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30 One Year Anniversary Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Relationship

From romantic to budget-friendly, it doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary or your first anniversary with your boyfriend or girlfriend — here’s what you can do.

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As the incomparable Freddie Mercury once sang, there’s a “crazy little thing called love” and when you have it, you should celebrate each moment — which means going all out on your one year anniversary. Now, pulling out all the stops can mean a romantic evening at home or a heartwarming (yet affordable) evening out on the town — whatever feels right like the right thing to do for you and your partner. Whether you’re celebrating your one year anniversary with your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, we found 30 creative and sentimental first year anniversary date ideas so you’ll have plenty of options to woo your sweetheart.

And when it comes to date night, pics or it didn’t happen! Don’t forget to document your evening — and make sure to snap cute candids of your partner along with some couple selfies. Make your romantic celebrations an ongoing event. Plan a date every month and print the photos in your Monthbooks, that way they’ll never get lost in your camera roll and you have a sweet and sentimental reminder of you and your partner delivered every month. Every couple deserves to show off their favorite photos! 

1 Year Anniversary Date Ideas
First Date

Go back to the place where it all began, or recreate your first date, complete with food and drinks, and even the clothes you were both wearing — if you still have them. Toast to the day you first went out as a couple and reminisce how you were feeling about one another, and what you feel now. 

Spa Day

Celebrate your big milestones — and just how much you’ve grown as a couple — with a relaxing treatment, or day, at the spa. Try a couple’s massage or hang out in the steam room together, whatever you prefer. Just make sure to take time to relax and reflect on you and your partner. (Hint: Book a surprise treatment for the both of you!)


Whether you rent an Airbnb, VRBO or stay at a bed and breakfast — it doesn’t have to be far away or particularly expensive. Maybe the property has a fun amenity like a sauna or a pool with a waterslide, or is decked out like a favorite TV show or movie (this is your time to book that Hobbit House Airbnb inspired by their favorite Lord of the Rings series).


What’s more romantic than putting thought, time and care into turning your home into a romantic oasis? Think flowers, candles and favorite home-cooked meals, or do something silly like rent a bounce house. Whether you’re spending the weekend celebrating your relationship or taking off a day, all that matters is doing something together.

Botanical Garden

Set the mood with a romantic stroll through lush gardens — which also makes for the perfect spot to snap anniversary pictures with your honey! If you’re allowed to have lunch on the premises, this is a great excuse to lay out a picnic blanket and get cozy with nature.


At a local park, pond or river, pack a picnic basket with your favorites (or surprise your significant other with their favorites), some games, a bluetooth speaker and even pictures from throughout your relationship to reminisce. Think about where you were a year ago and savor your celebratory picnic! 


Spend the day sipping on different bouquets of wine and testing your inner sommelier with your partner. Even better? If your winery offers a charcuterie board to pair with your tasting. If beer is more down your alley, try a brewery! Don’t forget to bring some snacks and games, or your pup if they’re allowed.

Drive-In Movie

Yes, drive-in movies still exist — and way more romantic than in Grease. Find the closest theater to you and bring lawn chairs or comfortable pillows and blankets to lounge in your car. Grab snacks while you’re there (if offered), or bring your SO’s favorite movie theater snacks to munch on. Bonus points if the movie they’re playing is one of their favorites! 


Does anything scream romance more than sitting under the stars? Whether you’re near a scenic area that’s perfect for stargazing (make sure to brush up on your constellations so you can point them out) or you’re planning a trip to a nearby planetarium, woo your partner with a romantic evening under the stars.

Stand Up

They say laughter is the best medicine, and a comedy show is a great way to bookend a picture perfect day. Whether you celebrate with tickets to your favorite comedian or hit an open mic for some stand up routines, grab some food and drinks and make a toast to an amazing year with your love — then laugh it up!


If you’re not big into camping, which is also a great option (say you prefer to spend your evening with indoor plumbing and air conditioning), find a local cabin or rental property on a lake or in the woods and disconnect from the world. Bring games and books, hit the hiking trails and spend an afternoon paddling around in a kayak. Do something a little out of the box and make new memories with your partner. Remember: If you fall out of the kayak, it’ll just be a great story for down the road! 

Wedding Venue

If you’re married, visit the place where you said your vows or held your reception. Grab a drink or dinner, if you can, and look at photos from your wedding day. If you’re engaged, visit your future venue to talk about the exciting day you have planned ahead! 

Road Trip

Are you a couple that loves to travel? Whether you hop in your car or rent a camper, your first anniversary is a great time to spend some time with your partner and create memories together — and visiting all those destinations on your bucket list. 

Cooking Class

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach, and if that’s true for you and your partner — or both of you — then a cooking class is the perfect way to celebrate (and spice up) your 1 year anniversary! Or, if you’ve got a real sweet tooth, try a baking course.


If you’re a pair of morning owls, start your anniversary by getting up to watch the sunrise. Cuddle up with a blanket and some drinks and watch the sun’s light peek over the horizon — bonus points if you’re at the beach or the top of a mountain (maybe camp there the night before). Though home sweet home, followed by breakfast in bed, is always a great option, too. 


Ever tried a dancing class? There’s nothing quite like trying something new with your partner, especially the body language of love — whether it’s classical, salsa or even line dancing. And if you still have your suit and dress from your wedding, or a special number that makes you feel dressed to the nines, why not wear it?! 

Private Chef

It doesn’t matter if your partner praises your cooking skills, how romantic is it to have a meal prepared by your own personal chef? Whether you choose one of your chef’s best dishes or choose a favorite of your partner’s, this 1 year anniversary date idea will blow them out of the water.

See a Show

Check to see which artists are touring near you, or search for a nearby symphony, orchestra, or theater show for a fun night out on the town. Surprise your partner with a genre or artist they love, or go for something completely new for you both — maybe your anniversary is the perfect time to finally see a magic show! 

Mixology Class

Learn how to make delicious cocktails that’ll woo your partner from professional bartenders and mixologists. Find an in-person or online class that suits your anniversary plans and learn how to shake and stir like a pro. Use this opportunity to finesse your signature drink skills, that way you always have a special drink with your significant other.

Dinner Cruise

If you don’t live too far from a body of water, a dinner or sunset cruise could be the perfect way to end your anniversary. There’s something about the ocean spray and a cold drink in hand that feels so celebratory — which is exactly what you deserve on your big day! 

Theme Park

From funnel cakes to coaster rides, theme parks are jam packed with tons of food, fun and thrills. Whether you’re hitting a local park like Lagoon or Six Flags, or headed to a big park, like Disney World, it’s never a bad idea to surprise your partner with matching apparel. Who doesn’t love a fanny pack?

Sports Game

For the couple that are big sports fans, there’s only one way to spend your anniversary: in a stadium. If your sport of choice is in season, make sure to get tickets early and splurge for a sweet or savory treat while you’re there. It’s your anniversary, don’t split the fries — you each get your own! 

Street Fair

Food, fashion and farmer’s markets, oh my! A street fair can be filled with delicious (and surprising) booths. Get your face painted (who cares if you’re an adult?!), try that piece of apple pie, splurge on that scarf and say yes to things you wouldn’t normally — it’s your anniversary, enjoy it! 

Restaurant Week

If your anniversary coincides with a local restaurant week, you’re in luck — this is your opportunity to celebrate all week! Try a different restaurant every night, or pick one night to try the whole tasting menu. Restaurant week is an opportunity for shops to show off their best, which works out super well for the lovebirds.


You’ve seen it on television and in movies, why not try it IRL? And if you and your partner don’t know how to skate, you’ll have to hold onto each other all night as you become master rollerbladers. If there’s a claw machine at the rink, it doesn’t hurt to win your SO a stuffed animal, either.

Trivia Night

Instead of finding a trivia night for your anniversary, invite your friends and family over and have them answer fun questions about your relationship. Where did you first meet? Who said “I love you” first? To add some fun, offer small prizes like candy or treats from the dollar store.

Art Class

If you’re trying to think creative when it comes to anniversary date night ideas, you’re already in the right place. There are plenty of art classes and types to choose from, opt for a pottery class, find a local paint and sip course or buy some paint, canvas and easels and turn on a Bob Ross YouTube video for a romantic paint night with your partner.


Known as the perfect date spot in every television show and movie, a carnival can be a ton of fun! Share a kiss at the top of the ferris wheel, play games to win each other prizes and share a piece of cotton candy as you wait in line for bumper cars. You can’t go wrong with a date night at a nearby carnival! 

Game Night

There’s plenty of fun to be had from the comfort of your own home! Break out Twister and old favorites like Clue and Monopoly, or make a few changes to a game for added fun. For instance, turn two old pizza boxes into a personal game of Battleship. Draw the grid and add funny snacks (and even ones you don’t like) to the board. When your partner calls out that cell number, you’ll have to eat or drink what’s in that space on the grid! 

Make a Movie

Whether you make a slideshow full of pictures of your relationship, watch videos of yourselves and your friends and family talking about your relationship, or even if you make a silly, goofy music video together — snuggling up together on the couch and watching a personalized video dedicated to your relationship is so sweet. Bonus points if you have a projector and make an outdoor movie night out of it! 

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