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10 Easy, Fun Photo Projects to Try with Kids

Entertaining? Check. Simple? Check. Exciting enough that your kids will sit still? Check!

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Looking for an activity your kids are all interested in that will also keep them entertained for more than 5 minutes? Yeah, those activities are hard to come by (especially if you’re not willing to have your house covered in slime again). Photo projects may be the answer! Studies have proven that looking at printed photos sparks "elaborative reminiscing," which encourages children to talk about past events and how they feel about them. If you’ve yet to try new picture projects with your kids, or just haven’t found the right one yet, these photography project ideas are great for both entertaining your kiddos and keeping them in one place long enough for you to relax!

If you ever feel like you don’t have enough photos of your kids—or don’t have them where your kids can see them since they haven’t yet left your camera roll—don't stress it. The next time you’re watching TV, waiting at the bus stop, or even while your kids are busy with one of these photography assignments, you can easily print your phone photos into a Chatbooks photo book in just a few minutes. 

Smash Cake

It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, creating their own smash cake photo shoot will sound like a delicious and fun idea. In fact, if your kids are past the toddler stage, the funnier photos of them covered in icing may be! Lay down a shower curtain or head outside if you’re worried about a mess, then start snapping away. Let their creativity run wild while you capture every second in photos that’ll make your family laugh for years to come.

ABC Photo Book

For your little ones, creating an ABC photo book can help them learn their ABCs through fun stories. You can create an ABC photo book together of family members and friends (For example, “G” is a picture of Grandma on one page and her name written out on a text page on the adjacent page), or an ABC photo book of your child’s favorite things, like their stuffed animals!

First Day of School Poses

For a first day of school photo project that’ll excite your kiddos, try these sentimental and unique ideas. From pretending to have a parent pull them out the front door to dressing up as their current favorite profession, there’s so many fun ways to change up their annual first day of school pic!

Interview Your Kids

While you’re making a photo book, go through recent pictures with your kiddos and ask them questions you’ll want to remember down the line. On text pages adjacent to adorable pics of them, you can add their answers to questions like, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and “If you could skip school and do anything you want, what would you do?” Years from now, your family will love looking back at your kids and remembering their favorite things, quirks and passions at that moment in time.

Photos to Take at the Beach

These funky photo ideas are perfect to keep them happy (and out of the water while their sunscreen sinks in for a few minutes). From being buried in the sand to using depth perception to “catch” family members inside beach buckets, your kids will be begging you to take more beach photos—and they’ll love it when you print them later!

How to Save Your Kids’ Art

It’s no secret that kids make a lot of crafts and artwork and that they want to keep each piece on display all the time. In an effort to show them how much you absolutely cherish each piece, but also to organize and save space on your fridge, work with your kids to take photos of their artwork and arrange them in a photo book especially to preserve and display each of their art pieces. They’ll love having an entire book dedicated to their art, and you can preserve the memory of each piece (but save some space). It’s a win-win!

Family Recipe Book

Your kids are picky about what they eat (are you really a parent if your kid hasn’t refused to eat a dinner you spent over two hours carefully planning and preparing?), which makes a family recipe book the perfect opportunity to make them feel more involved in what goes on their plates. Take pictures of your favorite meals and desserts, then either add pictures of the recipes in your handwriting or type out the instructions for a customized family recipe book your kids will love to pull out to make requests from.

Customized Coupon Book

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, reward for chores, or just in good fun, your kids can use photos and text pages to personalize their very own coupon books. From “one free coupon to listen to the stats of your fantasy football team” to “one hour at the park,” your kids can go nuts creating their very own coupons and how they want to use them. 

Add Emotion to Your Memories

This photography project is a great way to add even more sentiment to your family’s memories. With a photo book of your choosing (filled with either a special vacation, or photos with grandparents), have each member of your family write, either on the photo itself or a blank text page adjacent to it, their memories and emotions when they look at that picture. This is a great way to reminisce and connect over wonderful memories together.

Make a Time Capsule

Your kids will love hunting down items, memorabilia and pictures that mean so much to them to store and reopen at a later time. Grab an unused shoebox or Amazon package to create a custom family time capsule, then decide on a date when your family will reopen it. Add family treasures like old stuffed animals, your dog’s favorite bone (that’s since been retired) and duplicates of your family’s most treasured moments preserved in photo books. Set an alert in your phone so you don’t forget to reopen your time capsule down the line!

When it comes to entertaining photo projects that’ll get your kids excited (and keep them from leaving LEGOs in places you always manage to step on), these creative photo project ideas may be the answer your family is looking for. When you look at pictures as a family and experience elaborate reminiscing, your kiddos will feel connected, engaged and excited to talk about and record all your adventures! And maybe, just maybe, when they’re teenagers that hate smiling for the camera, they’ll remember how much they enjoy having their memories in a beautiful keepsake to look back on.

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