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18 Unique Wedding Favors That Guests Will Love

If you want to gift your guests something special that won't make its way into the donation pile, read on for trending wedding favor ideas!

unique wedding favors

Ok, so you’ve figured out your wedding timeline, your dress, decor, photographer and even came up with the perfect wedding hashtag. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the favors! 

A Photo Book of Your Favorite Love Proverbs and Poems
A Photo Book of Your Favorite Love Proverbs and Poems

If you’re an avid reader and adore poetry, gifting guests a Classic Photo Book filled with your favorite proverbs and poems about love can be a fun way to share this fondness for words—and celebrate your union at the same time! Simply mix in photos of family and friends who will be attending the wedding to create a beautiful coffee table book that they’ll treasure.

Thrifted Items

Choose an everyday item category—such as mugs, vases or picture frames—and start thrifting! The idea is to find as many different unique versions as possible, then display them at your reception venue with a clever sign that instructs guests to pick one to take home as their wedding souvenir. 

For example, at one wedding, the newlywed couple hung thrifted mugs from a giant pegboard with a sign that said “Choose a mug, it’s a gift for you. Keep it full and have fun, too!” Not only is this idea earth-friendly, wallet-friendly and doubles as decor, it’ll also be really fun to have friends and family tell you that they drink coffee out of it all the time.

Hobby-Inspired Photo Book
Hobby-Inspired Photo Book

Are you an avid bird watcher or gardener? Or maybe you’ve gotten into drawing or watercolor painting. Share your quirky interests and knowledge with guests by creating a Classic Photo Book with those beautiful photos of birds you’ve taken, annotated with information about what species it is, where it was spotted, etc. Same idea with flowers and plants. For the artists out there, simply snap shots of your artwork to upload with the Chatbooks app for your book. Voilà! A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wedding gift.

Your Very Own Whiskey Blend

Did you know some distilleries will allow you to pick a spirit, purchase the entire barrel and then age it for you? (Depending on the product, aging times can vary from 6 months to 5+ years). Typically, this includes getting to taste it halfway through the course of maturation and bottling, so you can send all your guests home with their own bottle of your custom whiskey to commemorate your vows. If you’re in a hurry, there’s usually an option for you to pick an already matured barrel, as well.

Seedling Trees

Present your wedding guests with a touching symbol of the enduring love they're celebrating on your big day by gifting seedling trees they can plant at home. Some common options are pine, oak and olive. The pine tree is emblematic of wisdom and longevity, oak communicates strength and endurance, and olive embodies peace and friendship—all foundational elements for any lasting union. No matter what type you choose, they look adorable in mini burlap sacks and with a tag that says “Let Love Grow.” Bonus: you can group them on each table as centerpieces, too!

A Classic “Friends & Family” Photo Book
A Classic “Friends & Family” Photo Book

Keep it simply chic by putting together custom photo books of you with the friends and family who will be attending to make everyone feel included and appreciated. And be sure to check out Chatbooks stunning designer covers to add a professional touch—no design skills required!

A Local Ingredient or Specialty

Why not give your wedding favors a local twist? If you’re hosting a destination wedding, let the locale inspire your gifts. It’s a fun way to say, "Thanks for traveling, here’s a souvenir you can eat!" Here are some ideas with accompanying note ideas:

Mini jars of olive oil for a European extravaganza

  • Note: “Infused with love” or “Olive me loves olive you”
  • Hot sauce at a southwestern affair

Note: “Love is the spice of life” or “Thank you for spicing up our special day”

  • Fresh citrus at your Florida fiesta
  • Note: “Orange you glad you joined us to celebrate?”

Philly pretzels for your PA party

  • Note: “Thanks for helping us tie the knot”

Locally sourced honey for your organic, outdoor rustic chic event

  • Note: “Love is sweet”
Create Wall Tiles of Your Guests
Create Wall Tiles of Your Guests

Select photos of each of your guests and have Canvas Wall Tiles made for them to take home and hang as art (thanks to the peel-and-stick backing, it couldn’t be quicker or easier!). With 10x10” and 8x10” size options, you also get free shipping when you order 4 or more and the 100% Love Chatbooks guarantee. Such a thoughtful and unique wedding favor!

Your Favorite Coffee or Tea

Coffee or tea-lover? Package up the “perfect blend” of coffee or tea in gift bags to show your appreciation. Everyone loves an extra dose of (delicious) energy.

Gift a Subscription
Gift a Subscription

Help your beloved friends and family get their photos off their phone by gifting a 3 month subscription to Chatbooks’ most popular product—Monthbooks—which allows them to print a new 60-page photo book filled with magical moments. Print the code for each guest on a small card and package in a mini box with a bow for a charming “present”-ation.

Personalized Lip Balm

Simply buy balm in bulk and print fun stick-on labels with your wedding details. Quick, easy and inexpensive!

Homemade Cookies (or fortune cookies)

Looking for a super-budget-friendly idea? You can never go wrong with a homemade treat! Baking off batches of your favorite cookies can be such a sweet tribute to the couples’ unique style. Set up a cookie bar with brown paper bags for guests to choose their own or package up one for each guest in clear plastic, tied with a cute note. Another idea is having custom fortune cookies made with messages hidden inside for a fun and personalized touch that's sure to charm your guests—without costing a fortune (get it?).

Mini Succulents

A tray of mini succulents' in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures can make a gorgeous display—and they make unique wedding favors that symbolize spreading love and positive energy.


Having a beach wedding? Gifting sunglasses to guests can be a unique and practical idea! You can even shoot a video of the popular social media trend where guests all wear the same pair of glasses.

A Recipe Photo Book
A Recipe Photo Book

Create a romantic and personalized wedding favor by crafting a Recipe Photo Book that celebrates your journey as a couple, centered around moments shared at the dining table. Include cherished photographs of you both enjoying meals together, as well as with family and friends who will be attending the wedding—from quiet breakfasts to lively holiday dinners. Pair each image with a scanned recipe card of the dish featured, turning this photo book into a unique culinary diary of your relationship. This thoughtful gift not only commemorates the love and meals you've shared but also offers guests a taste of your life together, making it a deeply meaningful memento of your wedding day.

Throw Blankets

Get literal about “to have and to hold” and gift throw blankets, which are the ultimate wedding favor for outdoor or winter weddings—like giving your guests a warm hug they can actually wear! Just roll them up and plop them on the ceremony chairs.

Post-Event Photos
Post-Event Photos

Gift guests a Chatbooks Gift Card with a note encouraging them to use it for celebration photos so the magic of your big day can live on in their homes, either in a Classic Photo Book or new subscription. Package in kraft pillow boxes with small ribbons for a pretty touch.

Personalized Matches

Add a spark—literally—to your party with matchbox wedding favors adorned with your names and wedding date. Every time your guests light a candle or fire at home, they’ll remember your special day!

Whether you opt for scrumptious snacks or meaningful, custom-made wedding favors, there’s something here for every couple that’ll delight guests and ensure the enchantment of this important event endures.

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