This Free Coloring Page Is Perfect For Making Family Portraits That'll Make You Smile

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on May 21, 2020

Looking for some fun, free Father's Day DIY ideas for your little ones this year? Maybe you're working from home and are running low on craft projects, or perhaps you're hoping for a fam-friendly activity that results in a cute gift for dad.

Well, we're here to help out in whatever way we can. That's why we created this family portrait coloring book page so your kids can draw a little something special just for the father figure in their lives.

Ask kids to draw a portrait of dad — prompt them to include him wearing his go-to outfit and holding one of his favorite things (maybe it's a spatula because he loves making pancakes or a paintbrush because he's handy around the house). They can either draw from memory or have dad model for them. Another option: Have the kids draw self-portraits for dad to hang in the house. Also, if you're hoping to occupy two kids at once, ask them to pose for each other so they can each have their portraits done. You too can get in on the fun and draw someone! Then, spend some extra time coloring in the squiggly frame. Then, present them to dad and display them for all to see.

Speaking of showing off your work, we'd love to see it, too! Take a pic of your new family gallery wall, post it on social media and tag us @chatbooks so we can admire your Father's Day family portrait.


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