on November 5, 2020

With the holidays right around the corner, families are frantically trying to schedule their family photo shoots in order to get their holiday cards in the mail ASAP. But why make this annual tradition something to stress over? We are here to make the dreaded holiday family photo shoot a thing of Christmas past. With 10 funny Christmas photo ideas for 2020, there is something in here that will fit your family style. These funny family Christmas photo ideas are sure to make your loved ones LOL.

Silhouette Style

Not camera ready? No worries. A simple silhouette-styled photo gives a creative touch to a classic family picture.  Have the family jump or strike funny poses to turn this simple concept into a funny one. Bonus: It doesn’t matter how many eyes are closed! 😉

Holiday Jammies

Is there anything better than matching holiday PJs? With plenty of options in just about every store, you are sure to find something to fit everyone in the family. Even the beloved pets might be able to get in on the twinning action! Go for funny elf pajamas to make this look come to life.

Use a Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most festive family of them all?” Pose in front of a large mirror to capture the whole family's reflection. Tell everyone to make silly faces for a hilarious holiday card.

Include the Bloopers

Is one child crying? Is another refusing to pose as directed? That’s ok. In fact, it’s perfect! Capture your real life and add it to your holiday card. Your funny family moments are sure to shine here.

Create a Christmas Classic

Does your family love to watch The Grinch every year? What about Elf? Dress up as your favorite holiday characters to create a truly unique and super silly family picture. 

Frame your Family

Use an oversized picture frame to use in your holiday photo. Visit your local thrift shop, remove the framed image, paint the surrounding frame (if needed) and snap away! This is a cute way to nail a goofy holiday photo.

Christmas Lights

Everyone could use a little more light in their life, amiright? Use a strand of holiday lights to brighten your family photo. To add the funny factor, have the kids wrap lights around the parents as if they’re taking them prisoner (since isn’t that what parenting feels like sometimes?).

Chalk it up!

Use a chalkboard background to embellish your family photo. Add snowflakes, draw reindeer antlers above your heads or add a funny famous quote. If you are really brave, have your kids decorate the backdrop and then take your photo. 

O Christmas Tree

Take advantage of your local tree lot. While picking out your evergreen, take the whole clan and snap a few candid pictures between the rows of balsam firs. Ask the kids to play hide and seek amongst the trees for some sweet and silly photos.

Oversized Letters

A creative way of showing holiday cheer is with oversized letters. Bring along some block letters to spell out a funny 2020 saying and hold them during your photoshoot.