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30 Unique Baby Shower Themes to Welcome A Baby Girl

If you’re looking for a theme that goes beyond the color pink, these ideas will knock your baby shower out of the park.

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Thanks to the invention of Pinterest, it feels like moms are expected to always throw gorgeous, super detailed parties for their kids — and that includes the baby shower! For parents getting ready to welcome a baby girl into the family with a baby shower, there are plenty of unique themes to choose from. Whether you’re throwing a party in the fall, summer or winter, there’s no need to worry — we created a list of adorable baby shower themes for girls (and baby shower games) that’ll inspire you and keep you within budget. 

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Girl Baby Shower Themes

Break out the crowns, capes and scepters — invite all the princesses, knights and noble folk of the land to your baby’s royal themed party. Go for purples, the color of monarchs, hang up banners with royal decrees, dish out finger sandwiches and make a DIY throne for the mom-to-be. If you’ve got a stuffed dragon, now’s the time to take it out!


Make a splash with this under the sea theme! Think scales, treasure, seashells and underwater friends as you plan decor and food, plus use ocean colors like blues and greens. Sand and streamers will add to the ambience, plus you can draw and cut out bubbles to be placed on the walls so it feels like your baby shower is underwater. 

Ice Cream

So many different flavors, combinations and options and yet still so delicious — there’s no way your guests won’t have a ball when there’s ice cream involved. Give out scoops to your guests, serve a sundae bar or go for a delicious ice cream cake instead. If you’re hosting a baby shower in the summer, this sweet theme is the perfect treat!


Nothing screams celebration quite like a bouquet of flowers — and the theme of growing from a seed to a beautiful blossom doesn’t hurt either. Think “baby in bloom” as you make a diaper bouquet and decorate the mom-to-be’s venue and desserts with bright colors and petals. Bonus points if you ask guests to suggest flower-themed names for baby girl.

Mamma Mia

Put a spin on the classic show/iconic film if the mother-to-be is a big fan. Use lots of blue and white decor (especially anything that looks like a gorgeous tile pattern), plus throw in lots of lemons (and maybe a splash of disco) to make mom feel like she’s stepped onto a movie set. When in doubt, play ABBA!


While it’s true that not all superheros wear capes, the soon-to-be mother and her guests sure can! Think red, yellow and blue, or any colors and themed items that go with mom’s favorite superhero — if she’s a Marvel fan, you can totally do jewel tones in honor of the infinity stones — as you celebrate Earth’s newest hero.

Nursery Rhymes

From “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” to “Humpty Dumpty” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” there’s plenty of nursery rhymes to model your party after. For instance, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” is all about stars, the moon and the milky way — go for bright lights amidst black backdrops and imagery of the night sky.

Enchanted Forest

From fairy wings and mushrooms to pixie dust and twinkle lights, you can customize this enchanted forest to fit mom’s dreams. Add spots of glitter for “fairy dust” and fake grass, moss or branches mixed with tulle in soft colors to stay in theme. If mom is up for it, she can don a pair of wings and be the Fairy Queen! And, any guests with a special relationship to the baby can wave a magic wand like a fairy godmother.


You only need two colors for this adorable theme: red and black! Blow up some red and black balloons, grab red tablecloths (and if you have the time, add black polka dots to them) and for a really cool ice bucket: grab an ice bucket mold and fill it with blackberries and strawberries for a fruity ice bucket that’s in theme. And, of course, feel free to add black antennas to just about anything!

Dr. Seuss

Oh, the places she’ll go once baby is born! She’ll probably hear a lot of Dr. Seuss rhymes growing up, so it only makes sense her baby shower is the same theme. There’s so many books to choose from, plus this is a great opportunity to ask guests to bring their favorite book growing up (instead of a card) to gift to baby.


This simple favorite could easily become the new baby’s favorite imaginary friend. For this theme, it’s all about pastels, ombre and rainbow decor. If mom’s in the mood for some fun, grab a unicorn piñata and fill it with multi-colored candy, lottery tickets or any other prizes guests may like. And remember, when in doubt, anything sparkly will do! 


For this theme, you can use every color under the sun! Think bright colors, puffy clouds and sunshine motifs. (Don’t be afraid to break out cotton candy for some edible, delicious clouds, either!) Hang a sun on the wall and use golden streamers to represent sunlight, then add streamers of all the different colors around. Serve different colored fruits and desserts, or add little toppers or multicolored frosting.


What better to serve your guests than all the drinks and food combinations the mother-to-be has been craving?! Whether that’s a special flavor of chips or an odd sandwich combo like peanut butter and pickles, let your guests try mom’s favorite meals (for the next few weeks, at least).

Winnie the Pooh

Do you remember Winnie the Pooh from your earlier days? This honey-themed event is perfect to welcome mama’s sweetest treasure. If you want the food to stay within the theme, go for honey flavors (like Teddy Grahams or honey-flavored candies) for guests, plus add little honey bees to the wall. This theme could also be “Mommy to Bee,” if that fits the guest of honor better.


This one’s for the future mother’s sweet tooth: Gumdrops, candy canes and cakes, oh my! Aside from giving your guests tons of sugar, this dessert-themed party is perfect for welcoming the family’s sweetest new addition. Plus, this theme goes great with the diaper game!

Star Wars

Are mom and dad big Star Wars fans? Even if they’re not planning on having a child they plan to name Luke or Leia, Star Wars themes are known for their lightsaber “gender reveal” announcements. If mom and dad haven’t announced the sex of their baby yet, and want to at the baby shower, this is a great opportunity to grab a lightsaber and turn it on to reveal a color that will let your guests in on baby’s biological sex! 

’90s Throwback

If mom considers herself a ’90s baby, throw it back with bell-bottomed jeans, hair scrunchies and plenty of neon. Play plenty of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys, and you’ll definitely need to throw in a game of “telephone” with your guests. Make sure you pick up all of mom’s favorite snack foods, like Dunkaroos and Lunchables for all the guests to enjoy!


If the baby's parents are expecting to welcome their little one in the fall, there’s no better time to break out the pumpkins (even if it is a little early, no judgment here). Have your guests paint fake pumpkins, or if you have real ones, write messages and wishes for the little one for the new parents to put in front of their home (and see as they bring their new bundle of joy home for the first time).


If baby is going to be born in spring or summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to break out the pastels if mom is looking for a beautiful backdrop to her shower. Whether she’s welcoming a Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, or other zodiac sign, pinks, purple, blue and yellow pastels — mixed with some flowers — are perfect to set the mood.

Life’s a Peach

Speaking of sweet summer babies, this fruit is both a delicious and fun way to celebrate your future baby! Whether you go with “life’s a peach” or “sweet as a peach,” the oranges, reds and yellows (much like a sunset) are gorgeous, plus you can serve peach-related dishes, like a peach cobbler dessert to guests! 

Bun in the Oven

Who doesn’t love carbs?! Make a banner that says “Timer set to…” and add baby’s due date, plus this is a great excuse to bring out all the treats, carbs and desserts, which also come from the aforementioned oven. Delicious!


Think burnt orange desert colors combined with the beautiful, and sometimes blossoming, beauty of green cactuses. You can mix this theme with a boho style, too. Bring out all the fruit, delicious drinks and desserts frosted to look like cactuses and desert flowers.

New Adventures

This hot air balloon adventure themed baby shower is reminiscent of Disney’s Up, so don’t be afraid to break out all the balloons! Draw on them with a sharpie to give them the shape of inflated hot air balloons, and whatever colors you choose, you can frost cupcakes or cookies as clouds and little balloons with baskets.


This classic motif is all about the flying bird that brings your new bundle of joy right to your door — if only it was that easy! This theme is all about soft blues, clouds and storks — perfect for wall decor and imagery for any desserts. If the parents already have a baby blanket (and maybe with baby’s name), be sure to add it to a basket and show it off.

Alice in Wonderland

Did someone say tea party? Spread out decks of cards, desserts, and a top hat or stuffed bunny if you have one, for this Wonderland theme. Serve large and miniature desserts — and your drinks in teacups, if you have them — to stay in theme.

Tropical Vacation

Celebrate the calm before the storm (and think back on that babymoon, if you took one) with your closest friends and family in your own personal paradise. Whip up some tropical drinks and fruit and use blues and greens that remind you of palm trees and the ocean. And if someone wants to gift you a wave sound machine — I mean the baby — that would be swell!

You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray… and this nursery rhyme makes a perfect theme for your new bundle of joy! Use beautiful yellows and oranges and gold (and blues for the sky) to create sunshine-inspired decor, then grab yellow frosting to add sweet suns to any desserts you may be serving!

Secret Garden

Whether you're indoors or outdoors, think lots of greenery and bright, colorful flowers and bring that woodsy and floral theme into your food and desserts, as well. Serve sandwiches on tea trays, drinks in tea cups and don’t be afraid to add a flower motif to your desserts. 

Moon and Stars

Inspired by the nighttime sky, use white and gold to bring the moon and stars to life with wall decor, food and desserts (order a cookie cutter in their shapes for an easier time). Add shimmering gold banners or decor from the top of the doorway to create a shooting star for mom!


Fizzy drinks for everyone! While the mother-to-be may not be able to drink champagne, this theme is all about mom-mosas, which means you’ll need all the fruit juices. Don’t forget to grab seltzers and sodas like Sprite to add some fizziness to mom’s drink, and anything else bubbly for your guests. Set up a bubbly bar with fresh fruit so guests can make their own drinks and toast to the new baby.

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