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15 Super Funny Back-to-School Photo Ideas to Take This School Year

Try these easy photo ideas for first day pics that’ll have you laughing for years to come!

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No first day of school would be complete without the classic first-day photo. (Pics or it didn’t happen!) Instead of snapping the traditional smile-while-wearing-your-new-backpack shot, post a creative and totally hilarious photo (with a funny caption) that sums up how you feel about the start of a new school year. Why snap a pic of a strained smile when you can take a picture that’ll actually make you smile? Funny back-to-school photos are something you and your kids will cherish. By mixing up their first day photos, your kids might see them less as an obligation, and more like a fun way to start the first day (especially if they’re nervous).

These are some clever ways to create original (and hysterical) back-to-school photos worthy to be used as your Monthbook cover!

Smile vs. frown

Have parent and child side-by-side (or child slumping on the steps) for a picture that shows a grumpy student while their parent holds a sign that says “See ya!” while donning a robe and slippers and holding a celebratory drink.

Clown car

Position your family in front of the car door (make sure it’s open) and set your timer. Before the camera flashes, arrange your kids so it looks like you’re trying to shove them all in the car for school — but they’re fighting back! Have them throw an arm or a leg in the car while holding on to the roof or the car handles to make for a funny photo.

Frolicking family

Line your kids up in the background of the photo, while making sure you have a wide frame. Set the self-timer and stand off to the side. Right before the timer goes off, take a running start and leap for joy across the shot while looking into the camera. In the foreground, the photo will show you frolicking, while capturing your kids’ surprised reactions in the background.

Holding on for dear life

Go for comedy gold with this setup: Have your kid (completely dressed with their backpack on) hold onto the handle on the front door as you or another adult picks them up and holds them by their feet, so your child’s body is now completely in the air. This’ll give you a hysterical shot of your student holding on for dear life, not ready to let go of summertime.

Writing a message

Signs are a super popular photo prop, especially for the first day of school. For your little ones, have them hold up a sign with a message to you, something like, “Mom, don’t cry” or “I promise not to grow up too fast, Papa!” Write something that’s part funny, part sentimental — and it’s even funnier if your kids have no idea what message they’re holding up.

Capture the candid

If you have a crabby kid who’s putting up a morning fight (sitting on the floor, refusing to get out of bed, etc.) — take the photo. Even if you were hoping for the perfect picture, capture your kids in their element (even if they’re at their worst) — and save the photo for a good laugh later on!

Toasting the transportation

Get your lawn chairs and drinks ready for a fun shot at the bus stop. Snap a photo of you and your partner high-fiving and sipping a celebratory drink (even if it’s just orange juice... that you don’t have to share with your kids!) with the bus in the background.

Throw a party

Don party hats, balloons and other party accessories to show how excited you are for your kids to head to school. Make sure you get your kids — all dressed in their first day outfits — in the frame. Bonus points if they don’t look as happy as their parents!

Matriculation mugshot

If your child holds zero excitement about going back to school, plan a first day of school photo that really sums up how they feel: a mugshot. Give them a black sign with their name, teacher, grade and date, then have them pose facing forward and facing their sides.

First vs. second day

There’s nothing quite like the look on your kids’ faces when they realize the second day of school isn’t going to be as exciting as the first. Create a side-by-side of your kids’ buttoned-up outfits and first day smiles next to a photo of their I-don’t-want-to-be-up-this-early faces on their second day.

Make it rain

Grab a bottle of bubbly (or any other carbonated drink that will spray) and get your entire family in the photo for a first day spray that says it all: We’re ready for our kids to go back to school! As an added bonus, you’ll be able to capture your kids’ faces when their parents’ celebration begins.

Survey says…

Before they start a new grade, give your kiddos some fun surveys to fill out. Snap photos of their answers to questions like “What do you want to learn this year?” and “Will you miss us?” Be prepared for some hilarious answers.

Jump for joy

Pick a spot for your whole family to line up and set the photo timer. Instruct your kids to look at the camera and last minute, parents should jump for joy so the camera catches them in a mid-air celebratory pose.

Snack attack

Snap a picture of your kids headed out the door or stepping onto the school bus with their favorite snacks hidden behind your back. Throw the camera a wink to add some hilarity to the situation — you can finally eat a snack without having to share!

The forgotten sign

If your kids are expecting a back-to-school sign for their first day photos, mix it up with a sheet of paper that says “My mom forgot to make a sign.” For extra hijinks, have a second sheet of paper ready (that looks similar) and says something funny like, “My parents still pick out my clothes!”, and layer that sign on top of the other when they’re not looking for a hilarious photo.

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