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From “class clown” to “most likely to succeed,” there are quite a few high school and college superlatives that your seniors may have used in their school yearbooks. But you know your kids best, and there may be some other funny superlatives that suit your senior — so why stop there? Why not find the best superlatives for everyone in your family…

While the kids may want to take advantage of the opportunity to make a personalized Yearbook with their friends (they can include the best senior quotes in it!), here’s a funny idea: Take your favorite photos from the year and build a family Yearbook. On the Chatbooks app, you can easily add your favorite photos to a photo book with custom, creative superlatives as captions or text pages. From mom and dad to grandparents and pets, there are plenty of funny superlatives on this list to go around! Try some of these creative Yearbook superlatives for the funniest photo book of 2023…

Yearbook Superlatives for the Kids

Class Clown

Most Likely to Become a Superhero

Life of the Party

Most Athletic

Best Laugh

Most Likely to Sleep Through an Earthquake

Best Dancer

Most Gullible

Best at Trying New Foods

Most Likely to be President

Best Toy Sharer

Most Likely to Catch the Tooth Fairy

Yearbook Superlatives for Dad

Best Jokester

Biggest Flirt

Least Coordinated

Most Likely to Drop Their Phone in the Toilet

Best Hugs

Most Likely to Yell on the Sidelines

Biggest Prankster

Most Likely to Believe They Can Fix It Themselves

Yearbook Superlatives for Mom

Best Hair

Most likely to succeed

Best Car

Beauty and Brains

Most Likely to Ask For Coffee

Best Driver

Most Affectionate

Biggest Plant Lover

Yearbook Superlatives for Grandparents

Cutest Couple

Most Changed

Best Stories

Best Advice

Most Likely to Have Candy in Their Pocket

Most Generous

Most Likely to Talk Your Ear Off

Best Listener

Most Likely to Get Married First

Yearbook Superlatives for Pets

Best All-Around

Most Unforgettable

Best Celebrity Look-Alike

Best Paws

Most Liked by Parents

Worst Smelling

Most Likely to Need a Haircut

Biggest Drama Queen/King

Most Likely to Not Pass Obedience School

Cutest Nose

Most Likely to Go Viral

Loses the Most Hair

Yearbook Superlatives for Anyone

Most Unique

Best Eyes

Most Likely to Break a World Record

Best Dressed

Most Likely to Cry While Watching TV/Movie

Best Smile

Most Likely to Fall Asleep During a Movie

Best Bromance

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

Best Friendship

Most Likely to Become a Pro Athlete

Most Opinionated

Most Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Biggest Gossip/Tea-Spiller

Most Likely to Become a Comedian

Best Attitude

Best Hopscotcher

Most Spirited

Most Likely to be Late

Biggest Procrastinator

Most Likely to Become an Influencer

Best Vacation Buddy

Most Likely to Have Their Own TV Show

Best Trip Planner

Most Likely to be Abducted by Aliens

Humblest Winner

Best Swimmer

Most Likely to Be a Film Extra

Sorest Loser

Best Jumproper

Most Forgetful

Most Likely to Give Coupons as a Gift

Best Reader

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire

Biggest Dimples

Most Likely to Travel the World

Best Artist

Most Likely to Come Home Dirty After a Day at the Park

Best at Listening to Directions

Most Likely to Order Takeout

Best Memory

Most Likely to Get Out of Trouble

Best Hide-and-Seeker

Most Likely to Get Lost

Best at Video Games

Most Likely to Make a New Friend

Best at Sleeping Anywhere

Most Likely to Join the Circus

Most Likely to Save the Planet

Best at Remembering to Walk the Dog

Spends the Most Time in the Bathroom

Best at Remembering to Say “I Love You”


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