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17 Creative and Cheap Easter Photo Ideas for Infants

Is there anything cuter than a baby in bunny ears? Probably not.
on March 09, 2022

If your kid screams at the sight of the mall Easter bunny and you've realized your only option for cute Easter photos is at home — you're not alone. Every year, parents turn to at-home photo shoots for the perfect snapshot. Before you fill up your plastic Easter eggs with toys for your baskets, use them in a DIY shoot or two! And if you're still trying to figure out the best Easter props and poses for your little ones, here are a few simple ideas for capturing your infant this Easter season...

  1. Eggs and a Basket
    You really can’t beat a baby with a basket full of eggs. Whether they are plastic or hand-dyed, fill that basket right up to the brim and scatter the excess around your baby. 
  2. Baby in an Easter basket
    Plop your little one into a big basket for some extra fun and a few action shots. If you’re using plastic eggs, have them crawl around the basket, play in the basket, tip it over, and crawl away from it. These action shots will also allow you to see more of your little’s personality in the pictures. 
  3. Playing with Easter Eggs
    For an extra grin, give your little an egg or two to play with. No need to worry about a backdrop. Plus, everyone loves to see a chubby little baby hand clinging onto a bright Easter egg.
  4. Every Bunny Needs a Bunny
    Playing a little dress up might be the key to any successful photoshoot. Throw on some bunny ears and a fluffy tail for a quick and easy photo op. No matter the backdrop, this cute little bunny will be the star of the show. 
  5. Stuffed Animal Bunny
    If bunny dress up isn’t super feasible, you can opt for a bunny stuffed animal for baby to snuggle and play with. Just as seasonal, a lot less work.
  6. Munching on a Carrot 
    Pick up some carrots from a local farm stand and let that baby munch away. These candid shots will definitely make it into your photo album this season. You can even leave a few extra carrots scattered around your baby.
  7. Easter Egg Hunt
    Spend some time out in the yard with eggs scattered around and get some shots of your baby searching for the eggs. If weather doesn’t permit, you could make a simple backdrop inside with a solid colored sheet and have your little bunny play around. 
  8. Pastel Outfits
    Celebrating Easter also means celebrating that spring has officially begun. Welcome in this new season with fresh flowers and pastel colors. Add some spring flair to your portraits! Pale pinks, yellows, and blues will pop with budding trees and green grass in the background.
  9. Calling all Siblings!
    There’s no reason not to include a brother or sister in these fun photo ops. Find similar pastel outfits and add an extra Easter basket or two. 
  10. Fresh Flowers
    If you don’t have flowers growing in your yard yet, pick some up with your next grocery haul and add them to a simple at-home backdrop. Gather them in small bunches and scatter them around a sleeping baby (you can even toss in a few dyed eggs).
  11. Seasonal Wreaths
    Use some of your seasonal wreaths to wrap your little up in. You can set them right inside of a wreath or hang it up behind them if you set up an at-home studio with a simple sheet.
  12. Easter Garland
    Who doesn’t love a garland with some easter eggs and carrots dangling off of it? String the garland all around your sleeping or sitting baby for a fun, simple photo op.
  13. Artsy Baby
    Get a little more creative and lay your little one on a long strip of brown craft paper with some rainbow crayons and scattered eggs. Catch them in action as they draw on the craft paper. You can also prompt them with our
    rainbow coloring book page.
  14. Bunny Butt
    Tape a cotton ball tail onto your baby's diaper and show them crawling away from you in the grass for a low-maintenance but totally adorable rabbit photo.
  15. Ball Pit Baby
    Got a
    mini ball pit at your house? Those colorful balls will look just like Easter eggs in a photo. Dress your little one in their Easter best and snap them playing around.
  16. Banner Baby
    Get out your best Easter banner (or make one with your family using craft paper and some markers). Hang it up and pose your family in front or lay it on the ground and take an overhead shot with your fam laying around it.
  17. Baby's Age in Eggs
    Is it baby's first Easter? Use your plastic Easter eggs to create the number of months your baby is this first Easter. Then, just dress up your baby in a cute outfit, lay them next to the egg-shaped number and snap overhead!

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