on February 5, 2021

Odds are you're sending more virtual hugs for Valentine's Day than you have in years past. With quarantine and social distancing, we're all sharing our conversation hearts from six-feet-apart for V-Day 2021. Stumped on what to do with the kids indoors while still keeping things festive? Set up an at-home photo booth, complete with our free printable photo booth props! These Valentine's Day photos are bound to make it into your next Chatbook. Simply snap your pics on your phone, edit them like a pro and print them! Find a link below where you can print your props and scroll down to see what our selection looks like!

How It Works

1. Download and print your Valentine's Day props
. Opt for color props or print our black and white ones and let your kids color them in for an extra hour of fun. 😉 

2. Cut them out and use tape to secure lollipop sticks, chopsticks or wooden skewers for the prop handles.

4. Set the self-timer on your phone's camera and strike a pose!

DIY Photo Booth Tips

1. For a nighttime shoot, point a ring light or some floor lamps at your photo subjects for instant brightness.

2. Hang a patterned sheet or tape up some wrapping paper for an easy backdrop that'll make your photos pop.

3. Turn on some of your kid's favorite music, prompt a pose for each shot and just have fun with it!

Print your free color photo booth props here, or print black and white props that the kiddos can color in!