How to Write Romantic Wedding Vows That’ll Bring All the Tears

Be sure to add text pages and captions of your vows so they’re printed alongside photos of your special day!

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on February 24, 2023

While you’re on the hunt for something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, we’ve got you covered with the wedding vows about love and devotion to pay homage to your relationship. Whether you hang your vows on your wall or print them in a wedding photo book, these vows will surely inspire your love for years to come. If you and your partner are choosing to exchange promises, here’s how to write intimate, romantic vows.

And there's a way to display those wedding vows that you worked so hard on — with a photo books to hold ALL the pictures from your big day! Print your favorite photos in a Layflat or Classic Photo Book (also great options for a guest book!), and add your vows as captions or text pages, so that whenever you look through your wedding pictures, your vows are right there. And don't wait to get pictures of you and your partner (and your gorgeous wedding party) up on the wall with Canvas Wall Tiles.


Start with a story

Depending on how long you want your vows to last (typically 45 seconds to two minutes per person), a great way to personalize your vows is to begin with a meaningful moment. Maybe it’s describing what you were thinking the first time you met your soon-to-be spouse, or the moment you knew they were the one. Talking about where your relationship started and where it’s headed will make for super emotional, beautiful vows.

Let them know how special they are

Is your partner your best friend, whole world, favorite musician, or the very best chef? Let them know that you see and appreciate them, acknowledge all the things they’re good at and the parts of their personality that make them special to you. This is a great time to express all the things you love about your partner!

Go for a laugh

Sneak an inside joke into your vows — or a line about a funny or embarrassing story most of your guests know about. (Ex: I promise to never get mad when you forget your keys, especially when you lock yourself out of the house right before you propose!)

Use a quote

You can always add a quote from your favorite song, show or movie — something that means something to you both. And if you’re struggling to find the words, we’ve already compiled a list of famous romantic quotes and Bible verses to help you out.

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