The Best Year in Review Photo Book Titles

on December 7, 2020

Does anyone else feel like there were 5 years packed into 2020? (I definitely have the grey hairs to prove it.) Even though this year has felt like a decade, you only need one year-in-review photo book to remember it all!

Though there’s a good chance you didn’t travel much this year or take photos at big group gatherings, memories were not cancelled. From homeschooling to spending days on end in the same sweatpants, there are a bunch of moments you’ll want to look back on. Choose from any of our gorgeous year in review photo book covers, add up to 366 pages, and let the memories come flooding back! Not sure what to name your big Year Book? We’ve got you covered with timely and funny yearbook titles that you’ll want to use on your mega volume.

2020-Specific Photo Book Titles

This is 2020 

The Year 2020 

20/20 Vision 

2020 Highlight Reel 

Making the Most of 2020

A New Chapter: 2020 

The Year That Made us Stronger

2020: The Year No One Saw Coming

A Wild Year

A Year to Remember

Days at Home 

A Year We Will Never Forget 

A Year of Growth 

The Best (and Worst) of 2020

Together Forever: 2020

The Highs and Lows of 2020

Simple Year-in-Review Photo Book Titles

Our Year

A Year in Review 

Good Times

Best Year Ever

Best Year Yet

The Best 12 Months 

Our Adventures 

On the Road

Here & There

A Great Year 

This Was Our Year

Our Year Recap

Sweet Yearly Photo Book Titles

This is Us 

A Look Back 

Sands of Time 

It's Our Time 

This is It 

Side by Side 

Better Together

Gather Together 

A Trip Around the Sun 

Celebrating every day 

This is Our Year

Our Year Recap

Our Highlight Reel

Family Photo Book Titles

The McClanahans’ Year

Joneses 2020

The Kennedys: 2020

2020 with the Smiths 

Keeping up with the Quigleys: 2020 

Family Time: 2020

A Year for Family 

Together Forever 

Our Year Recap: The Jordans 

A Year with my Peeps

The Year that Brought us Together