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Kids' Chore Chart Revamp: Turning Chores into a Fun and Rewarding Game

Everybody loves to earn a gold star!

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For parents, tasks like doing the dishes and vacuuming are always on our minds, but as our kids grow, these to-do list items are the activities we use to teach our kids responsibility, accountability and so much more (plus it’s their way of earning that stuffed animal or new Pokémon game). Assigning chores is a normal way of tasking our children with helping out around the house, and a chore chart is an easy way to not only remind our kids of their responsibilities, but create household chores games! Oh, and if you have littles at home who are too small for chores, we have routine chart ideas to get them started!

If you’re looking for rewards chart ideas, like a star reward chart or weekly chore list template, we’ve got you covered. When creating your child’s chore chart, use the printable chore chart example provided below, and adjust according to your household needs and your child’s age. And once your kids get the hang of their new responsibilities, you can use the 10 minutes it’ll take your little ones to pick up their toys to catch up on printing your monthly photo book subscription. It’s a win-win!

Morning Chart

Start your kids off with a morning routine chart before delving into bigger tasks. Opt for easy tasks they can learn to take on without constant supervision, like brushing their teeth, combing their hair and putting on their clothes. For each activity, they can get a gold star, or check the task off as done! Watch their excitement rise as they mark each activity as completed, proud of their accomplishments. Here’s a morning routine chart you can print and use at home! When printing, make sure it’s double sided. Watch the video below to see a morning routine chart in use.


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Evening Chart

Just like the morning routine chart, getting your kids into the swing of leading their own evening routine is possible with a fun chore chart. Add tasks like bedtime story, potty, pajamas and even goodnight hugs and kisses. They can check off each activity, or earn a gold star—however you’d like to reward them! A routine chart can be helpful to avoid temper tantrums, and instead give them a sense of excitement at bedtime. Check out the video below to see a bedtime routine chart in action.


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Creating a Chore Chatbook

Looking for a chore chart beyond a single piece of paper? Using a Classic Photo Book, you can create an individual checklist for each day of the week on text pages, leaving plenty of room to add a gold star or check mark rewards upon completion. For example, your text pages could be organized like this:


  • Get dressed
  • Brush teeth
  • Comb hair
  • Eat breakfast
  • Put dishes in sink


  • Go potty
  • Put on PJs
  • Pick out clothes for tomorrow
  • Read bedtime story
  • Brush teeth
  • Hugs and kisses

In addition, you can create a page that lists out the rewards your kids can receive, or add a blank page for them to create a “gold star” bank if they’re saving up for a big reward. You can tailor your Chore Chatbook to your family’s needs, and your kids will love opening up their journal to complete their routines and chores each day. Everybody loves a gold star!

Daily routine tasks and chores are more than just tasks—they're opportunities to instill values like responsibility and accountability in our growing kids. Through the simple act of assigning chores, we not only teach them life skills but also make it a fun household game with the help of chore charts. These tasks become more than just to-dos; they're stepping stones in their development. With this kids’ chore chart revamp, it’s easy to turn chores into a fun and rewarding game. And as your kids work on their new routines and chores, take those extra few minutes to spend that time catching up your monthly photo book collection—or taking a much-needed nap!

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