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50 Best Baby Shower Game Ideas for a One-of-a-Kind Party

Diapers, pacifiers and prizes, oh my! These competitive and funny games will make sure your baby shower is one your guests will remember.

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Baby showers are great, especially if you’re the soon-to-be parent getting ready to welcome your new baby into the world. And who doesn’t love opening presents?! If you’re looking to throw the best baby shower and need game ideas for your party — ones that’ll have your friends and family competing for prizes between laughs — we found 50 modern baby shower game ideas that are sure to impress every person at your party. (Yes, even your mother-in-law will want to play these fun and unique games!)

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Funny Baby Shower Games
Dirty, Dirty Diaper

This classic baby shower game is a staple for a reason — it’s hysterical! Grab a few different types of chocolate candy bars and a package of diapers. Before your party, melt the candy bars in the microwave and smear each one onto a different diaper. Guests will have to inspect and sniff the diaper before guessing which candy bar is smeared inside. 

Bobbing for Binkies

Grab a few small plastic bowls, one for each participant, and fill them with water and a few pacifiers. Guests must hold their hands behind their backs and try to get all their pacifiers out of the bowl first — just like bobbing for apples!

Baby Bump

Form teams of four or more guests, then have each person on the team blow up balloons and stick them under their outfits to create a baby bump. Once every teammate has a baby bump, have them pop their balloons by bumping into each other’s inflated bellies. First team to pop them all wins! 

Diaper Tower

This one may sound easy — but it’s not as easy as it looks. Arrange your guests into small groups and ask them to take turns stacking diapers on top of one another. The group that can create the tallest diaper tower (before it falls) wins!

Baby’s Bib

Make sure you have plenty of bibs on hand for this game. Pair up your guests and blindfold each, making sure to tuck a bib into everyone’s neckline — beware of messes! Each player will have a container of baby food and a spoon, and they must take turns feeding each other. Each pair will have one minute to get through as much food as they can!

Dough Babies

Using either real dough (that you made, or picked up at the store) or Play-Doh, have guests mold the cutest baby they can. To make things fun, give them accessories like googly eyes and fabric, or tools like pencils or plastic knives. Pick your favorite dough baby!

Baby Bag

Add different baby-themed items, like a blanket or stuffed animal, to a few different bags, then stuff them with tissue paper. Pass the bags around the party, letting guests give them a little shake before writing down their guess at the item inside.

Quarter Squat

This fun relay will be done with teams — and lots of quarters! Place a potty training toilet at one end and have one team at a time line up at the starting line. Each guest will be asked to hold at least one quarter between their legs, walk it over (without dropping it) to the toilet and drop the quarter in. Time each time, and once all teams have completed the challenge, whichever team got the most quarters in the potty in the least amount of time is the winner.

Pass the Pacifier

Line your shower guests up in a row, in multiple teams, and give each a straw to place in their mouths. Using a pacifier with a ring handle, each player must pass the pacifier to the next person in the line using only the straws in their mouths — no hands! The team that gets the pacifier the farthest down the line in the shortest amount of time, wins.

Diaper Dive

Similar to the game above, take some clean diapers and fill them with various baby items, like a rattle or socks, then tape each one closed. Write a number on each diaper so you can remember which item is inside. Guests can pass the diaper around, giving it a good feel or shake to figure out what’s inside. The person with the most correct guesses wins!

Balloon Twister

If you’ve got a box of Twister sitting dust at home, this is the time to use it. Ask your guests to blow up and place balloons, like “baby bellies,” under their outerwear and challenge them to a game of Twister! The last guest who hasn’t popped their balloon (or had theirs fall out!) wins! 

Cartoon Clue

Print out pictures of classic and well-known cartoon character babies and ask your guests to correctly name that baby! If you’re feeling nice, give them a clue, like the name of the TV show.

Sock It to Me

If baby’s parents already have a treasure trove of baby socks, it’s time to put your attendees to the ultimate test — matching socks. If you’re outdoors, throw all your baby socks into a bucket and time each guest as they sort through the mess of socks and find the pairs. Whoever can put the most pairs together in one minute gets the prize.

Pin the Pacifier

Similar to pin the tail on the donkey, tape a large printout of a baby on a wall, then give out smaller pieces of paper with pacifiers printed on them. Each guest will be blindfolded and spun around three times — and they’ll have one try to get the pacifier as close to (or on) the baby’s mouth!

Co-ed Baby Shower Games
Egg Race

Break out the markers for this activity! Ask your guests to decorate their egg — to make it look like a baby — before giving them spoons to place their egg babies on. In an outdoor area, set up a start and finish line for participants to walk (or run) with their egg babies.

Diaper Duty

Using plastic babies or stuffed animals, form teams of three or more for this diaper relay. Here’s how the game works: Each player must take the “baby’s” clothes’ off, then take the current diaper off the “baby,” wipe its bottom with a wipe, put another diaper on and dress it in an outfit.

Memory Mayhem

Add small baby-related items to a basket, tray or bag (think pacifier, wipes, diapers, rattle) and ask your guests to memorize what’s inside. Take the basket into another room and give each guest a piece of paper and ask them to recall each item in the basket. Whoever has the best memory wins! 

Helping Hand

Leave a jar, box or item that can hold plenty of paper out for your guests to fill out their best, funniest and most honest pieces of advice for the soon-to-be parents. If you have time, read them aloud and have your guests guess which attendee gave the advice. 

Superhero Parent

On your marks, get set, go! This station will test your guests’ ability to be super parents. You’ll need a phone, plastic baby or stuffed animal, diapers, bottle or spoon and ten pairs of baby socks (all mixed up). Each guest must cradle the baby while keeping the phone to their ear, while also matching up the socks and trying to feed the baby — all at the same time. Fastest time wins!

Onesie Funsie

On plain- or single-colored onesies (or any type of baby clothing you desire), give guests non-toxic fabric paint or fabric markers to customize outfits for your newborn! They can draw pictures or even include little messages on the front or back. 

Diaper Diaries

Break out a new box of diapers and give one to each guest. Have them write words of encouragement (or something funny) on the back for the new parents to see! 

Shout That Song

Before the shower, create a playlist of nursery rhymes and baby songs to play for your attendees. When you hit play, the first person to correctly shout the name of the song wins a point — whoever has the most points wins.

Question-Based Baby Shower Games
Baby Back-Up

Write different baby-themed items on different cards, like stroller or binky, and pin or tape them to guests’ backs as they arrive. They can ask other guests yes or no questions to figure out which item they are, which makes for a great icebreaker! Once they’ve guessed the answer, they can move their card to the front of their shirt.

Guess Who

Have each of your guests bring one of their baby photos, then pin them up or lay them out and have everybody guess which picture belongs to each attendee.

Firstborn Frenzy

Pick at least ten pairs of famous celebrities and see which of your guests can guess the name of the firstborn for each couple! Bonus points if the couples you pick have children with super unique names (remember, spelling the famous child’s name could be a tie-breaker!).

Celebrity Parent

When your guests arrive, either give them a card or sticker with the name of a celebrity parent (or pin a print out on their back!), and have them go around the room and ask other guests yes or no questions to figure out which celebrity they are.

Guess the Age

Pin up photos of the baby's parents, making sure to include pictures from varying ages (and hairstyles), so participants can guess how old the baby's parents were when each photo was taken.

Parent Trivia

Have both parents sit back-to-back with paper or a whiteboard and have another person ask them questions. These can be based on events from their childhood, teenage years and beyond — all fun facts! For instance, what was their favorite movie as a child? Or, what was the name of their first pet? All exciting milestones that they’ll learn about future child, as well!

Animal Shower

You can do this one out loud or as a printable — and is especially great if your baby shower theme has anything to do with an animal. Before the shower, make a list of animals and the names of their babies (ex: dolphin babies are called calves), and ask your guests for the correct baby name for each type of animal you choose! 

Fun Baby Shower Games
Name Game

Add text pages to a Chatbook Classic Book with one letter from the alphabet (in chronological order) on each page, and have your guests fill in their favorite name that begins with that letter. You can make one book for boy names and one for girl names, if you aren’t revealing the baby’s sex! 

Due Date

If you haven’t revealed your exact due date yet, this is a fun game to play with your guests! Bring a calendar or printout of the month (or more than one month) you’re due and have people write down their guesses. Closest to the day wins!  

Diaper Drape

Hang a few different yards of string in an outdoor area and grab some clothespins for this activity. Divide into teams, giving each team the same number of diapers and clothespins, and have them compete to hang up as many diapers as possible.

Duck, Duck, Baby

If you already have a baby bath, fill it with water and cute rubber ducks (that baby can enjoy later) — or fill a sink or ice bucket. Before placing the ducks in the water, mark a one (or a few) with a star. Whichever of your guests picks a duck with a star at the bottom wins a small prize! 

On Ice

Freeze small, plastic baby toys into ice trays before the party and add them to the ice bucket (or even the guests’ drinks!) that’s keeping the party drinks cool. When the first baby has melted out of its cube, whoever sees it first and yells, “her water broke!” is the winner and given a prize for “delivering” the baby.

Oh, Baby!

Grab enough clothespins (or stickers) — and feel free to grab them in pink, blue or whatever color you’d like — and give each guest 3-5 as they arrive. If any guests say “baby,” whoever overhears can take their clothespin or sticker. Whichever guest has the most at the end of the game (or shower) is the winner.

Quilted Cutie

If you’re a big fan of quilting, or gifting baby sentimental items, give each guest a pre-cut fabric square to decorate at the shower so the squares can be assembled (after the party) into a quilt your newborn can keep close while they grow up!

Power Through the Pacifier

Get enough ring pops (in various flavors) for your guests and hand them out. Set a timer for a short amount of time, like two minutes, and challenge your shower guests to suck (no biting!) on the ring pops for the given amount of time. Whichever “baby” has the smallest ring pop when the timer goes off wins! 

Wall Gallery

Here’s a sweet way to decorate your baby’s nursery: Hand out blank Canvas Wall Tiles (upload a blank white page) and paint, markers and any other accessories, like glitter or stickers, for guests to collaborate and create scenes for your baby’s nursery. 

Diaper Drive

Before your shower, let guests know that anyone willing and able to bring a pack of diapers will be entered into a raffle for a prize! The more diaper packs they bring, the more raffle tickets they’ll receive. 

Present Pass

As a way to thank your guests, wrap a fun present (like a gift card, candy or other item) and add a little tag from your baby saying “thank you for coming to my shower!” Much like musical chairs, guests can sit in a circle and continue passing the gift between them as music plays. When the music stops, that person is out. However, when it’s down to two people, the person holding the gift when the music stops wins the present from baby!

Printable Baby Shower Games
Baby Bingo
While the parents open gifts for their new bundle of joy, guests can play bingo! Cards should include possible gifts the soon-to-be parents may open, like a playpen, crib or bottles. This way, guests aren’t just staring at you while you open presents.
Sentimental Words

Add baby’s sonogram photos to a Monthly Mini, then fill the rest of the pages with blank text pages. A few weeks before the shower, print your Monthly Mini so your guests can fill in the blank pages with words of excitement for the new bundle of joy! Continue to use the subscription to fill with pictures of mom’s growing baby bump — then when baby finally arrives, document their quickly-growing toes, smiles and adventures with your Monthly Mini, or Monthbooks, subscription. 

Baby Scrambler

Hand out printables of commonly used words associated with babies — like bassinet or bottle — and scramble them up! Guests will have to unscramble as many as they can, as fast as they can to be crowned winner. Whoever can decipher “sabnteis” into “bassinet” definitely deserves a prize.

Nursery Rhyme Surprise

Choose your favorite nursery rhymes and choose specific words, endings or phrases to leave blank. Hand out printed sheets of the fill-in-the-blanks and see if your guests remember the correct versions of the nursery rhymes. Whoever completes the most (and correctly) wins..

Price Is Right

Give each guest a paper with different baby items, like car seats, diapers and more, and ask them to guess the price of each item. The closest guess without going over gets a prize! 

Over or Under

Similar to the game above, this game will ask over or under statements about the parents’ new bundle of joy. For instance, sentences could be: “The baby is due in 60 days,” or “The couple told her families about the baby at 3 months.” Set a timer and award a prize to the guest with the most correct answers.

Baby Wishes

Print special cards or pieces of paper for guests to leave well wishes for your family’s new addition, like hopes for their future and special, sentimental thoughts guests would like to share with your baby in the future.

Middle Name Game

Need some inspiration? You may not want input on your baby’s first name, but it could be fun to see what options your guests come up with for middle names. And if you’ve already decided on a middle name — whoever the parents deem is the closest (or spot on) is the winner! 

ABC Book

Before your baby shower, print a Classic Photo Book with pictures of each guest, with a text page on the adjacent side with the person’s name. For instance, on the left side of the book there could be a picture of the baby's grandma, and on the right side, the word “grandma.” At the event, grandma can write a sweet note to baby — as can all your other guests. This will double as a baby book and a sweet memory book for your little one! 

Find the Guest

Before your shower guests arrive, create a sheet with fun facts about each of them — without revealing which fact pertains to each guest. Give a copy of the sheet to each guest, and as an icebreaker, they can use the facts to get to know other guests while the soon-to-be parents mingle.


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