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6 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Budgeting doesn't compromise the magic of your special day, it helps bring the magic of your dreams to life!

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From color-coded spreadsheets and phone alerts to check lists and post-its, wedding planning takes a lot of coordination. If you’re deep in the weeds of your wedding budget spreadsheet or worried about wedding costs, there are plenty of options when it comes to organizing a wedding on a budget. And being a “budget bride” doesn’t mean your big day won’t look or feel the way that you’ve dreamed—the day you say “I do” will be perfect and magical and worth every penny you quite literally planned down to the last cent.

When it comes to tips for saving money on your wedding day, there are a number of ways to keep costs within your budget. You can DIY wedding centerpieces or create a DIY wedding arch if those are must-have items, or keep the number of invited guests to your closest friends and family. Once you decide on your list of wedding expenses, just remember that everything you need for a wedding is right in front of you: You, your partner and the people who will celebrate your love for years to come. Print memories from your big day, surrounded by the people you love, in a wedding photo book like a super luxe Premium Layflat Photo Book. And before the big day, you can also print photos from your relationship or engagement in a Classic Photo Book to make a personalized wedding guest book.

Set the Budget, Stick to the Budget

Talk with your fiancé (and your families, if you’re including them in planning), and create a list or spreadsheet of every item you’ll need to account for, from wedding dresses and caterers to venue and reception tips. There’s a lot of costs to cover, so take your time researching what decorations, vendors and other needs your wedding celebration may have.

Figure out what categories each of your costs go into, from “must have,” “nice to have,” and an “extra expense,” or whatever categories work best for you. Writing everything down and categorizing the potential expenses will help you set and work within a realistic budget. Your dreams don’t have to break the bank!

Embrace Your Inner DIYer

Whether you’ve had a Pinterest board with your dream centerpieces and favors for years, or you’re just getting started when it comes to wedding inspo, the more time you have before the big day means more time to create your own decor. While DIY decor can be a lot of work (sometimes it’s about finding the right tutorial on TikTok or YouTube!), you can save a lot of money while still achieving the look you’d like for your special day.

From creating your own wedding sign and flower wall to arranging your bouquets and table centerpieces, there are tons of tutorials and pre-existing instructions to DIY your decor the way you’d like. (And don’t forget to check spots like Facebook Marketplace for second hand DIY decor.) DIYing also allows you the opportunity to customize your wedding with personal touches that speak to you and your partner—not to mention you can incorporate DIY nights into date nights with your soon-to-be spouse!

Photos For the Win

Looking for an affordable, personalized guest book for your wedding day? Create a Classic Photo Book with pictures throughout your relationship and leave every other page blank for your guests to write on. Alternate between blank white or blank black pages, then give your guests metallic markers to make their messages really pop.

For centerpieces, create or use existing photo books featuring pictures from throughout your relationship so while guests sit at their table, between speeches and meals, they can look through the couples’ sentimental memories, adding a super sentimental touch to your big day. They’ll make for perfect, customized decor! Or, opt to have multiple wedding guest books and ask each wedding table to add well wishes, advice and any other thoughts to the book specific to their table. This way, guests can leave messages next to their favorite photos, creating a keepsake that's as unique as your relationship.

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Show Some Pre-Love

Thrift or second hand stores are a great way to cut down on expenses! Depending on what you’re searching for, you can find pre-loved wedding dresses (or bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and bachelorette outfits), or even opt for rental outfits from stores like Rent the Runway. 

In addition from second hand stores, find a local wedding group on Facebook to join. Many brides sell decor, favors and even wedding dresses after their big day! It’s a great way to find exactly what you’re looking for at a lower-than-estimated price. If you’re worried about thrifting, remember: There’s nothing wrong with secondhand (or saving a little money and reusing items for your big day)!

Limit Your Beverages

If your reception includes any alcoholic beverages, or if you’re opting for an open bar, take a look at the packages your venue may offer and remember: You don’t have to offer every option. A few options work just great! Go for a signature drink and skip other options, or vice versa—drop the signature drink and offer two to three options. You can also forgo alcoholic drinks altogether and save room in your budget.

If your venue allows BYOB alcoholic beverages, that’s another great option to shave some costs from your budget, while still allowing your guests to indulge in whichever options they choose.

Venues with Value

The sky's the limit when it comes to the spot you’ll be celebrating your marriage. When it comes to receptions, think outside the box. You can party at spots like public parks, community centers, or other non-traditional event spaces like bookstores or museums. There are plenty of options that’ll reflect the vibe and feel you and your partner are looking for (plus the size of your guest list!), and that fall within your price tag.

While staying on budget might seem daunting, there are plenty of financially savvy ways to make your dream wedding a reality—without breaking the bank. Budget wedding planning doesn't compromise the magic of your special day, it enhances it! When it comes to tips for saving money on your wedding day, you have the power to shape a wedding that reflects your dreams and financial reality. And we love DIY wedding decor! Remember, the heart of your celebration lies in the love you’re celebrating and the memories you create. Save those moments in a timeless wedding photo book and preserve the magic of your day for years to come. You got this!

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