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53 Festive Christmas Baby Names Inspired By the Holiday Season

The holidays are a magical time, which is why they inspired these adorable baby names. Which is your fave?

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The holidays are a time to think about our blessings, including the ones made by the newest members of our family. If you're expecting a baby during the most magical time of the year (definitely add a short labor to your wish list!), a winter-themed name may be the way to go. Before your newborn arrives and you spend the rest of winter wondering when you'll get a full eight hours, consider including a little holiday magic in their first name. You’ll love these creative, holiday-inspired baby names.

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Still undecided when it comes to baby's first name? Try this baby name generator for unique names that'll fit your little one—in just a few clicks!

Christmas Names for Girls

  • Angel, Angelica, Angelina
  • Belle, Bella, Bell
  • Beth, Bethany, Elizabeth (named for Bethlehem, where Christ was born)
  • Candi, Kandi (as in Christmas candies, candy cane)
  • Carol, Carole, Caroline
  • Christine, Christina
  • December
  • Dorothy, Dorothea (meaning “gift from God”)
  • Dove (the bird of peace)
  • Elle, Emmanuelle (meaning “God is with us”)
  • Eve, Eva
  • Faith
  • Felicity (meaning happiness)
  • Grace
  • Gloria, Glory
  • Ginger
  • Holly
  • Hope
  • Ivy
  • Joy
  • Mary, Maria
  • Natalie, Natalia (meaning “born on Christmas day”)
  • Natasha
  • Nicole
  • Noelle, Noel
  • Star, Starr, Starlee
  • Stella (meaning star)

Christmas Names for Boys

  • Malachi (“my messenger” in Hebrew)
  • Christian
  • Christopher
  • Emmanuel (meaning “God is with us”)
  • Joseph
  • Joshua, Yeshua (versions of the name Jesus)
  • Theodore (meaning “gift from God”)
  • Nicholas, Nick
  • David
  • Felix (meaning success, happiness)
  • Gabriel, Gabe (meaning “God is my strength”)
  • John (meaning “God is gracious”)
  • Noel, Nole
  • Rudolph, Rudy
  • Tannon (from “O, Tannenbaum”)
  • Angelo
  • Jasper, Casper (Jasper is the English version of Caspar, the name assigned to one of the Magi bearing gifts to baby Jesus)
  • Jesus
  • Lucia (meaning light)
  • Clement (meaning mild or merciful)
  • Elden (meaning “from the elves’ valley”)
  • Ember (taken from part of December)
  • Frank (taken from part of Frankincense)
  • Luke
  • Michael (meaning “who is like God”)
  • Snowden
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