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Preserve Your Memories with These Unique Photo Time Capsule Ideas

Hold on to what matters.

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Fact: 90% of parenting is just thinking about when you can lie down again. Why? Because there’s never enough time! Not enough time to sleep, eat, wrangle the kids, or hide in the bathroom to scroll Instagram. That’s why it’s so important to hold on to what matters.

This year, gather up your family to make a time capsule and freeze one moment that you can all time travel back to! Traditionally, a time capsule is a container storing a selection of objects, buried for discovery in the future. You can include letters, receipts or photos in your time capsule to help you remember a moment in time. Since your entire life is on your phone, you can also make a Chatbooks photo book with photos straight from your camera roll or Instagram account, and add the book to your buried treasure! If you don’t feel like breaking out the shovels, opt for a time capsule that you keep in the attic. For example: Order a Chatbook, but don’t open it until 10 years go by! 

Here are a few genius ways to incorporate photo books into your time capsule...

Make a Year-in-Review photo book

When our co-founder Vanessa Quigley saw how much her youngest son loved his preschool “year-in-review” book full of photos, the idea for Chatbooks was born. Kids love to look back at their year and know that it was filled with some amazing memories, so create a Chatbook photo book for your yearly album. Not only that, but a photo book of the year serves as a great time capsule. Find photos of your family doing fun activities, sharing laughs and even the simple in-between moments to make for an awesome time capsule that will last a lifetime.

Bury a Monthly Mini

If you and your family are planning on burying a time capsule that you won’t open for many years to come, consider sticking one of your Monthly Minis into the box. This is a great way to use your subscription and it will be a treasure to pull out and flip through the pages in the future.

Get the extended fam in on it

Add your aunt, sister, son and neighbor as contributors to a mega family photo book that catalogues your loved ones’ lives, whether they live near or far. Then, everyone gets to contribute a little piece of their year into the family time capsule album.

Photograph your favorite memorabilia

Are you that person who saves so many concert tickets, playbills, souvenirs and notes that people call you a hoarder? There is nothing wrong with being nostalgic! A great way to save some of those memories is to scan or take pictures of them, and upload all your memorabilia into a photo book. Leave some blank pages so that you can write down some of your favorite experiences with each memorable token.

Include screenshots of your conversations

This unique approach to a time capsule is to crowdsource certain moments and experiences from your friends. Text your friends and ask them all to send a note to you about their feelings towards a certain event or memory. For example, ask everyone in your extended family about their favorite moment with grandma or grandpa. Then, screenshot those answers, stick some pictures in next to their names, and create a time capsule book that people can read over and over again.

Freeze a day in time

Take a picture every hour of one day and then put them all into a photobook or make them into photo prints. These snapshots of everyday moments will help you and the kids remember the little moments that are magical, yet so forgettable. Add your day-in-time photo book or prints to your time capsule!

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