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12 Thanksgiving Photoshoot Ideas for Babies You’ll Just Have To Try

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any cuter!

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What's cuter than a picture of a baby inside a Thanksgiving cornucopia? A baby dressed as a turkey! When it comes to your baby, there’s nothing in this world that’s cuter than your little marshmallow. Your little one's first year — and first holiday season — goes by in the blink of an eye, which is why you take a million photos of them every day. If you’re already thinking about a Thanksgiving photo op for your cutie or just looking for creative ways to celebrate baby’s first Thanksgiving, don’t worry about brainstorming cute ideas — we found the best Thanksgiving photoshoot ideas for babies this year!

And after all that time spent decorating and cooking, it's no wonder your camera roll is filled with cute shots of your family in coordinating outfits (and pictures of all those pies you spent hours baking). Don't let those pics get lost in your phone, print them in a holiday-inspired photo book, or hang them on your wall with Canvas Wall Tiles. And if you love saving your favorite memories from every month, print 30 pictures each month with a Monthbooks subscription.

Pumpkin Pants

‘Tis the season for photos filled with pumpkins! Find a pumpkin big enough to fit your little one, then carve out the middle and all that goo (or opt for a hollowed out fake pumpkin). Once it’s dry, place baby inside, either awake or asleep, for a super cute photo. Bonus points if you carve a jack-o-lantern that lets your baby’s feet stick out! 

Cheeky Leaves

Instead of placing your baby in a pile of fall leaves (which is super cute), try a pose that doesn’t require them to sit up — or even wear clothes! Place baby on a blanket on the grass, or indoors if that’s more comfortable, and place multi-colored autumn leaves around their body. Then, strategically hold one leaf in front of the camera (so it covers their diaper and makes it appear like baby’s naked) for an adorable seasonal photo.

Cornucopia Nap

If you have a cornucopia that’s just waiting to sit on your dinner table, it’s the perfect place for the thing you’re most thankful for: your infant! With baby on the table, gently insert their legs and wiggle the cornucopia up until it reaches just under their arms (or as far as the decor will allow). Spread tiny pumpkins, unlit candles, place settings and even Thanksgiving food around their body before taking a picture. Bet you want to take a bite of those cheeks!

Tasty Turkey

Using colored paper or felt (whatever materials you have at home) cut the shape of a turkey gobbler, feathers, pumpkins, the sun, grass, and any other shapes to help you create your scene. Then, lay baby on the table, place the gobbler on their chest and fan the feathered shape behind them so they look like a little turkey. Place your outdoor shapes around your cute mini turkey and snap a pic! 

Wishbone Wrestle

Pick someone to hold baby on their lap after Thanksgiving dinner, whether that’s a parent, grandparent, or sibling, and hold up the turkey wishbone so that your little one wraps their fist around one side. Then, have whoever is holding them pull the other end and see who comes out victorious! Make sure to snap a photo before the pulling begins, during the wrestle and of the outcome.

Falling Leaves

If baby can’t sit up on their own, place them in a chair that’ll support them (or in the lap of a sibling) for this shot. After setting up a tripod or wrangling a second set of hands, pick up a pile of leaves and toss them in the air over and around your little one, making sure that they’re looking up and following the motion. This is the perfect time to snap a pic and catch a look of wonderment on their face!

Autumnal Cake Smash

Who doesn’t love a good cake smash? Here’s a simple way to make it seasonal: After placing your baby in their high chair, put a pumpkin pie with whipped cream on the tray and watch them get to work. This also works with a plate full of Thanksgiving leftovers!

Tot In a Pot

Before you start cooking Thanksgiving dinner, pull out your biggest pot (one that your baby can sit in) and arrange all your ingredients around your cookware. Then, gently place your little one inside the pot and hand them something to hold, like a carrot or a spoon (something that they can’t accidentally swallow and is okay for them to put in their mouth). Bonus points if you have a mini chef hat or apron for them to wear. 

Bountiful Bath

With baby safely in a bath seat (and always supervised), fill the sink or tub with water until it covers part of their body. Then, add a little bit of milk to the water, just until you get a milky layer on top. Then, add mini pumpkins, apples and other seasonal food and items that can float for a bath time filled with Thanksgiving tradition.

Haystack Haven

Fill a crate with hay (or opt for a hay bale) and lay a similarly colored blanket or faux fur on the top, then lay your sleeping baby down. Wrap the baby in a brown or orange blanket (and maybe add a cozy hat!) before placing pumpkins, corn, apples and vegetables around the crate. Bonus points if you add stuffed animals that may be found on the farm.

Candy Corn Cuddler

This one’s for all the candy corn lovers turned parents! Find a glass jar that’s big enough to fit your sleeping infant (and wrap a cute ribbon around it, if you have one), then fill it a third of the way with candy corn. Gently fit your sleeping baby inside the jar, and while you’re holding them, have another set of hands sprinkle the rest of the candy corn around your baby until their body is supported. Lean baby on their side so a hand is between their head and the glass jar for support, too. Place seasonal decor, like pumpkins, on the sides and sprinkle some extra candy corn in front for a tasty photo!

Balloon Baby

One of the most iconic parts of Thanksgiving? The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Blow up a few balloons, tie some string around them, then tie those strings to fluffy scrunchies you can roll around your baby’s tiny arms (this way, there’s nothing too tight around them). Bonus points if you attach them to balloons in the same shapes as characters also in the parade!

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