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5 Unique Photo Book Display Ideas

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Now that you have a Chatbook you might be wondering what you are going to do with it. Obviously you don’t want it to just sit on a shelf and never be seen again, but sometimes it is easy to be confused about how to display photo books. Think outside the box and try putting your Chatbooks to good use with these five fabulous ideas!

Use Your Photo Book As a Centerpiece

While having a beautiful vase of flowers on your coffee table is a classic and timeless decor option, why not switch it up a bit? Instead, put your Chatbooks on display for all of your visitors to see. With their visually appealing white covers and unique cover photos, they are sure to attract attention and interest. Magazines are great to have scattered around the room, but these Chatbooks are personal and a true representation of you. Your guests can flip through your favorite pictures and memories in seconds, making for great conversation and good laughs.

Take Your Photo Book on Vacation

When you’re off meeting new people, immersing yourself in a new culture, or even just feeling a little bit homesick, Chatbooks are the perfect thing to throw in your carry on. As you engage with those around you and tell them about yourself, your life, and your home, you can easily whip out your Chatbook and show them exactly what you are talking about. It is also a great tool to show others what your culture is like, especially while you are visiting a culture that seems to be almost opposite to yours.

A Heartfelt Gift

It’s the thought that counts, right? Chatbooks make for great, personalized gifts that are proven to stir up emotions and bring a smile to that special person’s face. Whether it be for graduation, a birthday, a wedding; these books are able to show years of memories in a matter of seconds. People love being able to flip through photos and remember their antics over the years. You can display an entire school career to reminisce on, pictures of all previous birthdays leading up to this one, or photos of a couple throughout the years.

Journaling with Photos

Taking the time to journal can be stressful for a lot of busy people. Not to mention sometimes it seems that days go by without a whole lot to report. Visual journals are on the rise lately where instead of writing in depth about your daily practices, photos are placed with limited captions. Chatbooks make it easy to get a journal set up with all of the pictures already professionally placed. Now you can have all of your memories already in one place and conveniently already in a book.

Start a Photo Book Collection

Put away the stamps and start collecting something more exciting. Create collections of Chatbooks each with their own topic. Try one for each of your children, or for all of your trips to California, or even for every year at a university. Collections are a useful way to organize and display your photo books all in one place in a fun and creative way!

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