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14 Genius Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas for the Conscious Couple

Here’s how to plan the wedding of your dreams (while keeping Mother Earth in mind).

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Dreaming of a wedding that not only celebrates your love but also leaves a positive mark on the planet? We’ve got you covered with eco-friendly wedding ideas that are as fun as they are Earth-conscious. Here’s how to make your sustainable wedding day as green as possible.

And when it comes to decorating your beautifully sustainable wedding venue, we have tips on how to create the best eco-friendly wedding centerpieces using photo books! Use your engagement photos in a guest book for your wedding that you can flip through for each anniversary to come. You can also create eco-friendly centerpieces using your Chatbooks photo books that feature photos of the happy couple along with pictures of family and friends who attend the wedding. The best part: You can take them home at the end of the night to start your epic collection of memories. You can even have guests take home a photo book that features them in it as a wedding favor. The options are truly endless (and sustainable!).

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

Your green journey can begin before you hit the mailbox! Research biodegradable invitations that can be recycled or even planted after your wedding—plus, you can always include a packet of seeds so your guests can plant something that’ll benefit Mother Earth. And every time they look at the new life in their garden, they’ll think of the happy couple!

Sustainable Wedding Attire

When it comes to wedding dresses, suits, flower girl outfits and more, consider vintage finds, second-hand dresses and suits. You’ll have a unique look that fits the couple (and the wedding party), and help to keep not only your costs low, but your impact on clothing consumption low, as well.

Eco-Wedding Flowers

Planning an eco-friendly wedding may sound difficult, but when it comes to floral arrangements, you have a few options. Opt for local florists to help reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint, plus go for blooms that are well, in bloom. This way, you’ll be supporting local businesses and helping to reduce that footprint from shipping flowers that aren’t in season, or from a florist that isn’t close to your venue.

Catering Choices

There’s so many decisions to make when you’re getting married, and an eco-conscious wedding is no different. When it comes to the menu for your big day, work in locally sourced and organic ingredients where you can. Odds are, your venue works with local farms and markets to source their ingredients. Sustainable and delicious!

Recyclable Dishware

Ask your venue about using dishware that's recyclable or compostable, like biodegradable wedding plates. Nowadays, there are so many classy and modern options to choose from, so your big day can still feel elegant, while not compromising on sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Instead of gifting each of your guests single-use favors like bubbles, research some zero-waste alternatives that can be reused, like personalized bags or even seeds or plants that can be taken home and added to the environment.

Sustainable Confetti

If you want your guests to throw confetti as you and your new spouse walk down the aisle (or depart your reception), there’s a few eco-friendly routes you can take for your picture-perfect moment. Try alternatives like dried flowers, leaves or even bird seed to celebrate and capture that amazing moment without harming the environment.


To reduce the carbon footprint of your guests, encourage them to either carpool together or arrange for other eco-friendly alternatives, like a shuttle service or public transport that can get your guests from the hotel to the venue and back.

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Environmentally Friendly Centerpieces

Here are some fun, sustainable wedding decorations that’ll truly personalize your big day: photo book centerpieces! Add all the photos (or just your favorites) throughout your relationship to a Classic Photo Book to be displayed on each table. Write the number of the table and the guests’ names on the inside (so you can keep track of who wrote what), and ask your guests to look through the centerpiece and add advice, memories or other thoughts on the pages throughout. These creative centerpieces will make personalized keepsakes of your big day you can look back on anniversaries and years to come!

Green Wedding Registry

Research and add eco-friendly and reusable items to your registry, like bamboo utensils or reusable freezer bags, or opt to add experiences for the newlyweds. Experiences are a great option in lieu of having tons of items shipped to your house (if you aren’t in need of them).

Honeymoon Travels

Worried about your carbon footprint while you plan your honeymoon? You can offset the carbon footprint of your honeymoon by investing in a carbon offset program, that way you can balance out the environmental impact of your travels and just enjoy your time snapping pics as newlyweds.

Photo Book Friendly

When it comes to your guest book, there are so many beautiful options. Fill a Premium Layflat Photo Book with your favorite pictures from your relationship, including your engagement and any engagement photos you may have taken! Leave an empty page adjacent to each photo for your guests to add well wishes, advice and memories.

Local Entertainment

Whether you’re opting for live musicians or a DJ, ask your venue about vendors they recommend in the area. Find local talent to help keep your carbon footprint low and reduce the environmental impact of transportation—plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses! 

Plant a Memory Garden

If you’ve opted to gift your guests seeds, plants or trees as their wedding favors, it’s not only an eco-friendly favor option, but a beautiful symbol of growth and love that’ll remind your guests of your big day each time they see it. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to give back to Mother Earth (especially if you have a ton of guests!).

While your wedding is a celebration of your love and happiness, hosting an environmentally-friendly wedding adds a whole new layer of commitment. Adding elements of sustainability not only personalizes your wedding, like using photo books as eco-friendly centerpieces or creating a photo book keepsake as your guest book, but creates a positive impact beyond your big day.

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