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11 Mother’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for New Moms

They grow up so fast — make sure you’re snapping photos of mom with her new baby!

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Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate the amazing, generous women in our lives — and if you have a new baby at home, the first Mother’s Day you celebrate together is that much more exciting. It’s a day for mom, which could mean breakfast in bed, piles of presents, or even a photoshoot with her new baby. For other ideas for newborn photoshoots, try a smash cake or a DIY at-home shoot. And if you don’t have tons of pictures of mom with her little one, now’s the time to snap ’em! (And also give mom some cute presents and cards with sweet quotes and messages). To make your photoshoot a little easier, here are 11 Mother’s Day photoshoot ideas for new moms.

Show and Shoot

If you have more than one child, snap a pic of mom holding baby while your other kids run up to mom with a Mother’s Day card. Be sure to snap photos of her while she reads it! 

Banner Baby

Hang a Happy Mother’s Day banner where mom can easily find it, and be sure to write something funny from your baby beneath like, “I definitely made this myself, mom!” Snap a photo of your baby with the banner, as well as mom’s reaction.

Painted Heart

Before your photo, use a baby-safe paint on your newborn’s feet and press them onto a page, creating a heart out of their footprints. Use this super cute heart as her Mother’s Day card — leave it next to baby and have your camera ready for when mom figures it out.

Picnic and Pup

Set up a sweet Mother’s Day picnic outdoors (or indoors, depending on the weather) and bring your four-legged friend. Snap a photo of mom feeding your dog a treat while she’s holding the baby — who is hopefully shooting curious glances at the furry friend mom is feeding. 

Matching Outfits

This tried and true classic is still around for a reason — a mommy and me photoshoot is super cute, especially when mom and baby are wearing the same outfit, or have a similar theme. For Mother’s Day, splurge for (or thrift) matching dresses or family jammies. Whatever brings a smile to mom’s face!

Baby Blanket

If you’re setting up a Mother’s Day picnic, take a shot of mama’s newest bundle of joy wrapped in a blanket in your picnic basket — and get the Mother’s Day brunch set up around the basket in the shot.

Flower Family

Photoshoots featuring flower crowns aren’t going away any time soon — which is great, because you can get a super beautiful mom-and-baby photo this way. While mom is holding baby, place flower crowns on both of their heads and have mom and baby lean in to capture a sweet, intimate moment.

Dressed Down

Pick out one of mom’s maternity dresses (or favorite outfits) and bundle baby up in it. Snap a photo of mom snuggling her super cute — and comfy — bundle of joy. This also makes for a super cute side-by-side if you have a photo of mom in the same dress when she was pregnant. 

Cards in the Cradle

Snap a ton of photos of mom walking into baby’s room to find a Mother’s Day card nestled in the crib (make sure to keep an eye on baby), or on a side table along with flowers “sent” by the baby.

Sunlit Snuggle

Utilize the sun for this Mother’s Day shot. Have mama and baby touch noses and line them up as the sunlight comes in through the window right between them. This also works outdoors!

Balloon Baby

If your little one loves to grip things in their tiny little fingers, try this shot: Buy a balloon that says Happy Mother’s Day and hand it to your curious kid. When mom walks in, she’ll see baby giving their first gift for Mother’s Day.

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