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Why a Photo Book Subscription Makes the Best Gift for Grandparents

Looking for the perfect Grandparent’s Day gift?

photo book subscription

Despite the age gap, grandparents and grandchildren often share an incredibly strong bond. Maybe it's because grandparents are entering a sort of second childhood at this more relaxed stage of life. They have plenty of time to reminisce about the good old days and sprinkle some wisdom (and sweets) into their grandkids' lives. It’s a perfect mix of relaxed vibes and unconditional love that makes this relationship so special. Plus, who else is going to spoil the kids with endless treats and let them stay up past bedtime?

Ideal for Long Distance Updates

A month of life can fly by! Kids lose their first teeth, spontaneously give themselves bangs with crafting scissors (oops!) and teach the family dog new tricks in the backyard. These goofy yet precious moments are the stuff of life. And when you're miles away from grandparents, just catching up over the phone isn't enough. Make sure they don’t miss out on even the smallest moments with a Monthbooks Softcover subscription. You can add 60 pages of your kids’ everyday magic! It’s basically like giving them a magazine subscription of their grandkids’ lives so they can stay up to date even if they live in another country.

Great for Grandparents Around the Corner

Even if grandma and grandpa live nearby, a photo book is still the perfect gift to bring generations together. Not only will they enjoy looking at the pictures themselves, enjoying their photo books with their grandkids will help deepen their connection, through shared laughs and stories. In fact, research shows printed photos help families connect three times better than digital photos. When looking at printed photos, 88% feel closer to each other and 86% appreciate each other more. Bonus: It helps cut down on screen time, too! A Monthbooks Softcover subscription is perfect for sharing seasonal updates at a wallet-friendly price!

Top Pick for Families with Toddlers

Kiddos grow up so fast (and do the cutest stuff) when they’re in the toddler stage so you’ll probably want to gift grandparents a monthly subscription. A Monthly Minis subscription is the perfect pick for your budget, and for grandparents to receive a beautiful new photo book filled with memories every single month. By the way, did you know research shows when kids look at photos of themselves, it can actually help boost their self esteem? Yep! With the Chatbooks Toddler Guarantee, there is NO need to worry if a page gets ripped when your kids want to look at the books with gran and gramps. Chatbooks will replace it for free.

Best Budget-Friendly Option

If you’re looking for a photo book subscription option to gift to the grandparents, there are plenty that work with even the tightest budgets. Check out a 3-month subscription to Monthly Minis for the most affordable—and cutest!—monthly option.

New Grandbaby? You Need This One!

There’s really not much more special than the first year of a baby’s life. They are just so darn cute. And wow, they change so quickly! That’s why a monthly Monthbooks Hardcover subscription is a great gift for grandparents who want to savor every second of their precious new little grandbaby. Go for the hardcover option for gorgeous, premium-looking photo books—totally worth the splurge for grandparents to have a year’s worth of memories they’ll keep, and cherish, forever.

Perfect for Big, Growing Families

Busy families looking for an in-between option should consider gifting a bi-monthly Monthbooks Softcover subscription to grandparents. Photo books every other month could be the sweet spot if sending one every month feels like too much, or you’re looking to spend slightly less but still want to send books more often than seasonally.

All the Photo Book Subscription Options At a Glance

Chatbooks offers three different types of photo book subscriptions. Here’s a quick guide to all the options so you can pick the best one for your family—and the grandparents in your life!

Hardcover Monthbooks
Hardcover Monthbooks

5x7” photo books with 30 double-sided pages (up to 60 photos per book)

Why it’s right for you: You want to build a photo book collection that's elevated without feeling overly precious. Bonus: The rectangular dimensions of these photo books = you don’t need to crop all your pics.

Softcover Monthbooks
Softcover Monthbooks

5x7” photo books with 30 double-sided pages (up to 60 images per book)

Why it’s right for you: You don’t necessarily want to post everything on Instagram, but you also don’t want your memories stuck in camera roll purgatory. You take a lot of pictures and you want to have a spot where they can live in your home. You also likely have littles at home and you love how softcover photo books really feel like a magazine subscription to your own life.

Monthly Minis
Monthly Minis

Kid-friendly, 5x5” photo books that can hold up to 30 double-sided pages (up to 60 pics per book) and feature rounded corners for little hands.

Why it’s right for you: This is Chatbooks’ most affordable subscription and a total crowd pleaser. All kids love looking at photos of themselves, teens will be thrilled to fill the pages with selfies, and grandparents never get tired of looking at pics of their sweet grandbabies.

How to Gift Grandparents a Photo Book Subscription for Grandparents Day

Here are step-by-step instructions for adding a duplicate subscription to get copies of your photo books sent to grandma and grandpa.

It starts with a book! Open the Chatbooks app and choose your subscription. Once you’re in the app, you can add photos directly from your camera roll to your Monthbook (up to 60 pages per photo book). The best part? This only takes 10 minutes!

How to Send Copies

Gift copies of your photo books to grandparents in minutes by duplicating your subscription. 

Head to the “My Books” tab in the app, select “My Subscription,” and tap the settings icon at the top right. Tap “Add Duplicate Subscription” and add in their information. Now, you’ll always have something to chat about on those catch-up phone calls.

If you’re looking to send a one-time copy of a Monthbook or a Classic Photo Book, it’s just as easy. 

All you have to do is follow this video:


Here’s how to duplicate your fave photo books! Hint: it makes a great 🎁! #memories #photos #family #familyphotos

♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim
Add Grandma and Grandpa as Contributors to Your Photo Books

By the way, did you know you can also add contributors to your account? Yep! It’s easy to let gran and gramps add their own pics to the mix. Simply head to the “My Books” tab in the app, select “My Subscription,” and tap the settings icon at the top right. Tap “Add Contributors” and add them from your phone’s contacts or send them an invite link. After all, more camera rolls are always better!

As you can see… It doesn’t take much time or money to share priceless family memories with the amazing grandparents in your life for Grandparent’s Day. Not only is it a fun mail day when they receive your photo book gift, but it’ll quickly become their favorite gift ever as they enjoy these magical books over and over again (and use them to show off their adorable grandbabies to anyone and everyone. Hello, brag book!)

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