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How To Make Chatbooks Monthbooks - Chatbooks Monthbooks Step By Step Guide

Follow our step-by-step tutorial with photos for beyond easy Chatbooking!

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How to Set Up Your Subscription

Step one: Once you've opened the Chatbooks app, signed in or created an account, select "Hardcover Monthbooks" or "Softcover Monthbooks" from the Shop tab

Step two: Select the "Create" button to get started

Step three: Choose a cover theme for your Monthbooks, then tap the “Continue” button

Step four: Select which type of subscription you’d like: monthly or annual. Tap the “Subscribe” button to finish setting up your subscription

Step five: Select the month you'd like your Subscription to start, then hit “Continue”

Step six: On the subscription details page, verify your personal information and tap “Yes, Subscribe”

How to Add Photos to My Subscription

Step one: Select the month you’d like to begin adding photos to

Step two: Choose 30 photos from your camera roll, then tap “Continue with 30/30 photos”

Step three: Edit your Monthbook, including selecting the cover image you’d like, adding captions or creating collages

Step four: Once your Monthbook is ready, hit “Send to Print”

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