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15 Holiday Photo Cards That Look Great With Any Photo on Your Phone

Make your holiday cards as unique as your family with these 15 holiday photo cards that work with any photo on your phone camera roll.

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Holiday cards are a sweet way to stay in touch with friends and family, highlight your year, and share a current family photo. They’re fun to give and fun to receive. But between gathering addresses, printing the cards, and getting them in the mail, we all know that there’s an element of stress to pulling them together, too. 

With all you have to do this time of year, you shouldn’t also have to sift through hundreds of holiday cards to find the one that works with your family picture. Fortunately, there are plenty of card options that you can use with literally any photo on your phone. Here are 15 of our favorites. 

What picture doesn’t look polished with a foil-embellished greeting? Plus, you can choose the shade of the foil background—red, green, or neutral grey—to perfectly match your family photo.

For a modern look, choose a design incorporating more than just the traditional holiday hues. Because the colors in this card are separated from the photo (rather than overlapping with it), they will complement—rather than compete with—each other.  

With minimal text, your photo will be the star of the card. This is the perfect option for pictures that have a lot going on—like this shot of a gorgeous multi-generational family!

Pair this festive lettering with a black and white version of your chosen photo. (On an iPhone, click edit, then tap the three interconnected circles at the bottom. Scroll to the right to choose a black and white filter.) 

Any photo looks holiday-ready when you incorporate a snowy border. And because the design is simple and white, even the most colorful picture will look great in this template.  

Can’t choose just one picture? Highlight your entire year by choosing eight of your favorites. The choice of text options—ranging from holiday red to neutral tan—look great with just about anything and allow the photos to take the main stage. 

This elegant, metallic lettering looks beautiful on a range of picture styles, and the design is subtle enough to work with almost any vertical photo.

When you’re highlighting a family photo, sometimes less is more. All you need is a simple Christmas greeting in white text.  

These seasonal florals are delightfully bright, but their placement in the corner is subtle enough to let your family shine through.

This garland-adorned border makes even a simple photo look like it was made for the holidays. Plus, you can choose between five colors to find one that perfectly complements the shot you choose.

Black and white or full-color snapshots will look great surrounded by this beautiful and oh-so-festive sparkly gold border. 

Another neutral design, this card adds a simple greeting to the corner of the card—and with a beautiful family photo, that’s all you need. 

Want to use a photo with lots of different hues? (You know, from that time you let your kids choose their own outfits?) This template plays off of the shades in nearly any shot.

Didn’t get a family photo? You still have time to DIY one! Or, with this card, just choose individual pictures of you or your kids, or just three different shots of the family. 

No matter what photo you choose, this bright, decorative text will add a big dose of cheer. 

That’s it! Just pick one of these templates, select a picture from your phone, and place your order. They’re going to look fabulous—trust us. 

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