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15 Creative, Quarantine-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day This Year

Just because you are practicing social distancing doesn't mean you can't have a blast with dad this Father's Day!

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These days, it feels like everything has fallen into sharper focus, and people are leaning in to what matters most to them. While family time was always something to be cherished, it’s even more precious this year as we face yet another holiday in some degree of quarantine. While social distancing is difficult, celebrating fathers is not. This day, which was traditionally full of BBQs and camping trips, might look a little different this year, which is why it’s so important to find creative and unique ways to celebrate the father figures in your life. These ideas apply to your significant other and also your dad/grandpa. This list is the perfect way to bring all the fun and none of the bad dad jokes (okay, maybe some of the bad dad jokes). Read on for a bunch of creative, quarantine-friendly Father’s Day ideas...

1. Recreate childhood photos with your siblings

This viral TikTok challenge isn’t just another silly trend — it can actually be a really sentimental way to celebrate your family and make your dad laugh. Collect a few old pictures of the kids, find some retro outfits to match the look, and then snap some photos (while keeping some distance) to put side-by-side with the old ones in a Chatbooks photo book.

2. Do a silly photoshoot

Dig up old costumes and get dad and the kids together for a photoshoot. The little ones will love to contribute to the hair and make-up for dad, and you will have a free Father’s Day gift that you’ll remember forever.

3. Get him a monthly photo book subscription

Time is flying, especially for your parents. Each month, send a duplicate Monthbooks photo book to your dad, with up to 60 pages filled with pics of the family so he can get in on the fun and memories.

4. Share dad’s hobby

Perhaps the dad in your life is a bird-watcher. Maybe he loves to play croquet. Or stargazing is his favorite pastime. Whatever it is, let dad know you care by participating in his favorite hobby. So many adult education programs are offering online Zoom classes. Have a virtual date with dad where you learn about something dear to his heart.

5. Create an Instagram account for dad

If your dad isn’t living that #dadlife on Instagram, maybe he just doesn’t know how. Set him up with an account so he can follow his children and grandchildren, and post some great photos of his own so that he can get them printed in a classic photo book.

6. Go DIY for Father’s Day

Who doesn’t love homemade gifts that come from the heart? It can be anything from woodworking to homemade snacks to knitting a new golf headcover: DIY something special this Father’s Day.

7. Make a text message journal

Let’s face it: Dads love to text, and some of their messages are true treasures that you’ll cherish forever. If your dad sends some great texts to the family group chat or even just to you, screenshot those texts and upload them to a Chatbooks photo book to make a text message journal.

8. Print photos for the old-fashioned dad

Some dads are old fashioned and like to have real photos to put in their office or up on the wall. In today’s world, however, all your photos are on your phone. That’s why it is a great idea to help him link his Instagram, Facebook, Google or even his phone photos to the easy-to-use Chatbooks app and get some beautiful prints sent straight to him!

9. Bring some art into his life

If you or your dad is an artist, bring some of that work to life by creating gallery wall tiles of your art prints that he can display on his office walls.

10. Find dad’s old records

Nothing is more nostalgic than bringing out dad’s old records. If you have a record player, pull it out and throw on some oldies. Let dad tell you all about “the good old days” and don’t forget to take lots of photos of your family dancing around the living room (even if you have to do this via a Zoom call or outside in the yard, socially distant!).

11. Scan old notes from the kids

Have you ever wondered what to do with the notes your kids bring home from school for dad? Scan those into your computer and upload them as pictures for your Father’s Day photo book. It’s like dad has his own notebook full of loving, handwritten notes.

12. Camp in the backyard

You can still make an adventure out of Father’s Day while practicing social distancing — just go camping in the backyard. Show dad some skills by cooking by a fire, setting up a tent, and telling spooky ghost stories. The warm weather should be perfect for a stargazing adventure.

13. Create a “Dadlibs” book

Save these graphics and use them to create a fun game of Madlibs-dad edition that will keep you laughing with your family. 

14. Bring some family history back

Dads love to tell stories about their childhood and their own parents. Find and collect as many old family photos as you can that go back generations. Then, create a photo book that is a time capsule of the past so that dad can show pictures as he tells the kids and grandkids stories about his family history.

15. Show the little ones how important dad is

For those who have lost a father or for those whose fathers have to spend time away from home, especially in this trying time, show your littles how important dad is by making a Monthly Mini devoted to dad. Collect pictures of dad at every age and give these books to your kids so they can feel that connection to dad, even if he’s not around.

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