charm, making everything look effortlessly classy without trying too hard. The best part? You can whip up a DIY version on the cheap, making your decor look luxe for less. 

Whether you hit a thrift store or your basement, try to choose vessels of different sizes and heights with ridges and patterns for visual interest. Old vases, jars and votive holders all work well. Mix one part water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the glass with a light coat of mirror finish spray paint. Then immediately spray again with the vinegar and water mixture. Use a cloth to blot the glass, and then let it dry for about 30 seconds. Repeat this process six times and allow it to dry completely before using.

3. Baby’s breath

When you think of wedding flowers, you may picture peonies, roses and orchids sitting at the cool kids' table. But guess what? Baby's breath is crashing the party. In the past, this delicate white flower was the floral equivalent of a backup dancer, but now it's grabbing the mic and taking center stage. Why is everyone suddenly gaga for baby's breath? First off, it's kind to your bank account—something your wedding budget will high-five you for—and so versatile. It pops in ways other flowers only dream of, bringing texture and a cloud-like vibe to any arrangement. Plus, it's the “Energizer Bunny” of flowers; it keeps going and going, looking fabulous fresh or dried, and is available in every season.

With perks like these, baby's breath is taking over everything from altars to centerpieces to bouquets, proving it's not just a filler—it's a showstopper. Especially combined with your antiqued mercury glass vessels. If simplicity is more your thing, try jam jars or even pretty stemware (make sure the stem is short so they don’t tip easily) for an elegant feel that’s lovely for spring, summer weddings or fall weddings. Try “submerged baby’s breath” (literally just baby’s breath submerged in water inside clear glass cylindrical vases) for a winter wedding.

4. Create a Boho-style backdrop

It’s probably no surprise we love a good photo backdrop. All the better for creating more fun photo ops that will look amazing printed in your photo books. And “Boho” style backdrops are all the rage these days for weddings. So what does this mean? Simply decorate an arch or wooden frame with flowers and greenery and place it in front of a plain wall indoors, or if outdoors, hang streamers or fairy lights from it to create the background (you can also do this to the indoor version if you want to spice it up more).

5. …Or try a rustic vines backdrop

A natural twist on the photo backdrop idea for a low budget rustic wedding decor DIY is to hang a large branch horizontally and then tie on long pieces of greenery or vines of ivy that reach the floor. This is sure to have your guests gabbing non-stop, plus it'll create the ultimate backdrop for those jaw-dropping photos you'll cherish forever. You know, the kind that make you famous on the family fridge!

6. Consider greenery for centerpieces

Like baby’s breath, greenery such as eucalyptus can be used to make gorgeous centerpiece decor for your tables on a budget. Combine with wood slices with candles set on top for a natural theme that’s perfect for a fall or winter wedding (and are pretty anytime of year). If you’re really watching your wallet, simply lay a trail of greenery like ferns or ivy along the middle of your reception tables.

7. Hang light bulb vases

If you're itching to turn a bunch of burnt-out bulbs into trendy hanging vases, you're looking at possibly the quickest craft project in history—30 minutes, tops. Not only is it easy-peasy, but you also get to tickle your eco-fancy by recycling old light bulbs that have given up the ghost. And, if your garage is a treasure trove of "I might need this someday" items, congratulations! You've just hit the DIY jackpot with an affordable project cost. 

The first step is to empty the inside of each bulb by carefully removing the filament and wires from the inside of the bulb…without breaking or cracking the glass bulb. The trickiest step in the project is emptying the bulbs. Use caution, and possibly safety gloves and eye protection, to cut the inside of the bulb a little with a scalpel and then use pliers to take out all the parts. Decide the length you’d like your vase to hang down and cut a length of string or ribbon double that size. Using the hot glue gun, glue the ends of the string or ribbon on opposite sides of the metal bulb base and allow to dry. This will be what you hang the bulb from. Then use more hot glue and string or ribbon to fully wrap the metal bulb base, which will cover up the hanging string or ribbon and further secure the hanging mechanism into place. Now it’s time for the fun–filling them. Just add a splash of water, pop in your plant and hang. Voilà!

easy wedding crafts
8. DIY whimsical hoop wreaths

These are so easy and so pretty. Just grab some embroidery hoops from the craft store for your base, then use floral wire to attach the greenery and hang from the ceiling or adorn the wall.

9. Think beyond the basic bar

If you’re having a casual wedding and DIYing the drinks too, have some fun with it. Serve canned and bottled beverages out of planters, an old canoe or wheel barrows.

10. Make use of inexpensive lights

Use string lights or fairy lights to create a canopy or add additional ambiance in your space— whether it's indoors or outdoors.

Your Dream Wedding Album
The Best Way to Save Memories
Your Dream Wedding Album
11. Go for a thrifted mug favor wall

Struggling to figure out a budget-friendly but creative party favor that also doubles as conversation-starting decor? Hit thrift stores for funny mugs and then hang them on a peg wall at your reception for guests to choose one as their favor. It looks cool and is a unique take-home people will definitely remember.

Wallet-friendly wedding decor doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. All these ideas will result in beautiful decorations that’ll make you smile every time you open up your wedding photo book. Now that you’re armed with loads of ideas for chic yet affordable wedding adornments, it’s time to embrace the charm of antique finds and dive into some DIY ventures to pull off your dream wedding aesthetic without sending your finances into a tailspin.

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