Unique Family Traditions You’ll Love

on July 29, 2020

Traditions are often the glue that holds a family together. No matter how many times you’ve argued at family game night, you always come back for more because you know that you’ll never have more fun than when you’re with the ones you love (and also because this week you’re definitely going to take home the gold). These family traditions can span across generations and are great for whatever your family may look like. Don’t forget to take photos of your activities and create an ongoing photo book series about your family traditions. If you’re starting a new family of your own, or are looking to find some new ideas for bonding with your squad, look no further! We’ve got you covered with the best family tradition ideas and examples that you can start incorporating into your hang time today…

Seasonal events

The changing seasons are always a great time to create new traditions. In the winter, go to a Christmas market, meet Santa, volunteer or just drive around and see Christmas lights (and take great pictures!). In the summer, go swimming at a local lake or reservoir or have some weekly family BBQ’s. Look online for local events in your community surrounding family activities.

Sunday walks

Sundays are a great day for rest and relaxation with your family. If your family loves nature, get out and find a new walk each week, and bring the dog, too! 

Music night

Some families are trained in musical talents, while others don’t have a musical bone in their bodies, but all families can enjoy a music night. Plan for a weekly or monthly night where someone shows off their piano skills or, for the more tone-deaf, simply turn on some tunes and sing and dance along.

Special birthday plate

This tradition comes in many forms for different families, but the idea is the same. When someone has a birthday, put a special birthday plate (or bowl) in front of them for their birthday dinner. Then everyone else in the family has to go around and share their favorite memories and reasons why they love the birthday honoree so much.

Highs and lows

Talking as a family is one of the best ways to strengthen relationships. At the dinner table, ask everyone to express their highs and lows of the day (or call it your rose and thorn). This tradition is a great way for parents to know where their kids are at as they share more about their lives. 

Family cheer/saying

Little kids will love a family cheer or saying as they grow up and learn more about how important family ties are in life. This can be something you tell your children before bed, or as you drop them off for school each morning. You can also make it into a cute wall tile for all to see!

Game night

Game night is great for families of all ages and sizes because the possibilities are endless. Find a day of the week that works for your family, and plan for a game night that reflects how much fun you are when you’re together. If you have older children, put a little money on the table to make things even more competitive.

Craft night

Let’s be honest, crafts are fun no matter how old you are. If you have little ones, consider a craft that is cheap and easy. For families that have teen or young adult children, find a craft that helps them improve their life skills, such as repainting or reupholstering.

Service project

This is a great way to teach families to work together and to have gratitude. Find some local service projects in your community, and plan for a monthly day of service. 

Cooking night

Cooking is a great tradition that doubles as a life-long skill. Assign your children different nights of the week to cook and encourage them to take risks and try new recipes!

Library/book night

Showing your family that you value education and reading is a great tradition that you will treasure forever. Take kids to the local bookshop or library and tell them to pick out a few books. You can do this once a week or once a month depending on how hardcore your reader tribe is.

Heritage theme over the holidays

Try a heritage night! If you have some French roots in your family, have a raclette cheese night. If you have Chinese heritage, do a dumpling dinner on New Year’s Eve.

Family yard game

Another great weekend activity: a day out in the yard. Simple games like frisbee, Spike Ball, croquette, or grass volleyball can bring your family together and be an excellent tradition to stay healthy and active.

Create a family dance/TikTok

Families that dance together… get TikTok famous together? Even if you dance like you’ve got two left feet, the whole family can have a great time with a dance party or a TikTok dance night.