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Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest Shares Photo Hacks That'll Elevate Your Pictures

Tastemaker Bri Emery shares her secret hacks for getting those Insta-worthy pictures.

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1. Add rainbows.

Looking to add some interest to your shots of the family on the couch or around the kitchen table? "Hang a prism in the window for magical rainbows," says Emery. The prism will scatter light and color around your setting for a little extra touch of magic.

2. Play with shadows.

If you're shooting in an overexposed or sunny area, use shadows to your advantage. Emery likes to use shadows of trees and flowers to make her outdoor shots look extra artsy. She'll also use shadows of people to add another layer to sunny pictures.

3. Hold items close to the camera as you shoot from far away.

Playing with depth is a surefire way to nail a more creative shot. One easy hack: "Hold florals close to the frame to create depth and frame the photo," Emery says. This is a nice way to bring natural elements indoors, and the blurred out, close-up flowers add a bit of extra dimension.

4. Put a disco ball in a sunny spot.

You might have seen this pro blogger trick making its way around the Internet, but Emery vouches for this super easy photo hack. Just buy a small disco ball — this one is $10 on Amazon — and stick it in the corner of a light-filled room to scatter freckles of light all over your shot.

5. Shoot towards the sun.

"Keep an eye out for sun flare to add atmosphere," says Emery. If the sun is bright overhead, don't fight against the light. Instead, shoot your pictures so that the flare can add a bit of distortion for extra dreamy pics.

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