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Bedtime Reward Chart - Sleep Reward Chart for Kids

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You know what's more important than caffeine? Sleep. Sleep is what makes the world go 'round and it most definitely helps ensure that you can be your best self. And the same thing goes for kids! When your kids wake up in the middle of the night to come sleep in your bed — even though it can be the sweetest moment ever — it throws EVERYONE'S sleep cycle out of whack. And if you happen to be dealing with toddler sleep regression in the midst of it all, we feel your pain. You might find yourself pleading with them to just try to count sheep, but to no avail. (Hopefully, you've printed out our free bedtime reward tracker to incentivize them to nap it out!)

That's why we designed this bedtime reward chart with you in mind...

How It Works

For every night your child sleeps in their own bed (rather than in a sleeping bag on your bedroom floor), they get to color in a shape. Once every shape is colored in, they can get a prize. Maybe it's a small toy or an extra hour of screen time or an organization they can choose that you'll donate money to. It's a fun way to incentivize kids to stay put in the middle of the night so you can actually get some shuteye.

Print your bedtime reward chart here.

If you have any restless sleepers in your home, definitely give it a go and post a photo of their colored-in sleep chart on Instagram, tagging us here @Chatbooks.

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