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26 Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas Perfect For When You're Stuck Indoors

Photo of baby wearing glasses
on March 25, 2020

Finding ways to entertain kids isn’t easy. And finding ways to entertain kids for more than 30 minutes at a time is even harder! This photo scavenger hunt is guaranteed to keep the kids entertained indoors for an entire afternoon. All you’ll need is a camera or your phone for your child to use. Have your child take photos with the items, instead of just the item itself. After the fun activity is finished, you’ll be able to take the photos and turn them into a memory book to remember the fun times you had together! Enjoy this photo scavenger hunt, print out and color in our free family portrait coloring book page, and then have the kids call their grandparents for a personal history interview if you're looking for hours of creative fun in your home.

Here are 26 items to photograph on your indoor picture scavenger hunt...

  • Something red 
  • Something that keeps you warm
  • Something you have cooked
  • Something living (a plant, a pet, etc.)
  • A favorite stuffed animal 
  • Something round 
  • Something you love to read
  • Something used on a holiday
  • Something that plays music 
  • Something that starts with the letter “A”
  • You and a member of your family
  • Something old that you love
  • Something new that you love
  • Something you only use indoors 
  • Something you only use outdoors
  • Something that has wheels
  • Something you’ve created that was school-related
  • Something you’ve created that was play-related 
  • A decoration you love
  • Something used during the summer 
  • Something you use to stay active or exercise 
  • An art piece you’ve created 
  • The oldest coin in your house
  • Something with rainbow colors
  • Something bright
  • Something that sparkles
  • Something that shows your family together
  • Something that belonged to or shows your grandparents

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