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14 Genius Screenshots You Never Thought To Print In Your Chatbooks

Everyday moments are captured through our phones. These screenshots are the memories you haven’t thought to save.

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Within every camera roll, you’ll find hundreds of treasured moments—and between them, lots of screenshots. Whether you’re saving a gift idea or tips to boost your mood, you know some of those photos deserve to be displayed. Save your screenshots from the camera roll graveyard by uploading them into a Chatbooks photo book. It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll never forget that time your mom posted a happy birthday message to her own Facebook page. Here are some screenshots you should consider printing...

Texts that give you all the feels

If you actually rolled on the floor laughing, your text conversation is worth remembering. Whether it’s a joke between friends, a love note from your partner, or an address from your realtor that turns into your dream home—mark the moment! 

Old social media posts

Have you ever looked at your early Facebook, Instagram, or even MySpace posts? Take a moment to appreciate the cringeworthy grammar and throwback hairstyles—not to mention your first attempt at #hashtagging with your friends.

Inspirational images

Whether it’s a quote or an image, whatever inspires you is worth seeing every day—don’t let them disappear in the camera roll black hole! Print the motivational quote that helps you wake up for morning walks or the image that keeps you hammering away at your dream DIY projects.

A day to remember

Celebrate your wins! Take a screenshot of a day you totally owned, from getting everyone to school on time and nailing that big meeting to squeezing in evening yoga and finally planning that well-deserved long weekend.

The song you can’t stop singing

Your Spotify playlist is stuck on repeat for a reason. Maybe you’re reminiscing with songs from the ‘80s or your wedding song shuffled into the mix (or maybe it’s the latest bop from your kids’ favorite movie). Take a screenshot so you remember what song to come back to for an instant mood-booster!

Facetimes with family and friends

Score candid shots of your favorite people using Facetime. It’s a great way to record moments between kids and grandparents who live far apart or even girl’s nights with your best friends. You might not remember the jokes, but these screenshots will remind you how you felt.

Your phone’s home screen

We’re always scrolling through Instagram and TikTok—but ten years from now, who knows? Imagine seeing the apps that dominate your free time a decade from now (remember MySpace and Napster?). Everything will be totally different, from the icons to the phone itself, which is why you should save a snapshot. Ya know, for future nostalgia. 

The podcast episode that opened your eyes

Whether you’re a true crime fan or sports junkie, there’s been a podcast episode that’s stuck with you. Maybe you learned a brilliant mom hack or life-balance strategy from The MomForce Podcast with Chatbooker-in-Chief Vanessa Quigley. No matter your guilty pleasure, print a screenshot to remember the day it all changed (and schedule a relisten).

Crazy weather

You know those times when you have a week of intense rain or a massive amount of snow in a place that never sees it and you think, this weather is crazy! Take a screenshot of your weather app and give some context to the pictures of muddy rain boots, sled rides, and tiny hands wrapped around hot chocolate that you’ve added to your photo books.

Your kids’ favorite apps

Beneath all the sticky fingerprints on your phone is the screen that holds all your kids’ favorite apps. Take a picture so that when they’re older, you can tease them about hour-long temper tantrums over games like Among Us. 

Countdown clocks

If you love counting down the days until family vacations, the end of the school year, or even the release of a new book—screenshot that moment! One picture of your countdown app will remind you of the anticipation and excitement you felt leading up to those experiences.

Your phone lock screen

Whether you change your lock screen every time you snap a cute photo of your family or keep the same image for years at a time, be sure to document the photo that was important enough to be the image you looked at most every day.

Maps from your location tracking apps

If you haven’t seen your family and friends in a while, take a cute photo of your location icons in the same spot! Don’t forget to snap photos of your reunion to add to your Monthbook, either!

Coordinates from your compass

There’s an easy way to add some cute details to a special occasion. Go into your compass app and take a screenshot of your GPS coordinates. In addition, your screenshot will include your location, elevation and cardinal directions. You’ll know exactly where your baby took their first steps!

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