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Letters to Santa: Here’s How to Nurture Creativity and the Belief in the Magic

Keep the magic of the holidays alive for your littles!

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Remember the absolute magic the holidays held when you were a kid? Remember circling all of the toys you wanted in a catalog to send to Santa? While catalogs are a little dated these days — since Santa probably has email now — the magic for kids everywhere is still the same. From twinkling lights and hot cocoa, to the presents wrapped under the tree, this time of the year is just like one big warm hug! 

It’s an extra special time for your kiddos as you’re creating core memories for them and helping them keep their little imaginations absolutely buzzing. The man with the bag, aka Santa Claus, can actually serve as a great tool to keep your child’s creativity and imagination growing. Get ready to learn how to help your kid create letters to Santa and help nurture their creativity this holiday season!

Consider putting your own creativity to the test this holiday season by creating a photo book sent straight from the North Pole (and your phone’s camera roll) to keep the Santa Claus magic alive. 

Some ideas to make a merry and bright photo book include:

  • Naughty or Nice: Include your favorite memories with your little ones having a blast and add in a text page of Santa acknowledging they’ve made the nice list this year
  • Letters to your kids from Santa: Create a few handwritten letters, or use a fun font to print out and write some letters from Santa’s POV about your kids. If you have any photos of your kids with Santa from years past, add them in! Use collages and captions to recall that memory. They’ll have much to chat about when they write letters to Santa!
  • Santa watches all year: Sign up for a monthly photo book journal to document your everyday magic from throughout the year. Add a note from Santa on each one to remind your kiddos that he’s always watching. You can also opt for the mini version of these monthly photo books that are 100% toddler-friendly
Santaaaaa! I know him!

If you want to help your little ones get to know Santa too, help them write their very own letters to Saint Nick! Start out with the basics like having your child write their name, age, and town. This is also a great opportunity to teach them how to address an envelope, which will be important to know as they get older.

Here are some things you can include on your Santa letter template:

  • Name
  • Are they on the nice list?
  • Something they are grateful for
  • A question for Santa
  • Three things they really want for Christmas this year
  • A blank spot for your child to write a personalized message

A letter to Santa holds a special place in the heart of every child. It's a chance to communicate directly with the jolly man from the North Pole. The anticipation of writing a letter to Kris Kringle builds a sense of excitement and wonder. Children often take great care in crafting their letters, and the process is so heartwarming and adorable. Make writing a “Dear Santa” letter a yearly sit-down tradition for your family.

Writing letters to Santa help nurture creativity and the belief in Santa Claus Magic. The process of writing a letter to Santa is relatively simple. Here's a step-by-step guide to help your child get started:

  • Gather supplies: Provide your child with colorful pens, markers, or crayons, as well as the Santa letter template
  • Start with a greeting: Instruct your child to begin with a cheerful greeting, such as "Dear Santa" or "Hello Santa"
  • Express gratitude: Encourage them to thank Santa for the gifts they received last year
  • Share their wishlist: Have your child list the gifts they hope to receive. This is where creativity shines as they describe their wishes in detail in their Christmas letter to Santa
  • Add a personal touch: Encourage them to write a personal message to Santa. They can share what they've been up to during the year, any good deeds they've done, and their excitement for the holiday season
  • Close with warm regards: Finish the letter with a warm closing, such as "Love" or "Yours truly," followed by the child's name
Santa Letter Examples:

Here are a couple of dear Santa letter examples your kids can tailor their own letters using.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the wonderful presents last year. I hope you're doing well at the North Pole. This year, I would really love a shiny red bicycle with a big bell. I promise to be good and share it with my little brother. I love to write to Santa and I can't wait for Christmas to arrive!

Love, Emma

Hello Santa,

I've been working hard in school and helping my mom around the house. You are the best! This Christmas, I'd be so happy if I could have a fluffy teddy bear and some coloring books. I can't wait to see your reindeer and sleigh in the sky on Christmas Eve.

Yours truly, Jacob

The Joy of Mailing Letters to Santa:

Once their letter to Santa is complete, it's time to send it off to the North Pole. Children eagerly wait for the day when they can drop their Santa Claus letter into the mailbox. Some families even make it a special outing, heading to the post office together to send their letters on their way. Writing letters to Santa is an easy way to nurture your childs’ creativity and keeps the belief in Santa Claus Magic alive.

Santa's Response

The magic of writing letters to Santa continues after sending them. Many postal services, organizations, and even Santa himself have programs in place to respond to these letters. Children receive a personalized letter from Santa Claus, expressing his joy in reading their dear Santa letters. Pro tip: Create a photo book and tell your kids it was delivered straight from the North Pole and watch their little faces light up like a Christmas tree. The delight and wonder on a child's face when they receive a response from Santa is maybe the sweetest thing ever. By helping your kids write letters to Santa, you’re also teaching creativity too. Happy holidays!

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