on November 20, 2020

Odds are you learned a lot in 2020. You might have learned how to tie-dye every article of clothing you own. Or maybe you taught yourself how to make bread that Mary Berry herself would call “absolutely scrumptious!” One thing is for sure: Along with the TikTok choreography, lifetime supply of toilet paper and saved Tiger King memes, this year has brought families together at home and reminded us all of what’s really important. Commemorate this truly crazy year with a year-in-review photo album that’ll preserve your 2020 family moments.

Not sure what photos to use or how to create your family photo Year Book? We’ve got you covered with these tips to make the perfect year-in-review photo album.

Start by collecting your pictures from 2020

Create a photo album on your phone of 2020 photos pulled from your Camera Roll, Google Photos or Instagram. Zero in on photos that capture moments big and small, like pictures of birthdays and that random Saturday you spent by the fire pit. Use photos of the kids and lifestyle photos that really capture 2020 — you might want to include photos of your face masks stashed in the kitchen or of the kids standing six feet apart at an outdoor graduation gathering. Having a few different types of photos will really help you add context to the year, especially if you have littles right now who might not remember a lot of it.

Organize your photos into the right order

Decide on how you want to group your pictures. You can go chronologically, or by activities and events, or even by color! This is where you get to be creative and set up an album that really tells the story of your family’s year.

Go to your Chatbooks app and start a photo book

Now for the fun part: putting the book together. Download the Chatbooks app directly to your phone, or go to Chatbooks.com and start your photobook. You can choose from our standard photo books for a 6x6, 8x8 or 10x10 hard or softcover edition. Another option is to do a premium layflat book for a more luxe feel for this memento. Also, be sure to use one of the exclusive Chatbooks original covers for some beautiful cover art. 

Write some witty captions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but lucky for you, you can add a great caption to really hit it home. Write about your year and make sure to include all the hilarious, emotional and beautiful details. You can also leave some pages blank if you’d prefer to hand write some details about the past 365 days. If you're at a loss for words, consider some famous family quotes or funny sayings about parenting.

Add a collaborator

Did you know you can collaborate on Chatbooks photo books? Get your friends and family in on the love and subscribe them to your Chatbooks Year Book. This will make for a great group gift, and everyone will love to be a part of the creation process. Ask people to send a mixture of selfies, group shots, and very *2020* images so that you have a nice array of photos to choose from.

Place your order

And just like that, you’re done! Place your order and wait for your 2020 Year Book to arrive. We know you’ll love it, and the only thing we can’t guarantee is that you won’t freak out the mail delivery person as you anxiously wait for your package to arrive.