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25 Awesome Subscription Gift Ideas for Kids

With a subscription, the celebration lasts all year long.

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Each year, your kids give you a list of presents they’d like for birthdays and holidays. After they rip through the wrapping paper and discover what’s inside, that anticipatory excitement is gone. This year, watch their eyes light up each month by gifting them a subscription based on their interests! And if you want to gift them something sweet and sentimental (that’s super easy and affordable), consider one of Chatbooks’ photo gifts

Make hardcover Monthbooks so they’ll never forget

If your kids love flipping through their yearbooks, give one that’s dedicated to them. Capture their magical—and not so magical (hello temper tantrums)—moments in a hardcover Monthbook, perfect for vertical photos straight from your camera roll. This new 5x7” photo book holds 30 pages and is only $15 a month (with free shipping!), plus comes in sage ombre and four other single colors. Now, when they want to look back, all the photos of crafts, soccer practices, and after school activities belong to them.

Encourage their love of reading

Owlcrate Jr. delivers brand new middle grade novels for ages 8-12 in a subscription box that includes a signed bookplate and letter from the author. Boxes are based around themes, like “inner magic” and “intergalactic adventure,” and also include either a second book, activity, or game, plus other unique items. Cost varies by subscription.

Keep up with their style requests

You don’t have to go to the mall every other weekend to keep up with the newest trends. Stitch Fix offers eight to 12 apparel pieces for toddlers, kids, and tweens in each box. And since the clothes come to you, your kids can try them at home and decide which pieces to keep (and return the ones they don’t want). Costs vary depending on purchases.

Surprise them with photos from their birth (and beyond) with softcover Monthbooks

Don’t have time to create a scrapbook? Keeping your kids’ photos organized isn’t easy—so use the ones already in your camera roll! Create a 5x7” softcover Monthbook and fill it with 30 pages of photos straight from your phone. You can’t keep them from growing, but you can easily keep a record of their awesome (and everyday) moments for $10 a month (with free shipping!). Choose from sage ombre or four other single color cover options.

Help them whip up their own culinary creations

They can get cooking with help from Raddish Kids, a subscription that delivers thematic cooking kits that include a recipe, kitchen tool, project, and grocery list. Kits are designed to help ages 4 and up develop cooking skills and gain confidence while incorporating new cultures, science, and math. Cost varies based on subscription, US shipping is free.

Stimulate their love for inventing

Gift your growing innovators with Tinker Crate, a subscription that combines STEM concepts with projects and activities meant to inspire ages 9-14. For young inventors that like to use their hands and understand how things work, they can build special projects like a trebuchet, hydraulic claw, or walking robot. Cost varies based on subscription, US shipping is free.

Turn memories into a tactile experience with Monthly Minis

Switch out your infant’s board book for a Monthly Mini, a 5x5” softcover photo book with rounded edges that’s meant for tiny hands. For just $7 USD a month (with free shipping), you can fill 30 pages with photos of your family’s smallest member—right from your phone. If they drool on, rip, or otherwise break their Mini, we’ll replace it for free with our toddler guarantee. 

Lean into the LEGOs

Brick Loot’s monthly subscription features new themes and tons of LEGOs and bricks to enhance your kids’ collections. In each box, they’ll receive four to eight items, including exclusives (and sometimes pieces that have yet to hit the market), custom kits, kits by famous LEGO designers, LEGO accessories, custom LEGO minifigures, and more. Cost varies based on subscription.

Explore the great outdoors

Designed to get kids off their screens, THiNK OUTSiDE sends three to five pieces of outdoor gear, resource cards, hands-on activities and family challenges in each of its boxes. Each crate has a monthly theme, like navigation, shelter building, and star gazing, meant to build your kids’ outdoor skills. Cost varies based on subscription, US shipping is free.

Give them a subscription you had as a kid

Remember receiving Highlights magazine every month as a kid? (Remember submitting your own artwork in the hopes it would be featured?) Each 44-page issue helps kids ages 6-12 learn about the world through stories, games, puzzles, riddles, science and craft experiments, and other educational activities (plus there are never any third-party advertisements). Highlights also offers magazines for younger kids, like Hello (ages 2 and under) and High Five (ages 2-6). Cost varies based on subscription.

Treat your burgeoning baker

Foodstirs’ junk-free baking kit subscription delivers tasty baking activities every other month. Kits utilize organic mixes, plant-based dyes, and decorative supplies (and recipes have only six steps!). Baking kit themes include unicorn treats, out of the world donuts, celebration rainbow pancakes, and spooky spiders whoopie pie. Cost varies based on subscription.

Travel from the comfort of home

Little Passports aims to grow your kids’ knowledge of the world with play-based science and geography kits. Kids ages 3-5 can learn about music, oceans, and dinosaurs while ages 5-8 take on STEM topics. Themes for ages 6-10 include discovering new countries with souvenirs and hands-on activities while ages 7-12 can learn about two new states using their State Journals. Kids ages 8 and up can also try experiments meant to reveal the mysteries of the world. Cost varies based on subscription, US shipping is free.

Channel their passion for animals and the environment

With a Little Zoo Box subscription, kids can learn about wildlife and the importance of conservation and protecting our environment. Each box focuses on an endangered animal, like elephants, sloths, and polar bears. Inside, kids will find a stuffed animal, craft ideas, and an educational booklet, games, and puzzles. Cost varies based on subscription, US shipping is free.

Surprise them with sugary treats

Excessive amounts of candy are typically reserved for birthday parties and holidays (that’s why we love Easter and Halloween!), so give them a sugar-filled gift that lasts more than a day with InstaCandy. Candy flavors range from sweets and sours to chocolates. Past boxes have included Utah Truffles, Butterfly Gummies, Pop Rocks Bubble Gum, and Sour High Chews. Box costs $24.99 a month and US shipping is free.

Challenge them to monthly game nights

With Lootcrate’s WizKids, young tabletop gamers will receive three new games in each box. WizKids intends to “upgrade family game night” with its bimonthly crates, which gives you plenty of time to plan a competitive game night with your kids (or three!). One box costs $19.99 and shipping is included.

Fuel your sports star’s interests

For the kids who eat, sleep, and breathe sports, a Sports Box Co. subscription is right up their alley. Based on their sport of choice (baseball/softball, basketball, hockey, football, or soccer) they’ll receive training aids, gear, and sports swag associated with that activity. Each box is created with the intention of helping kids improve their skills while keeping the game entertaining and fun. Cost varies based on subscription, US shipping is included.

Help your kids be superheroes

The Superpower Academy is a monthly subscription box that encourages social and emotional learning for ages 5-10 through STEM projects, comic books, and heroic stories. Each box includes activities to help kids build skills and lessons that teach them about emotions, empathy, and making good choices. Boxes are $29.92 a month and US shipping is free.

Get your avid video gamers excited to read

Whether it’s Fortnite, Animal Crossing, or Pokémon Go, video games are a big part of our kids’ lives. If you’re looking for a way to get them interested in dropping the joystick and picking up a book, try Little Player. This bi-monthly kids magazine, for ages 5-12, is free of advertisements and covers games rated EC, E, and E10+ (which means there’s no content meant for teens and older). Costs vary.

Keep the stickers coming with a monthly subscription

Remember Lisa Frank’s iconic designs? Give your kids that same nostalgic experience with a monthly sticker subscription. In each Pipsticks box, they’ll receive multiple sheets of stickers (the number varies based on subscription choice), plus a huge puffy sticker, scratch n’ sniff stickers, and interactive sheets meant to spark their imaginations as they decorate their folders, notebooks, and beyond (hopefully not their bedroom walls)! Packs also come with an activity book, storage pouch, and postcard. Cost varies based on subscription.

Jumpstart your crafty kids with new projects 

Each month, Kid Made Modern’s Craft Club will send new art projects to your kids. Complete with all the necessary materials, ages 6 and up can explore a new theme and open-ended crafting activity. Inside each box, there are instructions, tips to customize the project, supplies, and more. Subscription costs $34.99 per month with free US shipping.

Bring your kids’ favorite Marvel movies to life

Amazon’s Funko Marvel Collector Corp Box delivers goodies every two months. The box celebrates iconic moments and crossovers throughout the Marvel Universe, and contains four to five collectibles curated by Funko. Each box features a new theme and includes superheroes, villains, and other treats for your MCU fans. Subscription costs $29.99 per box with free US shipping.

Build with their very own woodworking kit

Ages 7-12 can build their own projects with the Young Woodworkers Kit Club, a monthly subscription service. Each woodworking kit comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled wood pieces, including screws, nails, and other supplies. The first three kits will come with kid-sized tools, like a hammer, and each comes with instructions. Past projects have included a turbo racer, marshmallow launcher, and candy machine. First box is $19.95 and after are $29.95 with free shipping.

Create magic during bathtime

Fizzy Magic’s tub club offers monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions, delivering learning boxes filled with kid-safe bath bombs, toys, and activities. Each box has a timely theme and contains six fizzies, a toy (like a rubber ducky), and activity (like counting or coloring pages). Subscriptions cost $29.95 and US shipping is free.

Choose toys tailored to their development

Skip and Play’s subscription boxes, for ages 0-5, are designed to encourage learning and physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development during play based on your child’s developmental level. Items can include teething rings, tummy time mats, drawing pads, and more. As your baby grows, so will their toys. Subscriptions vary in cost.

Empower your lil’ environmentalist

Using nature-based STEAM activities, Green Kid Crafts delivers monthly boxes for kids ages 2-10 that encourage creativity and discovery through science and art projects. Based on your child’s age, their themed box will contain four to six STEAM projects and a magazine. Costs vary by subscription plan.

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