Real Moms, Real Hacks

107 Parent-Tested Tips and Tricks to Save You Time, Money and Sanity

Every mom has her own favorite shortcuts, creative ideas, and workarounds that make the job of a parent a little more manageable. With 7 kids of her own, Vanessa Quigley has come up with plenty of ways to “hack” her mom life, and now they’re all organized into this helpful little book! Featuring 107 tips and tricks from from dozens of celebrities and real moms—from optimizing time in the kitchen to brilliant sleepy time solutions—this book has something for every parent.
Real Moms, Real Hacks | 107 Parent-Tested Tips and Tricks to Save You Time, Money and Sanity

Praise for the Book

Reading “Real Moms, Real Hacks” makes me feel like I’m going out to lunch with my girlfriends every time I pick it up! The tidbits of advice I can read in a few minutes, give me the energy and ideas I need to be a great mom.

– Kelli Brown

A concise, breezy read that every parent can find useful. Packed with innovative ideas I hadn’t thought of myself!

– Shelly Norton

Such a helpful little book. I enjoyed flipping through it and will keep it on hand when I need inspiration for saving my own sanity.

– Katie Irion

Since having kids, I’ve rarely had more than 2 minutes to myself. Thankfully, this book is so easy to read that 2 minutes is all I need to flip through a few pages and learn something helpful!

– Erin Bentz

Real Moms, Real Hacks is full of advice for parents with kids of all ages, from babies to teens. Since it’s a light read and a small book, it’s a no-brainer to throw it in your bag and read it when you’re waiting to pick kids up from school.

– Chelsea Prince

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Meet Vanessa!


About the Author Vanessa Quigley is a mom, wife, trained opera singer, and co-founder of Chatbooks. The affordable, automatic and simple photo books made by Chatbooks were Vanessa’s brain child after realizing her youngest son didn’t have his own childhood scrapbook. Prior to Chatbooks, Vanessa relished her role as Mom-in-Chief, managing the wonderful chaos of her family of 7 kids. That experience helped her write Real Moms, Real Hacks: 107 Parent-Tested Tips and Tricks to Save You Time, Money and Sanity, a collection of her favorite parenting shortcuts and mindsets. Vanessa has a degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from Brigham Young University. She enjoys the theater, being in the mountains with her family, and finding the humor in life–especially important while raising a growing family!

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