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30 DIY Family Halloween Costumes You Need To Try in 2021

Get ready for all the inspo!

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If you've ever Googled "family costumes with a baby," you're in the right place. It doesn't matter if your baby can't ring the doorbell themselves — mama's gettin' that candy (and you know your October Monthbook will be filled with photos of your lil' one in their adorable costume). But don't just take photos of baby — snap pics of the whole family! These DIY family Halloween costumes are a super easy, creative and affordable way to create themed Halloween costumes for both adults and kids (that totally rock). Before you head out, have the family pose for a Halloween photo shoot that's one for the (Chat)books!

These are the best family costume ideas that your family will remember for many Halloweens to come!

  1. Shark Attack

This simple costume for a family of 3 is so budget-friendly! Add red food coloring to a white shirt, use iron-on letters to spell “lifeguard” on a red sweatshirt, and buy a darling shark costume for baby. We love Mara’s take on this genius DIY Halloween theme.

2. Aladdin

Jasmine and Aladdin have never looked better than with baby Abu! With mom decked out in all blue and dad with his purple vest, a little brown sleeper is perfect for your little monkey! 

3. Toy Story
You’ve got a friend in me!
This family Toy Story costume is the perfect way to bring this childhood favorite to life. Oh, and dad doesn’t even REALLY have to dress up. Win-win! 

4. The Incredibles 

This superhero squad looks incredible, am I right?! After buying the adult costumes, creating a mini Edna Mode is as simple as throwing together a black wig and a leather jacket. Shahla knocked this one out of the park!

5. 101 Dalmatians

The best part about this costume? The more pups, the better! This is the perfect costume for a family of any size, dogs included! Tape black felt or paper circles to all the white clothes you can get your hands on!

6. Taco ‘Bout a Good Time!

This is the perfect costume for expecting mommas! And lucky for you, you can get the full DIY tutorial here!

7. Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call!? GHOSTBUSTERS! Does it get any cuter than this? Those mini ghostbusters are seriously as precious as can be.

8. Super Mario! 

Mario and Princess Peach have never looked cuter or more ready for their Halloween festivities. Mom also gets the best of both worlds: a matching family costume while only having to wear a hat! Have someone wear an old pair of overalls with a red shirt to bring Mario to life. For Princess Peach, any old pink princess costume will do as long as you DIY a tiny gold crown.

9. Stranger Things 

Finding the perfect family costume might be right in front of your eyes! And don’t tell me your 4 year old wouldn’t LOVE to run around with her OWN box of Eggo waffles all night. Lend the kids your vintage clothes for this one.

10. Politicians

With the election coming up, can you think of a better costume?! Politicians and the secret service will never be the same, and you can DIY these costumes with suits, ties and sunglasses you have in the house.

11. Disney Parks Treats

They probably don’t taste nearly as good as they look, but these Disney park treats are a perfect family costume. And believe it or not, these are all homemade!

12. Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time… true as it can be! Is there anything cuter than a toddler dressed up as the Beast? The only thing that would make this better would be a tea set!

13. Game of Thrones

A perfect Game of Thrones costume for parents with 2 kids. Amber Fillerup Clark really nailed this family fun costume!

14. Elena of Avalor

This sweet Disney original is perfect for a family of 3. It’s also a great way to use your guitar to really bring a costume to life.

15. Winnie the Pooh!

Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, and Piglet are killing it! With a simple yellow skirt, yellow shirt, blue shorts, and a pink dress, you will steal the show!

16. Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and Fozzie Bear

Have you ever seen a better looking crew? With a simple green sweatshirt and green hat, you can turn mom or dad into Kermit the Frog right before your eyes. Have another person go as Miss Piggy with some pearls and a pig nose made out of pink paper.

17. Meet the Flintstones! 

With an orange shirt with tattered edges and black triangles, and a long blue tie, you, too, can turn into Fred Flintstone. Mom has a simple white dress on with a white necklace made out of small white styrofoam balls. Such a fun family costume!

18. The Bees and their Beekeeper

Black and yellow never looked cuter, and that beekeeper costume just tipped it right over the edge. Grab black long sleeves for mom and the kids, and use yellow duct tape to create stripes! 

19. Space Jam

Looking for a crazy easy DIY costume?Then you’ll love this Space Jam family costume. Get into the basketball spirit with these fun, simple costumes for the whole family.

20. UP! UP! And Away! 

Have you ever seen a more precious bunch? And that baby walker!? Are you kidding me?

21. The Circus

Pull out your old hula hoop, a little red dress for one kid, and your little one will LOVE putting on their wackiest pair of socks.

22. Laundry

It’s laundry day! Hopefully this will motivate your kids to do their own laundry because they are so excited about dressing up as laundry machines. This will be a neighborhood classic!

23. Vote for Pedro!

Bring back this class with the whole family. And other than purchasing a vote for Pedro shirt and American flag pants on Amazon, you can totally DIY the rest of this costume. Jeans, some khakis, polos, and some fun hairstyles and you will be good to go!

24. Wizard of OZ

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And you will never see a cuter lion (or witch) in your life! This tin man outfit looks intense, but really is quite simple after finding a grey suit and a tin man mask. And that scarecrow outfit can be thrown together with a simple fall outfit, hat, and scarecrow makeup!

25. The LEGO Family

Maybe dressing up as like Legos will help your kids remember to pick them up off the floor! And it will definitely be a family classic for years to come.

26. Stick Figure Family

Such a fun, easy costume for the entire family. Black outfits with white duct tape is such a simple way to show off everyone’s figure ;)

27. Alice in Wonderland

Relive the magic of Alice in Wonderland, a family classic, with these fun, detailed costumes!

28. Harry Potter

You’re a wizard, Harry! The best costume for all of you Harry Potter fanatics out there with plenty of opportunities for DIY options! White shirts, yellow and red ties, glasses, grey sweaters… the perfect last minute costume.

29. Monsters Inc.

You’re going to be hearing “BOO!” a lot more times than usual with this cute little monster on your hands. Emily made a simple DIY costume with a blue shirt with purple felt circles taped to it, a green shirt with an eye made out of felt taped to it, and a little Boo costume with purple leggings and pink shirt!

30. Rapunzel

Rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair! Tell me that little baby Pascal doesn’t totally steal your heart?! This classic Disney family costume is sure to be a total hit — we love this take on it!

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