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DIY Books: Bring a Story To Life With Photo Books

Your kiddos can flip through the pages of their own story at bedtime!

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When it comes to the art of storytelling, there are so many mediums to explore (especially for kiddos). For some, a macaroni art project brings a world to life. For others, a stuffed animal tea party includes a Scorsese-esque script with deep character development. If you’ve got a tiny artist living in your house, put their creativity to the page and create personalized story books just for them using Classic Photo Books. You can easily DIY story books for your kids and bring your own story to life with photo books! 

You can tailor your photo story books to your family’s preferences, from uploading pictures of your kids’ art to adding captions and text pages filled with their words (or a blank page for them to hand-write)! Plus, there are so many products to fit your needs, themes to choose from and collages to make your personalized kids books exactly what you’re looking for. You can create your own story book in just a few simple steps, read on for inspiration.

Collage Your Creations

Utilize the collage feature to add multiple photos onto your pages, therefore maximizing the number of pictures and pages in your custom story book! Let your kids move the pictures around until they feel the story is exactly the way they imagined. Use pictures from your camera roll, either of their artwork or candid moments or staged depictions of their story to set the scene.

You can also use collages to create a comic-strip like structure, adding photos from the same experience or moment to create a cohesive story. Your kids can even add sound effects or speech bubbles on the printed copy!

Storytelling with Text Pages

In addition to adding captions filled with your kids’ imaginative adventures, you can also add text pages if you need a little more room while telling your story. You can either type in the story and have it printed with your book, adjacent to your photos, or you can add a blank text page so you kids can fill in the story once the book is printed, with their own handwriting. 

Depending on how much story you have to tell per page, or what your little ones prefer, opt for the space you’ll need! You can add quotes or jokes — whatever helps give your story, and your characters, the voice you’re looking for.

Thematic Storytelling

If your kiddos don’t already have a picture story book idea in mind, choose a theme and create your storybook adventure together. Choose from themes like family of superheroes, dog astronauts, a family beach trip that triumphs over disaster, and more. Depending on your story, your family can create your own illustrations you can snap pics of and upload, or create depictions around your house using props like LEGOs, or whatever feels right! You can also choose your cover using your uploaded photos, or choose a Designer Cover that fits your kids’ theme.

Which Photo Book Should You Use?

Once you have your story — complete with characters, art and words — it’s time to choose the photo book that, like Goldilocks, is just right for your personalized books for kids. Go for a Classic Photo Book for an easy, affordable option (with up to 366 pages!), or opt for the high-quality luxe Premium Layflat Photo Book that’ll look perfect on your coffee table.

And your story doesn’t have to end with just one photo book creation. Start a monthly tradition with your kids and create a monthly series with them using Monthbooks so your story can unfold page after page, month after month. Each month, add photos and captions that tell your story — like creating an alternate timeline of events based on the pictures you took that month, or whatever you’d like! — with your subscription (subscription choices range from 4 books/year, 6 books/year or 12 books/year). Choose from hardcover or softcover options, and choose either Designer Covers or sage and peach ombré if you’re going for the 5x7” Monthbooks, or opt for the softcover 5x5” Monthly Minis, perfect for small hands. 

And speaking of little ones, Monthly Minis are tailor-made for your tots, making them the perfect introduction to the world of storytelling. Plus, if your toddlers love your Monthly Minis a bit too much (and it ends up in pieces), our Toddler Guarantee means we’ll replace it for free.

In the grand tapestry of storytelling, our little ones stand out as the true enthusiasts. Their boundless creativity and love for books can be channeled into their very own DIY storybooks. With some illustrations, art and words, the possibilities are as vast as their imagination. To make your own storybook, all you need to do is spend some time choosing a photo book, theme, and before you know it, your family will be on your way to creating the best bedtime story ever. Let the storytelling adventure begin! 

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