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Welcome to the MomForce Podcast! Vanessa Quigley, mother of 7, entrepreneur and co-founder of Chatbooks, hosts this refreshing take on all things mom. Along with her 4 sisters and occasional special guests, they’ll get into the nitty-gritty of real life parenting together, bringing you some tried and true tips and tricks to help make mom-life a little easier.And check out the #momforce by Chatbooks Facebook page and Instagram page.

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Episode 54: Our Best Tips for Moms and Babies to Get the Sleep they Need.

Helping everyone get the best sleep

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Episode 53: Turning Silliness into a Savvy Business with Kate Call of @latewithkate

Being funny and fierce while balancing work and motherhood

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Episode 52: 7 Budgeting Tips Revisited with Jordan Page

Family budgeting made easy

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Episode 51: How Marco Polo is Curing the Loneliness Epidemic with Vlada Bortnik

Staying connected with those who matter most

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Episode 50: Mother's Day Quarantine Style with Vanessa, Erika, Leah, Shelly, and Kara

Things we've learned about our motherhood during Quarantine

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Episode 49: Cultivating a Positive Inner Dialogue with Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of @lovepoweredco

How Positive Affirmations Helped Build a Business

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Episode 48: Building Strength, Stamina and Community through Exercise with @highfitnessemily

How moving your body can help improve your mood!

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Episode 47: How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Lisa Damour

Tips and tricks on managing these strong emotions, especially during Covid-19

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Episode 46: Distance Socially, Eat Locally with @waffluv @jdawgs @bambamsbbq

How local eateries are pivoting in order to stay "opened"

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Episode 45: Working from Home with the Original MomForce 

Tips and tricks from veteran WFH moms

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Episode 44: Rules for Bed with Sleep and Sex Therapist Christine Lawler of @the.peaceful.sleeper 

Getting more restful sleep (and sex)

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Episode 43: Quality Sleep for Kids and Moms with Lauren Olsen of @sleepandthecity 

Helping your child get the sleep they so desperately need

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Episode 42: Your Baby CAN Sleep with Becca Campbell of @littlezsleep 

Teaching you baby to fall asleep and stay asleep

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Episode 41: How to Put the Yay! In Everyday with Meaghan Murphy

Energizing your life through gratitude

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Episode 40: Decluttering Our Motherhood with Rachel Nielson of @3in30podcast

Taking an internal inventory of our to-do list

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Episode 39: Positive Discipline with Ralphie Jacobs of Simply On Purpose

Using your influence as a parent to love, nurture and inspire your children to make better choices

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Episode 38: Strong Marriages Take Work! with Nate and Vanessa Quigley

Keeping love alive while growing a family and business together

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Episode 37: The Kids are in Bed with Rachel Bertsche

Remembering who you are outside of being a mother!

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Episode 36: “I am my mother!” with April Munns

Becoming your mother is not necessarily a bad thing! 

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Episode 35: Tackling the Family Budget with Jordan Page

Setting and Sticking to a Financial Plan

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Episode 1: All Things Babysitters - Part I

Finding the perfect style sitter to fit your everyday needs

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Episode 2: All Things Babysitters - Part II

Setting realistic expectations and what to do when things don’t go as planned.

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Episode 3: Who Are We & Why Another Mom Podcast

Bringing Moms Together to Help Strengthen Families 

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Episode 4: Camping with Kids

How to build fond family memories - whether your idea of roughin' it is the great outdoors or a night in a hotel!

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Episode 5: Meal planning... Or Not!

Everyone seems hungrier in summer, and the hectic schedule certainly throws new challenges into meal planning. A little preparation can go a long way!

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Episode 6: When Your Chore Chart Bombs...

Making the Chore Chart Doesn’t Mean the Work Will Get Done

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Episode 7: Allowance and Teaching Your Kids the Value of a Dollar

Allowance isn't always a given. Sometimes you have to earn it.

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Episode 8: Mom-hacks for your Smartphone

Tips and tricks to make your phone work for you!

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Episode 9: Why We NEED Mom Friends

Making Friends and Fostering Relationships Into Adulthood

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Episode 10: Picky Eaters . . . Mom is NOT a Short Order Cook

Finding ways to expose your picky eater to new foods

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Episode 11: Keeping the Kids Clean(ish) - Shower, Rinse, Brush, Repeat.

Teaching kids to bathe, brush, shower, and shave (and all the get-clean tips in between)

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Episode 12: Kids Parties Without the Pressure

Tips for Celebrating Birthdays in a way that makes everyone happy

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Episode 13: Take a Picture - It'll Last Longer!

Tips and tricks for taking photos you’ll love forever. Capturing the everyday moments, embracing the challenge, and getting in the picture! 

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Episode 14: Have 26,479 Pics in Your Camera Roll…Now What?!

Organizing, Editing, Sharing, Safeguarding, and Printing Your Everyday Moments

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Episode 15: Celebrating the Strong Willed Child with Jenna Rammell of @jennaskitchen

A conversation with Jenna Rammell about parenting your children individually

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Episode 16: To Schedule or Not to Schedule Kids' Activities

Tips & Tricks for Easing Back into the Reality of a Routine

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Episode 18: Make Up, Shaving, Teen Acne, Oh My!

Tackling the sights and smells of teenage hygiene 

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Episode 18: Good Mornings For YOU!

Simple life hacks for creating a calm morning routine

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Episode 19: Strengthening Families Through the Printed Photo

The Research Behind Pictures and the Family Bond

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Episode 20: Parenting in a Digital World with Anna MacFarlane from @kidsaretheworst

Anna Macfarlane joins Vanessa to tackle parenting in a social media world.

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Episode 21: Night Time Routines that Work for YOU!

Tips and Tricks for an Evening Routine that Works

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Episode 22: How to Help a Grieving Friend

What to say and do when a friend is grieving (without sticking your foot in your mouth)

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Episode 23: Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight

Teens, Tweens, and Curfews

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Episode 24: Good Moms Have Bad Days

Coping with Stress and Overwhelm

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Episode 25: Mind Your Manners

Raising Children to Grow Into Courteous, Kind, Respected Adults

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Episode 26: Traveling with Kids with Jessica Gee of The Bucket List Family

World Travel, Family Style

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Episode 27: Holiday Traditions that Spark Joy!

Making the holidays magical without becoming overwhelmed

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Episode 28: Gifting Tips to WOW Everyone on Your List

A MomForce Gift Guide to Simplify the Holiday

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Episode 29: Creating a Culture of Service in Your Family with Kristin Andrus

Meaningful Service with your Children on #givingtuesday

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Episode 30: Red Alert: Mom is Going Out of Town!

How to prep for success while mom is away

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Episode 31: Choosing One Word for 2020 with Shawni Pothier

Simplifying your New Year’s Resolutions

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Episode 32: Growing a Business and a Family with Rifle Paper Co's Anna Rifle Bond

Balancing Work and a Growing Family

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Episode 33: The Power of Showing Up with Dr. Tina Bryson

Author Tina Bryson discusses the 4 S’s of Parenting: Safe, Seen, Soothed, and Secure

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Episode 34: Relentlessly Editing Your Life with Romi Neustadt

Identifying Your Priorities and Setting Goals to Help You Achieve Your Most Fulfilling Life

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