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How to Teach Your Kids Using Classic Photo Books

Make learning fun by creating custom photo books for your little ones!

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Between the accidental lipstick art on your walls and the bedtime negotiations, there’s hardly ever a dull moment when it comes to parenting. But with each unique adventure there’s always an opportunity to learn and teach something new. 

Enter one of the easiest parenting hacks out there, the Classic Photo Book. Not only can you use Classic Photo Books to get your favorite family memories off your phone and into your home, but you can also turn them into educational resources for your little ones. Interested? Good! Keep reading for ideas and inspiration on how to do just that.

Create an ABC Book

ABCs, easy as one, two, three! If you’re teaching your little one all about the alphabet, create an ABC book. Have some fun with it and tap into your inner photographer. Survey your neighborhood and take pictures of things in the shape of different letters. You can also add photos of something that starts with that letter. With a fun, interactive photo book like this one, they’ll master everything from A to Z in no time.

Help Them Learn Names and Faces

Have family spread out all across the country, or even the world? This is the perfect way to help your little one recognize who is who. You can create a photo book similar to the ABC book but use family members’ names and photos for each letter. Or, you can create a family photo book and add captions to label names and relationships.


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Level Up Their Reading Comprehension Skills

Create a custom storybook! Even your inner child will love this one. Use photos, or your kids' hand-drawn illustrations, to create a custom storybook to read at bedtime. They’ll love putting their own spin on a story that’s entirely their own. Depending on how much text you’d like in your story, choose between captions or text pages to capture their imagination!

Keep Them Busy on Long Road Trips

Take the game of “I Spy” to the next level on your next road trip. Since there are only so many things you can “spy with your little eye” inside your car while the world goes whizzing by, consider creating and bringing along some photo books on your next long drive together. Use books filled with your favorite memories to “spy” the fine details and have your little ones analyzing everything. Warning: This game may result in adorable storytelling and reminiscing as they flip through their photo books.

Create an Art Book

If your kid is a huge fan of creating “accidental art” on your walls, consider helping them create their very own art book. Simply take a picture of your kids’ art and include a caption or text page, explaining any details about the art, like if it was from school then what grade and teacher and project, etc. their grade and teacher for school projects. Don’t forget to encourage them to flip through the pages and reflect on their best work, as this can help build confidence and a sense of accomplishment (and also, potentially save your walls!).

Make a Family Recipe Book

If you come from a family with tons of recipes, a family cookbook is a must! Add photos of your family’s fave meals from over the years, then add text pages with the step-by-step instructions for the recipe. Try cooking some recipes with the help of your little ones. Who knows, you might just have a little Betty Crocker on your hands! Plus, once you’re done, you’ll have a super gorgeous, bound copy of your family’s generational recipes. Don’t forget to print duplicates for your family members (and totally win when it comes to holiday gifts).

Trying any of these easy ideas is sure to expand your little one’s mind and make you feel good about yourself as a parent. The best part? You can create any one of these ideas right on your phone in less than 10 minutes. Classic Photo Books make it easy to get creative with your next teaching endeavor—you’ll be glad you did!

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